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*Images from Barielle

In honor of World AIDS Day(December 1st), Barielle will be offering 10% off all products on  Proceeds from  will be donated to World AIDS Day

So do some gift shopping or buy yourself a little gift to help support World AIDS Day!

Barielle Shades Ulta Exclusives Swatches Part 2

It's a busy day so let's jump right into the pretties!
Pink Sherbert is a sweet soft pink with amazingly glowy shimmer

Magic shade makes her a nice work safe neutral pink

Sailors Delight is a perfect baby pink with excellent streak free coverage in 2 coats
I just love the name of this one!

(Full sun)
Expressive is a gorgeous lilac creme
I am addicted to purples and lilacs

(Full sun)
Euphoric is a bright coral creme. very pigmented.

Corals are usually too orange for my taste but this is more red/coral so it's a nice change.
You can get these at Ulta for $6.00 each
Any new must haves?

**products in this post were sent by the company/PR for my consideration

Barielle Shades Ulta Exclusives Swatches Part 1 of 3

I was send the entire Barille Shades Ulta Exclusive collection to swatch and
share with you and well that is a lot of swatching so I will do this in 3 parts so as not to overwhelm.
Barielle nail polish is available now at Ulta for $6.00 each
Barielle shades are certainly a brand I respect for their unique shades and abillity to step
outside the standard pink and red box. You will notice that some shades are "reintroduced" from other collections so my guess is that these will be exclusive to Ulta.
(In direct sun)
Belly Dance- a soft nude with silver shimmer
(I shade)
This is 2 coats and very opaque

(In full sun)
Slate of Affairs is a grayed blue with teal shimmer and I adore this color!
(In shade)
Suddenly it appears as a grey creme which makes me love this color even more

(Full sun)
Grape Escape is a bright purple creme
(In shade)
I will try to do a comparison this week with my closest purples but I don't think I own a dupe.

(Full sun) matches my hair need I say more?!
Teal makes me happy, teal with shimmer is....decadance!

I just love how some of these are so different depending on the light

(full sun)
Misbehaving Mistress a dark chocolate brown with pinkish silver shimmer.
I am not a fan of browns but it I chose 1 brown for me, this would be it!
It changes to a chic mocha out of  direct light

(Full sun)
Coco Bar looks like, well coco creme.
This is 2 coats and very smooth.

As with all of my experience, so far, with Barielle the formulas are very well pigmented, smooth and apply beautifully. All pictures are 2 coats with no top coat.

Part 2 coming soon!

Some new Evil Shades pretties

I have been so busy lately, I thought I should show you with what.
Evil Shades is growing...she is a toddler now it would seam. With growth brings more work for Me so my time has become very precious.
3 eye primers
These took a long time to formulate but I'm glad I did it.

New Deviant lipsticks and a new Liquid Sin gloss
A new line of goodies! Hardcore lips: these are pigmented like lipstick but apply and have the texture of a gloss. There are only 4 for now.
6 New Duotone Blushes
Foiling liquid
As well a lot of new eyeshadows, glitters and my beloved Cuticle balm and Cuticle creme & so much more in developement.
So I promise I only neglect you out of lack of time in the day!
Who knew a few years ago that I would be setting up my very own Black friday/Cyber Monday sale?
It's so overwhelming, exciting and even scary how far this amazing ride has come!

Thank you all for your support both here and with my Evil Shades, I appreciate it
 far more than words can express! I love you all and am proud to know you!

Fabuloustreet Black Friday sale....

Black Friday Event will be on 11/26/10.  6AM until 12 Noon PST.
25% off on selected items.
After 12Noon, the discount will be 15% off, from 11/26/10 until 11/30/2010 on selected items.
So start your lemmings now!

Nubar Holiday Jewel Basket Swtaches

This is the best nail polish gift set ever!
The cute little jeweled wire basket is adorable and you really get everything you need from start to finish, for holiday manicures and only $50 so a very nice price also.
The goodies inside:

Grass Green Glitter, a fine green glitter

Silver Glitter, a fine silver glitter

Gold Glitter, a fine gold glitter

Pixie Dust, a delicate dusting of shimmer

Ruby Red Glitz, a fine red glitter

Nubar 2010, a flaky glitter in a color changing base

Competition Red, a classic red creme

Foundation Base Coat

Diamont Top Coat

You knew I was going to have to do the traditional glitter skittles
Grass green glitter, silver glitter, Ruby red glitz, and Gold glitter

These are all 2 coats with no top coat

Classis red cremes are always a favorite

Top a classic red with Pixie Dust (index and ring finger) or Nubar 2010 (pinky and middle) and you have a beautiful holiday manicure.

I think I might try it with both Pixie dust and 2010 together!
Slip Santa a little note that you need this!

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review

Following your heart

Sometimes you have to follow what you know in your heart is best for you....
even when it's hard and it hurts and it means ending a friendship!
Sometimes you have to step away from emotions and look sincerely at things and
sometimes that means removing people from your life for your own wellbeing.

I don't think I am an unkind least I try very hard to be kind, tolerant, forgiving, openminded and accepting. I am more than willing to listen to different views, ideals and opinions I encourage it actually.
But I cannot promise not to ever disagree or even at times when passionate about something...even debate it.

I try to be a good friend. I will bendover backward to help anyone and never do I ask or expect anything in return. I try to offer an ear when needed, a shoulder, advice if asked, or the shirt off my back. I am human and I do make mistakes from time to time, but I will admit to them, accept responsibility and apologize.

Sometimes love and friendship is not enough.
Occasionally a relationship is just toxic and you have to walk away.
This is a hard day, a sad day....but I know in my heart it is what is best for me.

Sometimes being a friend just sucks!

Nicole by OPI New Liquid Metals Collection coming January 2011

I just got this and had to share!

Nicole by OPI ignites a mesmerizing look for the New Year with Liquid Metals. Featuring four new metallic Nail Lacquers ranging from shimmering sea foam to sophisticated champagne, Nicole by OPI’s Liquid Metals collection offers the season’s must-have accessory.

“Dress your nails with Liquid Metals to make a chic fashion statement with a high-shine finish,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI’s Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Metallic shades are perfect to wear with all clothing colors, adding some easy edge to your wardrobe.”

The Liquid Metals collection from Nicole by OPI includes:

Miss Independent
A violet with a shine of its own.

The Next CEO
A highly motivated metallic gold.

Rich in Spirit
This metallic silvery blue-green is all you really need.

It Starts with Me
A metallic champagne that channels your inner shine.

Liquid Metals will be available January 2011 at ULTA, Walmart, Target, Sears, Harmon, HEB and Wegmans.

I need these!

Nicole by OPI holiday collection swatches

Nicole by OPI has put out 4 "Holiday" shades for 2010
Bring on the Tinsel is traditional holiday multi glitter in a clear base. Silver is the base glitter with lots of Red, green and a touch of blue and gold. This is 2 coats. I'm sure it could be opaque at 3-4 coats if you prefer it alone and not layered.
Stuck in the Chimney is a pink/red with subtle gold shimmer.
2 coats
Kiss me at Midnight is not as brown as it looks in the picture. It is a brown toned deep wine with pink/red shimmer. 2 coats.
**Correction** I originally called this a black jelly base and was thinking of a different polish.
(Swatched over Kiss me at Midnight)
Spark my Mistletoe is a clear base with tons of red glitter and a dash of silver hex glitter.
2 coats This is a bit too sparse to go alone, in my opinion, it would take 4+ coats to get opaque.

I am in a place of introverted thought at current so I apologize for there being few words in this post.

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my review