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Evil Shades freebies

From 10/01 thru 10/09
Every purchase of $10 or more(not including shipping cost) will recieve a free 3 gram jar of our new Zombie Eye shadow!
$20 or more purchase will get the above plus a 3 gram pot of our new Lethal Kiss gloss!
As well as my usual pigment sample


  1. oOOOoooo I will be placing my order tonight!
    sooo many pretty colors!

    dang girl you are one talented chica!

  2. question...
    is the "no Angel" lip gloss a orange toned red?
    Orange tone reds look terrible on my cause of the olive undertones.
    I have bought so many red lipsticks its ridiculous! and i have only found 1 red that looked was an avon sample my friend gave me to try, it was perfect, but you couldn't read the name on the bottom! and now she cant find her samples for me to try and match it again! GRRR

    sorry....apparently I'm more frustrated about that than i thought!

  3. OMG you have your own make up line, that's so great!!! I'm definitely trying them out!

  4. What does a crazy woman do when she can't find a good black li gloss? This one goes and creates a line of makeup! LOL
    Powerlifterchick No Angel though not nearly as orange as in the picture is a warm red. Deadly is a cooler deeper red burgundy. Guilty as sin is straight up fuschia. I am bent on making a cool red as I am also an olive girl. But I layer Deadly and No Angel.

  5. Thanks!
    Man I want SOOO MUCH!
    you'll see my order as soon as I get home!

  6. Why are you doing this to me when I'm on a no buy? Why, miss, why?

  7. Ummm...for the same reason that you keep posting gorgeous sparkly nail polishes that I don't own! TORTURE! muahahahaha! :p


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