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***CLOSED *** New Years Giveaway!***CLOSED ***

I decided to usher in the New Year but clearing out my "extras"
What does that have to do with you or a giveaway?
I have accumulated a LOT of duplicates, extras and unloved products....
Those are taking up space in my very small space that is where you come in.
I have all of this...
Look closer

Makeup, fake nail (sent for a review done forever ago), Nail polish, eye liners, Makeup brushes etc.

All new, un opened

I know it's insane...but you know me.
A lot of it was intended for giveaways and just got shoved further back in the closet.
Actually there is more polish and nail art stuff but you get the idea.

So on to the giveaway
There will be 4 winners, yes 4!
I have separated all the above into 4 bags each containing a bit of everything.
Each winner will be sent one of the bags randomly. (these bags are heavy, lol)

The Rules:
Be a follower of this blog via Google friend connect
(The giveaway is open internationally)

How to Enter:
Email me at evilangelblog (at) gmail (dot) com
with the subject "New Years Giveaway"
Please include your Google friend connect user name

Extra entries:
1- Tweet about this giveaway
1- Blog about this giveaway
1- Comment below

Giveaway closes 1-11-11 at 11:11pm EST because I'm weird like that!

And the winner is.....

The winner of my 1313 giveaway is.....
I'm so obnoxious....
But you knew that right?
Oh you want a name?
Oh Now?

Congrats Kae!!! I have emailed you for your information!

For those who did not win....stay tuned I will be posting an End of the year giveaway tomorrow!

I'm getting Cocky! A review

OK so I'm always cocky but this is a review...
Of  B Cocky's Cocktail feather extensions.
These were sent to me as a gift from my friend Nymphette and I'm reviewing them because they are awesome! (Disclosure that) *See I'm a lil' cocky*
Nymphette is an awesome blogger here and Youtube Guru here
I've known here for about 2 years-ish (from MUA) and she is a lovely lady. She's talented and beautiful inside and out and a very dear friend long before either of us were anybody....we are somebody now aren't we? lol

Anyway...These are beautiful colored feather extentions.
They do not require glue, sewing or clumsy clips...not even a trip to the salon.
You can put them in yourself though I reccomend having a friend help you because it's easier to get them exactly where you want with help. They use a little crimp ring that does not damage your hair and holds very well. (I've had mine in for over a week now)
They are natural feathers so the length varies a tiny bit.
You can wash them like you normally would your hair and style them.
Blow dry, curl and flat iron. I've done all 3 and they work great.
I found that when I let my hair dry in it's natural curly state they kind of mimic it...weird but cool.
I'm totally rockin' the cock! *giggle*
These are fun and very versatile and I need to order some of her feather earrings, maybe pink and purple!
What do you think? You know you wanna get cocky too!

BYS Crackle polish mani

This is one of my prizrs from Bec's Beauty Buzz' Giveaway
The BYS Crackle polish works really well.
You do your base color and allow it to try completely.
I did Gosh holographic (though you can't much tell since we had no sun)
Then you brush on a coat of crackle polish in your chosen color...I did Hot pink
Just a tip, if you want to layer the crackle polish over each other.....don't!
Check my craptastic ring finger. lol I had to put some holo snowflake decals from Lily on to cover how sad it looked. :o)  Nail fail!
I'm so glad the 90's crackle fad has returned!
Oh look my nails match my driveway

Makeup posts?

You all know that I own evil Shades Cosmetics,
so obviously I love makeup....a lot!
I would like to do more makeup posts but I do not want to bore and or annoy you.
I am not a makeup blogger/guru but I do try and I enjoy it.

I am posting a poll in my right sidebar so you can anonymously
let me know what you think.
Thank you bunches!

Pink & Silver FOTD

This look turned out so beautiful, I got compliments all day.
Yet my camera washed the colors out and barely shows a hint of sparkle in the silver.

I'll share anyway, because I promised!
See my fancy b-cocky Cocktail extensions!
I will be reviewing them soon!
I promise it's silver! There is no purple at all!
This is closer to color accurate
Yay! You can see the silver

Not your Barbie is my <3

(Sorry the pics were taken 6ish hours after application due to family stuffs. I did have to freshen up my lips)
Products Used:

Meow Cosmetics Purfet puss foundation in Naughty Korat & Naughty Chartreux
(Lightly dusted on with mini kabuki brush)
Evil Shades Blush in Gossamer (Baby pink with blue shift)

Evil Shades Evileyes primer in opal on lids and Naked to brow
Evil shades Soveriegn on lids up to crease and tear ducts and lower lashline
(Soveriegn- metallic silver)
Evil Shades un named pink coming soon outer v blended up to brow (medium pink)
Evil Shades Bane to deepen crease (pink with violet/blue shift)
Too Faced Starry Eyed liner in Super Freak on upper lashline
Tarte MultiplEYE Extend 3 Mascara in black (I hate it...flaky mess)

Evil Shades Hardcore lips in Not your Barbie
Evil Shades Soveriegn lightly finger dabbed in center of lower lip

I'm serious...this is grown all the way in. They are just sad!

Happy Holiday

I want to wish all my beautiful, wonderful readers a heppy Holiday!

Camera woe's and French Kisses

First I have to apologize for the color freakout from my camera
Maybe I've over used it or maybe it just sucks but it is doing strange things lately.
From hazy, blurry, super bright, way off color, washed out to just plain craptastic pics.
I am on a no buy to try and save up to get a decent camera by February.
I recieved a beautiful H&M Lipgloss compact in "French Kiss" from the fantabulous
I love it so much that it inspired this simple yet fabulous manicure

I used Gabrini 363 as my base and stamped the rose image from Bundle Monster plate 14 using Wet n Wild black creme

It just happens to be perfect with my H&M French Kiss gloss compact

The Red has a beautiful subtle gold shimmer, you can barely see it in this pic

Sometimes a simple manicure is just perfect!

I need to go to a black tie event

Just so I have a reason for this....
It's a prom dress but hey....maybe this one...
Is this duochrome? Seriously go look
It is right? I love this one too...
An Evening dress for a Mermaid!
I'll move to the UK if I can get dresses for these prices
Why don't I have fancy places to wear gorgeous dresses? Oh I could wear them to PTA or Ballet class with my daughter or maybe just around the house. lol Nothing feels better than getting all dolled up!

A happy hair day and FOTD

Those of you who've followed me for a while know that a couple of months ago
I got a haircut from hell! Now I'm not talking too short of fringe or slightly crooked...I'm talking
I asked for this
and she gave me this...
OK not exactly but close.
So I had to go and have it "fixed" and the sweet lady who did her best to make it better had a mess to work with. There was even a large chunk razored out randomly in the back and scattered bizzare layers everywhere. So the best she could do was a slightly asymmetric bob...which I still did not like.

Yesterday I went and had my happy cut done. Misty (an adorable little punk girlie) made me a happy hair human again....yes I squeezed her! Happy enough to take pictures and post for you all to see.
(Pardon my teal it's been 6 weeks since I did it so it's in need of refreshing)
Duh, nu, nu, nunt, nu nah!
I can smile again!
I'll take more pictures with my natural curl so you can see it that way too
My new rule is: Only people with mohawks, liberty spikes or the like are allowed to cut my hairs!
Nothing fancy with the makeup, just my daily wear sort of thing

My camera does this fun blurry thing sometimes is with that?

Oops hairs in da way

You can see the colors better (and my wrinkly eye lid) although they are still washed out
My eyeball say hi
Kisssss me you fool!

Products used:

Evil Shades Evileyes primer all over (a few customers suggested it and it worked really well for me)
Meow Cosmetics Purfect Puss in Naughty Chartreux and Naughty Korat
(mixed equally and applied with a flocked sponge)
Cheeks- a soft sweep of  Evil Shades Day Dream

Evil Shades Primer in Naked
Evil Shades Eye shadows in:
Moonlit for highlight and tear duct
Polestar on lid and blended up into crease
Illusive in crease and outer v
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Rockstar on lower lash line
Wet n Wild plumping mascara

Evil Shades deviant lipstick in devoted
Evil Shades Liquid Sin gloss in Féline's Kyss
(My lips were done about 4 hours earlier so excuse the mess)

A very skully holiday!

I got a surprize package from Astraea the other day, which I've been too busy to take pictures of.
She sent me a bunch of skull bottle nail polish's and the rest of the coffin polish as well as decals and yummy candles and oh how she spoiles me so!
( Thank you my dearest Robin, my sweet little Faerie)

I decided I wanted to do a winter mani and one of the skull polishes is a beautiful deep blue which reminded me of the winter night sky. What is more beautiful than snowfall at midnight?! So that is the concept behind this very perfectly me mani!
*giggle* It's a very skully holiday around here!
I did 2 coats of Blue Skull then stamped the snowflakes using Konad special polish in white from the BM14 plate. Then I added my cute little skullies (because that's how I roll) and then a heavy layer of Nubar Pixie dust on top to emulate falling snow.
This is a my style winter mani
I love how it turned out and people kept asking and trying to figure out why there where skullies in my snow.
If you click to make this picture big you can really see the "snow" glitter.
You really didn't expect a "normal" winter mani from me, Did You!
hmmmm....maybe bats for christmas?

I'm not a celeb watcher but......

I have never been one to care about celebrity news, gossip or the like.
I didn't/don't care who is dating whom or even keep up on who's who.
If you mention a celebrity...chances are I have no clue who they are nor do I care.
I've always been this way...odd? Maybe.
I haven't watched T.V. in nearly 5 years because well honestly I find it obnoxious.

Today I watched T.V. (I think The Hot Guy is still in shock)
What caught my attention and actually made me sit on the sofa for nearly an hour?
An interview (and a few live songs) with Cyndi Lauper.

I swear I am not one of those star struck people but I will admit that in the 5th grade when I
saw Cyndi Lauper's first video on Mtv (they used to actually have music on there) I was awe struck!
This flame red haired, loudly dressed, wild makeup wearing woman with a voice that either annoyed or beckoned to humans. I thought she was as fabulous as the few other female musical rolemodels us 80's girls had. (Joan Jet, Anne & Nancy of Heart, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders,
and Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees) But Cyndi was and is my I want to be like her when I grow up!

Cyndi has always marched to her own beat, no matter who said what about it!

So many people copied her crazy, fun style and we admired her strong attitude about being just who she was.

Beautiful in her way!

Talented beyong reality!

Always ignoring the "rules"

Never giving up on her dreams. Not even when they told her that her vocal cords were destroyed and she'd never sing again.

Staying true to herself

Cyndi Lauper is 57 years old now....I am 37 and while watching that show today I said to my Husband....I want to be like her when I grow up!
I guess in some ways I am a bit like her and I'm quite proud of that!