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Feeling all Warm & Fozzie with OPI

OPI's  Muppets Collection is one I was so excited about and I am not at all disappointed!
This manicure is OPI Warm & Fozzie with accent finger and tips in OPI Nevermore from the Go Goth 2010 Halloween set.
Browns do not work on me but this I can manage.
OPI description is : Warm & Fozzie A feel-good shade of metallic copper.
But it's so much more than that, there are flecks of rose toned copper and bronze and and gold.
If you fear the browns this is really one worth trying
Warm & Fozzie is metallic shades of fallen leaves crammed into a liquid perfect
You can see that the more jewel tone of it does not make my tone look dirty like poo brown does and the royal purple tone of Nevermore just cools it down enough for me to love it
What do you think...giant win?
More Muppet love to come!

Bad Blogger Posts Franken polish

I have been so busy between work (ES is growing very quickly) and taking
care of the family and hubbys tons of doctors appointments I've barely had time to do my nails let alone post.
I would love to say I will do better but honestly I can't promise anything until I get
everything reorganized so I have a bit of time. And my hands have suffered from washing them a billion times and wearing gloves for 6 - 10 hours a day so pardon my sad paws.

Anyway I have pictures of a little franken I made with a green mica, pink sparkles
and clear nail polish. It turned out a pretty soft green with gold and pink shimmer.
Oh and I filed my nails down due to my extreme lack of time
It turned out a bit lighter than I wanted but I still like it
No sunshine is the theme around here lately
I've been using a cheap clear I picked up at the beauty supply and it works very well
There you have it....I wore this for a week without a single chip.
I will try to pop on later and schedule a couple of posts for this week.

Honk if you love OPI - DS Original

Honk if you love OPI is from the Touring America collection
A gorgeous blackened berry
I free handed some sadly misshapen v french tips and my ring finger with DS Origional
I love blackened shades like this where you can easily in any light tell the color but it's so very deep and vampy still
I used 2 coats of Honk if you <3 OPI and one of DS Original
Vampy and holo is a favorite combo for it they just compliment the best parts of each other
I feel silly saying every single time that the formula is great so with OPI I will just let you know if I ever get one that sucks. (^o^)
This is a busy season for me so I'll do my best to post and update as much as possible.
Just remember that I adore you all and miss you much and you can always DM me on Twitter or FaceBook.

Double Barrel Danger Sox Look

I thought I would share my makeup from yesterday, nothing fancy just a typical look.
I got my hair cut a weekish ago so it is a little different I'll add the pictures of my hair at the end
(sorry about the picture quality, it's rainy and blah here so the lighting is crap)
I started with Absorbed spectrum pot and using a stiff concealer brush applied it to the outer 1/3 of the lid and blended it up into the crease. Then using the same technique I applied Hfb (Yes it does stand for Hooray for boobies) all over the rest of the lid and all the way up to my brow.
I used a mix of 1/3 suffocation eyeshadow and 2/3 Valkyries and blended it from my brow bone down and onto the duct. I patted Danger Sox all over lid and to just above the crease. Then I used Double Barrel in the outer v and into the crease.
I foiled a mix of Danger Sox and Double barrel to line lower lash and out to make my little tail
I used Rimmel max volume mascara (not very max on the volume but at least no spider lash)
I first attempted to use Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner in Sabochan (black) to line upper lash line and I hate it passionately! It was so watery and thin that it bled out to a mucky thick line and then into every tiny line i didn't know I had. Total crap. So I lightly foiled double Barrel over it to even it out some.
(Left side of my hair, I removed the bulk of the hair, went shorter and left a few random longer pieces in the under layer)
I wore Matte Silk all over my face
China Doll blush Highlighted with Kona
Zicke deviant lipstick (which is pretty much a nude on me)
and my normal Joey Healy Brow powder
That's all....I'm pretty simple
Right side of the hair (It looks much better when the wind isn't blowing it all over)
Little better left side picture
The back is the same, shaved short and random length spikes at the crown.
I love this because i can do a cute faux hawk or wear it like this or if I'm feeling chic I can smooth it all down for a sleek look. Still loving my Teal, I think this is the longest I have ever kept one color but for me it stays so long and fade is to a pretty green/blue and it just works with the colors I wear most often.

Duochrome Franken pretties

I needed a purple with a blue/aqua shift so I made one with pigment and tkb's crappy base

and I made a layering shifty shimmer thing color too which I used just on my ring fingers

Love, love, love the color but the base is such a mess that it was really hard to get even coverage
See the pretty shift
On my ring finger you can see the pink and aqua shimmer
Not loving the ring finger but the rest is a happy color
I might start carrying some franken pigments on my site for those who want to play without the extreme error factor. Still thinking about it.
Duochrome loves

Franken Toesies

I made a couple of frankens the other day and I did my Toes with one
It's a sweet baby blue with a great pink shift that obviously does not show on camera
I didn't take any macro shot because ummmm....they are feet and do you really want to see my toes THAT close? Yeah I didn't think so.
I made this with the TKB glamour base and pigment and honestly I love the color but the bases kind of suck as far as formula. They are thick and goopy and thinner does little to help so I think I'll stick to using a cheap clear and just shake the crap out of it. lol 

I Love You Cherry Much - Nicole by OPI Target exclusive

It's red, It's glass flecked, and it's gorgeous!
This is 2 coats of opaque red, glass flecked love
Formula is wonderful but I still prefer the pro wide brush for precision
I love that it has a slight hot pink flash in some lighting
Hmmmm...the claws are getting a bit long, might be filing time unless I come up with an amazing Halloween manicure that requires them. O.o
Who needs glitter when you have glass flecked sparkling hotness!

**Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review

LCN Magnetic Polish fun

I was given the opportunity to try LCN Magnetic polishes and they are so fun!
This is the kit I was sent...
The magnets are great! One is the star and the other stripes
I used Fuschia Attraction and Green Temptation and both magnets
I alternated the magnets because well I like it that way
These polishes are straight one coat colors, no layering needed. I love that!
This was my first try using these so I'm sure I'll get better with them as I play
I have other magnetic polish but these work so much better
The polish is $9.50 a bottle (a bit high but the results are worth it imo)
And the colors are so good and unique. I will be playing a lot more with these!
You can get them Here The entire set is $115 and you get both magnets and all 8 colors so not a bad deal.
What do you think of the magnetic polish?

A day in my world

Yesterday morning I woke up too early to get two of my kids off to school
way to early in the morning. (they have to be at the bus stop at 6:30 am, elementary school)
Guess what I found....
This is a half inch of shampoo in the bathtub
Someone tried to hide the evidence?
Someone short with black feet
You can't tell but there is an entire new bottle of soft scrub coating the floor, mixed with bubble bath and shampoo
I haven't had coffee yet
Notice the wee baby footprint
So I decide to go make coffee and wake up before waking the suspect
Dies!!! (mind you this is after I had swept off the loveseat and swept the floor)
Eyeshadow (loose pigment) finger painting in the middle of the night while Mommy & Daddy sleep?
This explains the bathroom
The rug was white and blue
Ah yes the tiny size 9 baby footprint with chocolate smudge
I guess all that destruction make you hungry.

My 3 year old daughter (my husbands child, I've disowned her) got into my eyeshadow box and dumped every single eyeshadow out onto the loveseat, played in it, got a chocolate snack cake, ate and then tried to clean herself up while destroying the bathroom, then brought her pillow and blanket into sleep on the floor by our bed. (I guess she didn't want to muss up her bed)
So after waking her pigment coated naked butt up and immediately scrubbing her off in the bath (using the half inch of shampoo she poured out) I then spent 3 + hours cleaning and shampooing the loveseat.
Kids will be kids you say? Oh no this child has: painted herself and the entire living room with 2 full jars of Vaseline, painted the bathroom with toothpaste-shampoo multiple times-Daddy's shave cream, my pomade, "washed" the kitchen floor in grape-orange and orange juice, painted the loveseat with frosting- hair gel-and Elmer's glue and at least 2-4 times a week pours the hand soap out all over the bathroom floor.
Where are her parents? the same place as most people at 2-4am....sleeping. How do you stop this?
I have all cleaning, shampoo, hair etc products locked in the bathroom closet, and everything is either put out of my reach so surely she cannot get to it.....WRONG. No matter how many times we move things, lock things up and secure things she find new ways (that we cannot figure out) to get to them or new things to destroy. I already suffer from insomnia I really need the 3-4 hours I do get. We are at a loss as to how to stop her from destroying everything while everyone else sleeps. when you ask how I am and I say tired, remember these pictures and you'll know one of the reasons for my frequent answer.....I'm so tired!