All the Beautiful people

Féline I love you & my camera's emotional issues

My sweet friend Féline of Alizarine Claws sent me a goody package!
She sent me several BadAss Metal shirts that I have cozy plans for if I can get them back from the hubby.
H&M Hello Kitties and candies only a true freak could love and I do!

More gorgeous polishes of the sparkly, holo and flaky type and more nummer candies!

Look at Happy Purple...isn't it so happy!


Thank you sooooo Much! Oh and The Hot Guy wants to move to Sweden because Swedish snus is the shit...his words!

Now for todays dissapointment
This is what my camera said to taking pictures of Orly Royal Navy
This is the best it would do. I'm so mad! Royal Navy is the most perfect Royal blue jelly with aqua shimmer floating about. My camera was scared by it's beauty and failed miserably.
I mean come on! *kicks stupid camera*

Do you have a nemisis color?

I am still sick and feverish

I'm sorry I just can't crop and watermark tonight.
Good news is that you all wore me down with emails wanting me to sell my Nightmare franken....
You win!
They are veeeeeerrrrry limited because most of what is used to make this little guy is discontinued HTF's so I used up all of my backups to put these out for you, cuz I love you and you're very persistant. lol
Here is the direct link to Nightmare
Please be sweet and don't buy them all up for yourself....leave some for your friends!

I hope I'll be able to do a real post tomorrow!
Hugs and stay cootie free!

Resort nails

Eyeko Coral for Resort nails
This one is an orangy coral creme, opaque in two coats and very nearly neon.
Orange is not my best color so try to look past that.
Eyeko has again given a very nice creamy formula

If you are in need of a fun bright coral, you've found it!

Sorry for the short post but I have the cooties again....sore throat, fever etc. I just love back to school time and lazy parents who send their snotty,sickly children to school to share their germs with my kids who then bring them home to share with the rest of us!

**The products in the post were sent by the company/Pr for my review

Glitter Gal Deep Green

This was a Birthday goodie from my sweet Ange!

Glitter Gal Deep Green is a nive dark forest green with chuncky holo.
The finish is smooth, no glitter bumps. 2 coats to perfect!

The holo is more like the China glaze Kaleidoscopes in this one.

This is full direct sunlight

Inderect sunlight

In the shade this looks like an amazing Forest green granite.
I love this color!

Thank you Ange...smooches!

Evil Shades Mythology collection swatches

I have had so many requests for swatches that I had to.
Now remember that I am no Phyrra, Blix or Musicalhouses etc.
I did my best and I hope these help.

Each swatch is done with no base, with Detrivore primer and wet in that order.
Click any picture to enlarge

Alone, over primer,wet



Turns metallic over primer and then a sheer metallic mint when wet.

Over primer and wet the silver veining really shines



Succubus = Love

Phoenix is matte and does not look so great foiled.

I love the subtle pink sparkle


The blue shift/duochrome is so sweet

I wish I could get a more accurat picture. This is a true Navy blue.


 direct light


I promise not to attemp swatching makeup often. lol
Do you have any favorites? I can't pick, I'm in love with all my babies!

Urban Decay "X"

I Love my old Urban Decay Polish's!
The  beautiful duochrome "X" is one of my top 5 UD's
Hmmm...doesn't look too special you say?

Oh big deal, gold shimmer you say?

Oh wait, what's that you say, DAAAYYYUUUMMM!
Duochrome love!

From so so to hotness! I love it!
I am watching for the rest and I WILL find them!

Top 50 Nail Bloggers....we are? Coolness!

This morning I woke up to a flood of emails and Tweets
What was everyone in such a tiff over?

We (all of my wonderful readers/friends & I) were ranked among
the top 50 Nail Blogs on Spa Beauty Schools!
How absolutly fantabulous it that? We Rock!
*starts celebration MoshPit*

I cannot even begin to say how honored I am to be ranked among such
amazing Nail Bloggers. I truly thank all of you, my beautiful readers and dear friends. You all make this blog what it is and I am greatful to know you! *teary eyed*  Who would have ever guessed that my humble little blog with a sweet 8 followers for the first 3-4 months would ever be honored as such!

Go check the rest of the list here
There are a lot of great blogs on this list. Many are among my longtime favs and some are new to me.

Smooches to everyone!

China Glaze St.Tropez

I'll never get to see it real life so the polish will have to do.
Beautiful isn't it!

China Glaze St.Tropez is a light sugary pink with subtle silver shimmer.
It reminds me of cupcake frosting....num!

And yes in my world cupcakes and skulls go hand in hand. That could be why no one visits my world.

Do you have a vacation spot you'd love to go to?  I have so many!

Zoya Reece

This is one of the 3 Zoya's I chose for my prize from Polish&Konad's Zoya Giveaway
Reece is a medium rosey pink with a golden/copper duochrome and a very shy slight green flash.
Click to make huge and see the gorgeous shimmer

This is 3 coats in direct sunlight

This is in shade

I actually liked this enough to wear it for 2 days. That is almost unheard of.
What do you think?

Dimmu Borgir-Gateways (Single) 2010 I need this NOW

Good old Rimmel London, I can always count on you!

When in a funk or just can't choose a polish,
I almost always go to one of my long time favorite brands.
This time it was one of my favorite drug store brands, Rimmel London.
This is Night Before
A great deep purple with glowing pink shimmer!
This is 2 coats and always fab application.

I love my old Rimmel's! I have quite a few but I watch constantly for more of the older ones.

Do you have a fallback color or brand?

Graveyard Moss is sexy

In case you've not yet figured it out, I'm in love with the Bloody Mary nail polish.
This one is Graveyard Moss and it's dusty silvery, grayed light green with brighter green sparky shimmer.
It's pretty sheer the first two coats so I'm thinking it will look amazing over black.
These are all 4 coats and no sun so lightbox pics.

This is from the Goth collection

It looks a bit metallic once opaque but very different on the first and second coat

I love greyed colors like this, kind of dreary and beautiful

I'm going to layer this soon so the true depth of this color can be shown off.

My favorite nail files

I admit that years ago I used emery boards on my nails.
However a few years ago I started using glass or crystal files only and I will never own or use anything ever again. My nails do not peel at the free edge at all since I switched.

I have found that as with anything not all glass/crystal files are created equal.
I'm not going to point fingernails or name names on the lesser quality ones I've used.
I have used 15+ different sizes, styles and brands over the years and I have found my most beloved brand.
I'm going to share my secret with you, because I love you...but this is between you and me.

I found a company called Top Notch Nail files a few months ago.
This is the set I have
It has a large file which is great for feet. I use it not only for the nails but also for rough patches and callouses.
I'm in need of a new one because The Hot Guy has taken over my large file.
The medium file which is standard size and my regular file. Then finally a mini file that lives in my purse for any emergencies. All 3 have the same "grit" which is not too rough but not so smooth that it doesn't work quickly.
This set is Regularly $25.00 but is on sale for $20.00. I have paid up to $12 for one glass file that in my honest opinion was no where near the quality of my Top Notch files.

Regular metal files and emery boards tear and chip the nail as you file which
weakens your nail and causes splits, tears and breaks. A glass or crystal file slides smoothly across the nail without tearing. Glass/ Crystal files seal the free edge which prevents water, dirt and chemicals from getting between the nail layers. This is one cause of peeling, breaks and splits.

You have to be careful not to buy a faux glass/crystal file.
These little beasts look like the real deal but are usually plastic or plexiglass spray coated with glass particle which wears off quickly. A real glass/crystal file will never ever wear out or dull because the entire file is glass and the "file" part is permanently etched so it will forever stay etched.
I NEED this one...

It's called the Knight in shining armour
For those who aren't aware, I spent most of my teens and 20's swordfighting (broad swords)
So I really do need this. lol
Top Notch also guarantees their files for life against wear and breakage. Seriously, their prices are comparable to or lower than most and they really stand behind their products.
Have you tried Top Notch files?
Do you have a favorite?

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review.

No Morals Coral & Apology

China Glaze No Morals Coral
is a glass fleck coral that leans orange or pink depending on light.

And the name is awesome too!

Orange is an unattractive color on me so this is as close as I get.
This is 2 coats and still a little vnl but a 3rd would cure that I'm sure.

I love this color, it's so pretty and unusual but easy to wear.

Now my apology...
I am so sorry that I have not be around much as of late. I have not had time to respond to all of the much appreciated comments or to comment regularly on my favorite blogs, I've been hard to catch even on Twitter. I really am very sorry.
My Mother always said "Excuses are like assholes, everyone's got one and they all stink."
She was a smart (yet crude) lady. But I'm giving my excuses anyway.
My kids just started back to school last week, so the month prior we had 40billion appointments to get school stuffs situated in time. My Hubby is dealing with some legal issues with 2 greedy, lazy ex crazies. So his anxiety attacks have hit an all time high and his depression is really nasty. (He's only been awake 6 or so hours a day)  And lastly I have been working on new goodies for my Evil Shades. So far I have put out 3 new Blush shades, 5 glitters and just posted my newest line of gloss last night. I still have the new shadow collection to finish and I'm a terrible perfectionist so I hope to have it up this month. Anyway I just want you all to know that I'm not ignoring your comments or blogs, emails, DM's, Tweets etc  I promise you I'd never do that! I adore you all, my readers are the best! I will try to put a bit more timein to responding to comments and such and hopefully September will bring me more time. Thank you all so much for reading my rambling, crazyness and for all of your comments, emails, messages and such, I truly love them!

Now I'll show you this past weeks time consumer

These are my newest line of gloss "Liquid Sin"
They were a lot of work and so worth it. I am already planning on expanding the range by 6 more colors in the next couple of months.

Smooches & Squishes