All the Beautiful people

Death Road

I am sorry there will be no post today and I will try to get to all of your comments and email very soon.

Unfortunatly I am traveling the Death Road right now.
My body has been doing vile un ladylike things since 4am
I've been to the ER already for IV fluids so I hope I'll find a quick exit back to the living soon.
I don't know why stomach virus' are so hard on me but I can't sit upright to answer emails and such.
I have my sweet Chris holding my lappie next to the bed while I post this!
(He is so sweet)

Love you all and I promise I will get back to you all (296 emails and counting) as soon as I'm fit!
I'd blow you a kiss but nobody deserves to feel like this!

I cheated and I'm not sorry!

I know forever I 've faithfully used Mango Mend.
Well it finally happened, I cheated on Mango Mend.
 I found this cute tube of hand creme and I bought it, well it was love at first use.
I've been using it for a month and this stuff is the Bees Knees! It reminds me of the origional Silicone glove lotion but creamier, richer and it smells yum. I paid $3.00 for a 3.5 oz tube and now I can't find it locally.
I believe I found it at Marshalls or TJ Maxx

Isn't she gorgeous! It smells like candy but not overpowering, just a nice soft scent.
I've found a place online that carries it but with shipping it would be $10 a tube which is out of my budget. So I am hoarding what I have and Chris is mad because he loves it too. But it is MINE!
So if you happen to find this lovely grab her up, you will not regret it!
Buy them all and hide them! I will cry when I run out as this is the only thing that keeps swatching from seriously killing my hands and cuticles.

Kisses on Spiderwebs

I was just playing with my Chez Delaney plates and seeing if my newest Finger Paints
were as awesome as I'd hoped and this is where my twisted mind wandered!
I used a base of 1 coat (you read right 1 coat) of Finger Paints Hue Rang?
Then I stamped the spiderwebs and kisses from plate H25 using Wet n wild black for the smooches and Finger Paints Silver Sculpture fot the webs.
I love how it turned out!

This is one coat of Hue Rang?
A beautiful dusty medium purple with a great silver micro shimmer, which makes it appear metallic at a distance. I just love it.
Pardon my tip wear we set up the pool this day. :oD
I've been wearing Finger Paints for years and I love this unsung beauty of a brand.

Yes I would kiss spiderwebs if I could

I love these Chez Delaney plates and now I want more!

Have you tried Finger Paints? What are your favorite FP shades?

OPI Summer Flutter collection 2010 review and swatches

The OPI Summer flutter collection is a great fun set of colors.
These are such unique colors.
You really need to click and enlarge these to fully appreciate their beauty.

Flit a bit is a beautiful yellow toned orange almost a tangerine, creme.
This is two coats without top coat in my lightbox.

Flower-to-Flower is a sweet cranation pink creme with beautiful playful shimmer.
So much more beautiful than I'd expected.

Wing it is absolutly stunning! So much so that my camera had a panic attack and didn't capture it well.
This is a perfect hot pink jelly with multi colored sparks of shimmer.
I think I squeeled out loud when I saw it.
Catch me in your Net is my favorite blue of the season thus far.
It is a slightly tealed blue jelly with insane blue/silver meatallic super fine micro glitter.
It almost looks like a glass fleck at a distance.

I would say that this is a must have collection.
The formula is OPI's usual perfect.
The Colors are great as far as application.
The Jellies are buildable but not to opacity. I think they are worth a little vnl.
All in all I think OPI out did themself on this one!

**Products in this post were sent by the company or their PR for my consideration
All opinions are soley my own and in no way swayed by the reciept of products

Everyone loves Erotic Nights

BB Couture Erotic Nights is a gorgeous deep red jelly.
All pictures are taken in my lightbox and are 3 coats with one coat of Seche Vite.

This leans just slightly brown but not really too warm
The name truly suits. Such a sexy color.
I love that you can see the squishy jelly finish but there is no visible nail line.
I obviously gravitate to blood red jellies
I think I need to do a red Jelly comparison.
This one looks very similar to my beloved OPI Vampire State Building.

Thriszha oh how I love you, let me count the ways....

I got my funtabulous swap package from the ever so lovely Thriszha of Fab your nails
I love you Thriszha....soooooooooooo much!

Can you say WOW!
6 fabulous Fauxnad plates from Chez delaney a beautiful postcard from Abu Dhabi, the coolest keyring from Abu Dhabi that lights up and changes colors....I'm playing with it right now, and a bunch of awesome not available in the US polishes! Not the sexy black box hiding in the back row...that is my very first Inglot and it is so gorgeous! All of the colors are fabulous and the bottles are so cute. You all know I'm a sucker for cute packaging right?
Thank you so much Thriszha for a wonderful and fun swap!
The first color I used, I made Chris pick because I couldn't.
MaxCare #15
Drooly isn't it.

I love this color. A beautiful dusty purple creme.
Great formula and this is without top coat. It dries very quickly and super shiney!

A billion requests for Rainbow in the dark polish

Over the past few days I've gotten a lot of emails
asking if I have any Evil Shades Rainbow in the dark nail polish left.
I made it a few months ago when Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with cancer, as a tribute and my odd little way of showing support. I normally do not bring back Limited Editions
but under the circumstance I understand the desire. I am not going to to list it on my Evil Shades website.
I will however make another small batch if enough people want a bottle or two.
Since I make my polish in small batches it's a bit pricey for me to make.
I am willing to sell those who would like a bottle at my cost of $3.50, I am NOT making any profit. I couldn't stand the idea of profiting off the loss of my hero.

So if enough people want it I will make more.
Each bottle would be $3.50 with a limit of 2 bottles per person.
US shipping would be $2.00
International shipping is $3.15
Payment via PayPal only!
I'm sorry but due to the high cost I cannot swap for these.

If you are interested please either email me or leave a comment on this post with your email address if it is not listed in your blogger profile.

666 Giveaway. I'm a bit late! (^_^) Now Closed

Sunday We hit 666 followers. YAY!
So as promised it's Giveaway time.
Just a small fun giveaway to say thank you and I love you all!
The goodies:
8 Fauxnad plates
1 Stamper
1 Scraper
Teal mini flakie franken I made special for this.
Nubar Reef Green
China Glaze Spitfire
LA Girl Amethyst
Nail art colored rhinstone shapes in case with pick up tool
The winner will recieve 1 custom Eyeshadow or Lipstick from Evil Shades
I will custom blend specificlly as you want it.

-You must be a follower(publicly, I will verify)
-Leave a comment below with which custom item you would choose 
(please include your email if it is not in your profile)
Giveaway is open to everyone everywhere!

Extra entries:
-All of the first 666 followers get 2 extra entries (I have the list)

-You can get an extra 2 entries for each of the following
-Blog or post in your sidebar (leave a link)
-Tweet (leave a link)
-Post on Facebook. Myspace or other public forum (leave a link)

If at all possible post all in one comment so it's easier to track.
Giveaway ends May 30 2010
Now closed!

You know you want to be Between The Sheets

Deborah Lippmann Between the Sheets
A beautiful Bright nearly neon Fuschia that leans a bit purple and refuses to photograph properly.
I love the story behind this polish. It was inspired by a pair of fabulous sexy heels that Deborah bought and knew that she would never wear them outside the bedroom. How many of us own shoes like that? I own a couple pair of those fabulous sexy too high heels.

This was taken in direct sunlight and is the most inacurate as far as color.
Two coats of amazingly smooth application. No top coat except the one that I stamped.
This and the rest of the pictures are in my lightbox

On my ring finger I made a sad attempt at a corset. It just seemed right.

I used Barielle Belly Dance as the base and Between the sheets for the "corset" with konad image plate m7 and Wet n wild black.
I love this color, the formula, application and the bottle!

*products in this post were supplied for my consideration by the company or their PR
All opinions are my own honest views and in no manner swayed by the reciept of product

Bitches Brew! O.o

Deborah Lippmann Bitches Brew
You can find these here for between $16 and $18
OK first the Name is so fabulous, You realise it's named after me right? lol

We'll talk about between the sheets tomorrow. *wink*
Next the bottles
I love these bottles! The design is beautiful but also they work so well with my OCD,
 they line up to store so perfectly!

Now the color....
This is in indirect natural light (because the sun was hiding)
The color is as Sassy and hot as the name!

(The rest of the pictures are in my lightbox)
It's the sexiest blackend red but still obviously red ever!!

Lastly the formula...

This is one coat of polish addicts dreams.
You all know me and how I love a bargain...well I must admit that unlike many High end polishes I honestly love the formula so much that yes I feel that Lippmann polish is worth the higher price. I mean really how many sexy vampy reds are perfectly opaque in one coat that nearly applies itself?
I will be watching Deborah Lippmann's site for more drool worthy shades!

**Products in this post were provided by the company or their PR for my consideration
all views/oppinions are my own and are in no way swayed by the reciept of products.

I can't think of a clever title

So you all know that I am totally crushed my the death of Dio.
Well last night I felt the need to do a Dio memorial manicure because well I can.
I used my Evil Shades Rainbow in the dark polish and some of the China glaze tattoo nail art stickers.
(I need more of these...a lot more)
There are eleventy billion pictures because this turned out perfectly!

Is pretty, no?
There is actually 6 decals there.

If my nails where longer I would have added a dragon or something.
I love the rainbow sparklies!
You thought I was kidding about how many pictures didn't you?
Blurry so you can see the rainbow properly.

OK here is where I get all weird so if you can't or choose not to deal with my weirdness just skip the rest!

A few very interesting things happened yesterday and today.
First when I posted my tribute yesterday as I published I hit 666 followers.
Prior to posting I was at 664.

How perfect is that screen shot. (click to make huge)
Then When I turned on the Stereo my cd's skipped past 3 cd's and started up on Dio which is not what I set it to. yeah I know not that big.
Then I went over to my dear friend Mighty Lambchop's blog to post my hugs on her Dio tribute and this happened:
Click to make huge please
Note the word verification.....DIO uther. Heather is as huge a Dio fan as I am so I sent her a screenshot. I think Dio was letting us both know that he's still with us!

Last is actually the first picture I took of my Dio mani
Dio truly is The man on the silver mountain!
Not so strange you think...

Think again this is a picture of  the same cd inside that I just took.

Yes I know that some would explain it all away and that's fine for them.
I don't mind if some think me crazy or silly.
I was raised to believe that those who pass send their love and hugs to us even after they are gone.
Here is a Native poem that I grew up with:

Do not cry for me my friend,
My body has gone back to the Earth, but my spirit is still here.
Listen for my voice in the winds as they whisper in your ear.
Feel the warmth of my touch in the shining rays of the Sun.
Hear my song in the cries of  the wolf.
I am here with you my friend and I will be waiting to walk with you on your final steps down the red road.

We've lost our Rainbow in the dark

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio 7-10-1942 to 5-16-2010
It is through tears I write this post.
For 30+ years I have listened to Ronnie James Dio.
He was my introduction to metal. My Dad and I loved Dio and together we enjoyed many concerts, LP's, CD's and any Dio we could get our hands on. I shared my love for his music with my own children.
It is hard to lose a hero even if you never personally knew them. It truly feels like I've lost a family member.
My heart is shattered as I know are many.

I send my heart felt sorrow to Wendy and the friends and family of Ronnie.
We loved him very much and will miss him dearly!
He will always be our Rainbow in the dark!

New Goodies at my shop

I added some new goodies over on my shop page!

Fairy-like Mauve

I had to try one of the Peggy Sage colors that Lilynail sent me.
I chose Feerique Mauve which in English (according to Google translate) means Fairy-like Mauve.
The name makes me love it all the more.
A beautiful subtle semi duo chrome. I love the mauve center where the light hits it and then the deep purple out to the edges! So beautiful!

I love the bottles and the brush. The polish just magically flows onto your nail.
I love how in some light/angles it's bright and sweet and others it's deep, dark and sultry.
I can't find a single bad thing to say about this polish except it isn't available here.
Can you say Sexy!
Ummm...Lily yeah I'll be emailing you with a beg wishlist!
P.S. Lily the chocolat was the best I've ever tasted! And no I did not share! (Mine)

Help from my overseas and or Canadian friends

I desperately need  would really like to have GOSH holographic polish
(I may die without it) and also the GOSH extreme art liners,not all of them lol.
If anyone can get these goodies for me I will swap, cp, dance naked on hot coals for them.
You can email me at camiller714 at yahoo dot com
I love you! 

Yes I am Unpredictable

H&M Hello Kitty Garden Green

No one guessed what I would choose to wear first from the Lovely package from Lilynails.
So here it is...

I need 7 more bottles of this, it's so fabulous.
A perfect light yet bright minty green with a beautiful soft silvery shimmer!

This color is so sweet, it makes me happy just looking at it!
Were/are there more of these H&M Hello Kitty colors?
I want them!