All the Beautiful people

My Official All Hallows Eve Manicure! I love Halloween if you hadn't guessed!

Idecided to go classic Vamp for my official Halloween nails!
Traditional Gothic era Vamp!
Why yes I did actually file my nails to a point!
I used Risque Rebu as my base color
(Thank you Sarah of Look at them pretty colors )
I need 6 more bottles of this perfect jelly blood red
I very carefully outlined the entire free edge in black creme using NOX Twilight Black Tie
It's a detail few would notice but I like how it defines the edge
I also did a thin coat of holographic silver under my nails with Glam Nails Rainbow.
They look like little holo headstones. lol
Classic, chic, Vampy, evil, sexy and a bit creepy....all the things I love!

Overall Beauty Gabrielle Faust swatches

The lovely Kim sent me 4 of the Gabrielle Faust collection
You can purchase them here as well as lots of other lovely goodies!
I recieved
Indiscretion, Sanctified Snow, Vampire Kiss, and Love lost
All swatches are over Evil Shades primer in Naked
Outdoors in the shade
Love Lost and Vampire Kiss are foiled in the longer swatch
Natural light

Overall Beauty's descriptions:
Indiscretion- smokey charcoal shade
Love Lost-delicately ashen mauve
Sanctified Snow- shimmering opalescent
Vampire's Kiss- this deep sangria red

My thoughts:
The collection has some great and very wearable colors and the names are great.
Of the colors I recieved for review my favorites are Love Lost and Vampire Kiss.
Love lost is so pretty when foiled and Vampire Kiss is a great crease color and I like it for liner as well.
The texture is nice and soft, blendable and buildable.
I think these are perfect if you want something edgy but not over the top.

Great colors Kim, thank you for sharing! :o)

A more traditional Halloween manicure! :o)

This one is for my less demented friends! (Do I have any of those?)
**Disclaimers first: Sorry for the gator skin but scrubbing fake blood off does tend to suck all of the moisture out of you. Sorry for the still slightly "blood" stained cuticles.

I tried to whip up an orange holo for this but neon orange does not take to holo very well.
Still pretty but more of an odd shimmer than holo.
I used the Cez Delany H25 plate and Konad silver to stamp my ghostly spiderwebs
Then I used the BM13 (Bundle Monster) for the bats, witch and spider and COCL black stamp polish.
How adorable is that witch!
I love the spiderwebs as a backdrop
These are my beautiful Sugarskulls hand painted by my dear Robin (Astraea1976)

They are so sweet

Trick or Treat

A little Halloween gift to you my lovely readers......

I love you all so dearly that I though for Halloween you deserved something very special....
I give you my HEART!
Oh it get's worse
As you can tell I'm a bit of a "bleeding heart"
Maybe I should've saved this idea so you could be my Bloody Valentines!
The glamour shot!
Before the gore....sort of
Even Dexter fears my claws
The Base color is China Glaze Encouragement
Then I sponged Impala Matte Vermelo veludo at the very tips for depth and darkness
(Thank you Sarah)
Then I sponged a layer of China Glaze Dripping wet just over it for a thick wet look
Last I sponged Risque Niasi Cremoso for a perfect blood spatter
(again thank you Sarah)
And topped it all with a coat of Seche Vite

I love the way this turned out...just like it was in my head. (a scary place few dare to roam)
I have a couple of less gorey Halloween mani's coming

Halloween goodies from Astraea

I got the sweetest box (huge) of Halloween goodies
the other day from the lovely Robin (Astraea1976) because well she is wicked awesomenessss!
My camera battery died before I got pictures of all of the goodies so I will post the rest tomorrow.
(click to make all pictures huge)
How absolutely perfect are these!
Glowy yellow gloss with green shimmer in a ghosty, Red Rum skull polish, Alien Glow Skull polish and black cat gloss! ((hugs for Robin))

A close up of Ghosties cheshire grin...he's so cute!
I'd like you to meet the coolest nail polish bottles on Earth!
I wish my battery was charged so I could show you the beautiful Sugar Skulls Robin hand painted for me...but that will have to wait until tomorrow along with the rest of the bootiful treats!

Thank you so much Robin, really this cheered me up more than you know!
Someday we'll meet in person so I can give you all the evil hugs you are owed!

Resort to Red is Covered in Diamonds

Ummmm yeah so somehow I totaly forgot to post my 2
most favorite colors from Color Clubs Untamed Luxury collection.
*Hangs head in shame*
In the shade Resort to Red is the perfect vampy red wine.
In the light it is a shimmery drool fest!
This was 2 coats with no top coat, formula was smooth and easy to apply.

Covered in Diamonds is a fun chunky foil style flakie.
I used one thin coat as this has such bold sparkle you really don't need much to give a huge impact.
It's obviously chuncky so I used a coat of Seche Vite and that smoothed the bumps perfectly.
I really like these together, they remind me of Marilyn Monroe and the sexy red lips and dripping with diamonds of "Diamonds are a girls best friend"

Sorry I spaced these two but they are very worth checking out!

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mmm...Vould You Like a Lick-tenstein? You know you vould!

OPI mmm...Vould You Like a Lick-tenstein?
A classic and one of my traditional Halloween favorites.
This is a cool tone red with a great golden orange shimmer that gives it a pumpkin glow.
This is 2 coats in lightbox lighting

I love the old OPI Formula, though I do prefer the modern brush.
This color may not be a Wower to most people but I love it!
The name still makes me laugh
You can see the swirl of golden orangey shimmer!

On another note.
I am aware that my stalker troll has returned. I refuse to waste my time and energy on someone who obviously is not mentally stable. I would ask that if you do see a comment from her on a post just flag it and ignore. I have tried being nice and even asked if I had perhaps said or done something to upset her and she admitted that I had done nothing, said nothing to her ever. She is just one of those people.
I will not allow her or others like her to affect my blog that I have worked so hard to make a fun and welcoming place for my friends and readers. So just remember that you should not feed a Troll!

Perfect rainbow and poison kisses

I cheered myself up with a beautiful holo
Perfection rainbow, a pretty from Jacie.
and made it mine with some lovely nail decals that I had custom made.
Sadly it was cloudy and rainy today so I couldn't get a decent picture of the amazing holo

I love the decals though. Skulls and kisses

I scratched the ring finger decal so it's a one eyed skull
These are waterslide decals and the only thing I don't love is that you have to wear them on light colored polish or they aren't really visible.

I'm sampling different manufactures for custom decals so let me know what you think.

Mad, sad and buying a hat

If you saw my post yesterday you know I was going for a haircut....
I did everything right, I researched, found reviews, checked education, portfolios etc.
I went today with this picture
I (having a background in cosmetology) explained in detail what I wanted.
I have never ever cried over a hair situation in my life, until today!
There are no pictures and there will never be's that bad.
I haz a major sad
I wonder if they have this in my size?!

I have an appointment tomorow with a "fix" specialist and I will probably end up this uber
short hair and look like a fuzzy bowling ball for the next 6 months.
So get ready for eye closeups and not a thing more.
I feel your pain kitty!

I need a change of the hairs

Obviously I have hair ADD, I can't help it.
I've been growing my hair out via request of The Hot Guy and letting my natural curl flow.
But I'm bored and it's getting too long and I am BORED.
It's mid back at this point and my fringe is (at the shortest point) to the tip of my nose.
I kind of want something I can wear curly or straighten depending on my mood.
I can't go too short or Chris will be very sad.
Here are a few I like
Not the top but the choppy uneven back is great
I like the fringe on this.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Fringe no fringe?