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I realized yesterday that today February 28 would have been my Moms 65 Birthday.
What better excuse to get my butt back to the blogging that I love?

So I did a special manicure for my mommy
From Nubar's Jellybeans collection I used Strawberry, With Cherry on my middle finger with White Polk a Dot from the Polk a Dot collection and some of my favorite nail decals from a billion different sets.

This is my Mom...isn't she pretty!
Strawberry is a sweet pink that you can wear as a jelly or build it to opaque. Cherry is a super squishy almost jelly cherry red, I love it insanely! And the Polk a dots.....Oh do not get me started I love them so much and since the glitter is not intended to cover but to dot they are not bad to remove.
My Mom was the very best! Funny (That is me in the pillow case or as I called it sack of potatoes)
The biggest heart ever, willing to help anyone anytime, friend or stranger she never questioned but was always the first to help and never expected anything it's just how she was.
Nubar has a great formula and is one of the few creme formulas that I really love.
This is how I will always remember my a big kid! I was far too serious and she would not have it so she would force me to smile or laugh. (Seriously my sisters hair omg, even for the 80's that was just wow)
The Jellybeans are perfectly named because I want to nom my nails....I must get jellybeans!
Mom and Me...she attacked me and was holding me hostage for the eviiiiiil taking of pictures!
(My cousin was hiding behind me holding my arms and Grandma was fast with the camera)
Have you gotten the Jellybeans or the Polk a dots? Which are you loving?
My Mom, the silliest beauty queen ever, passed at the very young age of 48 (I was 21) of a sudden Heart attack. Her crappy doctors ignored the symptoms she called with the day before, ear/jaw pain, dizziness, nausea,  muscle pain and weakness, headache, and vomiting, She had very high blood pressure uncontrolled even with 3 medications. Ladies know our symptoms, most women do not know that women's symptoms are usually not the typical symptoms that men have. and if you have high blood pressure and it is not being controlled find a new doctor or insist on seeing a specialist because you ARE worth it and if you don't take care of you who will? Smooches!

Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

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