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New haircut & Makeup

Yesterday I had my beloved Elaine cut my hair (It needed it for about a month)
And as much as I loved my last cut (You can see it here) you all know I get bored easily so
I designed a new style and handed my wishlist and crazy hair over to Elaine.
It's a much shorter, choppier version of what I had
Oh and did I mention spikie? I love funky spiked mussy hair
I love my hair and my Elaine!
And look what was hiding on the back of my you see that little tuft of white, just about half way down and dead center! lol  How cool is that, now if the rest would just follow suit I wouldn't have to bleach at all! :o)
See I can look all sexy...ok no I can't but I can try or at least pretend!

Any of you that know me well know that I own Evil Shades Cosmetics....I am the owner, creator, order packer, shipping coordinator, hell I'm the entire freakin assembly line. Now the awesome part is that I am so busy that most days I don't even have time to wear makeup other than a quick 5 minute splash. Yesterday I had time to purty up or as hubby says I got my Hot girl face on. lol
Here is why I rarely post my makeup looks...I have very small very hooded eyes so a couple of things happen when I put my eyes on. 1- as soon as I open my eyes all you can see is mascara, liner and eyebrow. 2- I crease so badly and so quickly and no primer can stop it since it is due to the extreme eye fold which is only getting worse with age.  It's frustrating and it makes it very hard to take pictures.
But guess what happened to real creasing....really?
These pictures were taken 7 hours after I applied (I did not touch up anything except I changed my gloss)
I am guessing that this was due to my Spectrum pot that I used as a base. I actually had been afraid that it would crease worse. I used Prysm pink on my lid and then gently blended it up 2/3 of the way which is why my highlight below my brow is barely left at all.
I wore E/S Hardcore lips in Midnight Candy the first part of the day because for me it is a my lips but better color. (My lips are very wine stained in color naturally)
Then I switched to E/S Hardcore lips in Lost Kiss which is a nice candy pink with a purple shift
Products used:
-Evil Shades Matte Silk (aka The Shine Killer)
-E/S Skon blush

All Evil Shades
-Spectrum pot in Pink Prysm
-Franken shadow #8 on outer 2/3rds of lid and blended up above the crease
-Sephiric on inner 1/3 of lid and blended up and into #8
- Summer Lights in Vacation Paradise blended from brow down and in tear duct
-Reondite foiled for upper lash line and smudged into lower lash
-Rimmel volume mascara black(It's getting goopy)

Joey Healy Brow powder in Tobacco set with JH brow gel

And the lips are listed with the pics
Yay for a fun girly day!

Franken Fail

I made a Franken the other night and in the bottle it looks like this
Notice the pink/purple shift you can see even in the picture
On the nail not so impressive
Sadly not even the slightest duochrome hint when on the nail
I think I used too much pigment in that tiny bottle. lol
I will try again to see if I can get my dreamy blue.
P.S. Posts might be a little spars the next couple of weeks as I am in the
midst of changing hosts for Evil Shades and my current host has it set so you cannot transfer anything.
So I will not only be manually transferring data, pictures and info but learning how to use cpanel and setting up a much better shopping cart....if I can figure it out. lol  I am not tech savvy at all so I will try to post between screaming fits of frustration! :o)

Don't judge Coral

I grabbed an oldie but a perfect summer goodie!
China Glaze No Morals Coral
Oh the chemical goodness that once was
Glass flecks, pink shimmer, coral base and pure gorgeous!
(No Morals coral has always been impossible for me to get a color accurate picture)
It's not nearly as orange as the pictures look but a perfect coral with a subtle pink shimmer mixed with glass fleck
This picture is closer to accurate
I adore this color and even though it is not B3F I love it and don't mind her immoral nature! :o)

Happy nails? Nail art sort of

I was trying to decide what color to do my nails and I looked down
at my naked little nubbins and started laughing. (Hubby looks at me like I'm nuts)
I noticed that my short nails looked like they had a crew cut...really they do and I'll prove it...
See told you!
I used just my regular base coat, different colors of striping polish for the colorful crew cuts and a few of the rub on decals I made for my kids then a coat of Seche Vite.

It's a Pirate Party!

I figured while my nails are so short I should play with glitter
(Glitter turns to concrete on my nails and is painful to remove, even with the foil method & pure acetone so when my nails are long I rarely wear it)
I used OPI Skull and Glossbones as my base and 2 un named glitters
I added an accent of one of my little skull and crossbones decals and we have a Pirate Party!
Sadly we had no sun to get full bling pictures
I did 2 coats of Skull & Glossbones and one coat of each of the glitters followed with a thick coat of seche Vite
Yes it was a pita to remove but I loved it anyway!

Fotolia stock picture fun

I had the opportunity to try fotolia and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
At first I thought I really wouldn't use "stock photos" but figured I would
go look around and at least see what it was all about. Now call me hooked!

Now for BNP&LG I obviously use my own pictures and the same for Evil Shades, but after checking out
fotolia I found a great use that I hadn't thought of....Banners, Header, Backgrounds and buttons!
Here is the first use I made of a stock photo from the site
I used a stock picture (the background with the picture frame) and added the wording,
pictures of some of their jewelry and some tweaks in Gimp and made a fancy banner for Whimsy Beading to add to my sidebar. (You can see it on the left sidebar)

I think it turned out very nice for my being far from a pro & just starting to
figure out Gimp. I will definitely be using more from fotolia for a new header here and maybe a link button.
I have a few 2 week free trial codes if anyone wants to give it a whirl, just email me and I'll send you one.
(First come first served on the codes, I will add a note when they are gone)

There are so many pictures and useful backgrounds etc that I think I will have to become a paying member!

China Glaze Metallic Crackle Glaze Skittles

I thought crackle skittles would be fun on my new mini nails
The China Glaze Metallic Crackles are such fun colors
Right to left, top to bottom: Latticed Lilac, Haute Metal (My favorite), Cracked medallion, Platinum Pieces and Tarnished gold
Tarnished gold up close
I did this a little thicker to get wider cracks
These give a lighter application so you can do a subtle crackle finish or apply thicker for serious crackle
I really like these, they are more versatile than most crackles since they are sheer if you apply lightly.
I did Haute Metal over a baby pink on my youngest and it gave a nice subtle crackle...of coarse she then picked at it until I couldn't get a picture. (She's 3 so not the best model choice)

Overall, Application is very nice, dry time is excellent and formula is awesome.
The crackle trend is being beaten to death but if you haven't tried any I think the metallics are my top pick!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review

What does EvilAngel do when she breaks a nail?

She says several very bad words! (not because of the broken nail but cuz it hurt)
My car door handle attacked me yesterday...
When I break a nail....I do it right! lol
And of coarse I do it before I get pictures of the pretty new franken!
So what now? I file like a mad woman!
So now I will be sporting my new nubbins...aren't they teeny and cute!
I made another in my neon flakie franken series...GREEN!
I added aqua shimmer which kind of killed the jellyness, but I love it anyway
I used gold flakies in this one
Sadly I have no sun to get good pictures showing the flakies off
I might add more clear to re jellify this. She needs a name...Feline, she needs a Swedish name! :o)

China Glaze Metallic Crackle glaze- Oxidized Aqua

China Glaze new Metallic Crackle collection is 6 shades of metallic crackle fun!
Oxidized Aqua is well, a metallic aqua. :o)
The metallic look of this crackle gives it cool effect....aged almost
It dries quickly and you can make a finer cracked look by using a thin coat or wider, heavier cracks by using a thicker coat
I like it without top coat but if you want a smoother shiny finish top oat works great over it
I think I might do crackle skittles! :o)

**Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review

Nicole's Heart Franken

As promised I made a fun Neon orange jelly with flakies franken
And named it after my dear friend Nicole (from nightly Nails blog) because it reminds me of her...
warm, beautiful, happy and far more interesting and complex than some plain old orange!
(I love you Nicole & you better email me your addy so I can send you one of these)
This girl is so hot I wore it for 4 days
Yes I took 6 billion pictures of it
I added warm and cool flakies to make it more wearable for me
Pink and yellow/golden flakies....drooooool
This is an orange I truly love, even on me!
Oh I am going to wear the crap out of this franken!

Sorry I've been busy

I am trying to post more regularly but I got rather busy
trying to finish up some work and when things start rolling I lose track of everything until it's finished.
So what stole me away from you....
My new Spectrum pots!
I have been working on this formula since early December.
Originally the idea was to be the fat liner pencils but that was a huge fail about 3000 times.
So I changed gears and looked to making them pots and worked!
These are not a gel liner but more a cross between "paint pots" and "jumbo pencils" they work like a brightly colored sticky base, a creamy liner or a lid color. Since they are wax based (more like a liner) they apply best with a stiff angled liner brush, a sponge tip applicator, cotton swab or your finger.
These are the first 6 colors with many more to come.
I am very proud of the outcome and excited to see what everyone thinks.

I also spent a lot of time hunting down leak-proof non glass sample tubes so I can offer
my Hardcore lips in a sample size. I finally found a fit and tested it to death so now samples are available.

Oh and last night the lovely MoreSynthPlease caught my up in a spur of the
moment lipstick creation that stormed into a new product that I have not decided on if it will be Limited edition or something more but here she is...
More Synth glitter lipstick!
It was really fun to create and the Twitter mob demanding I put it up for sale on the website last night says it must be a good thing! XD

I will get back to regular posts Monday (I have 2 sick kids right now)
Miss you all!