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Inque finger nail skinz beta test

I'm sure you saw my post on the cute Inque nail skinz pedicure
Which by the way still looks perfect!
Inque sent me my custome finger nail designs!
I designed these myself as I did with my other set, I just love getting to decide exactly what I want.
The nails are still in the Beta stage but I think they will have them nailed (pun intended) very soon.

I love how my designs turned out, the colors are so bright and they look exactly like I wanted.
The fit is not so great but that is what is being worked on. See my nails have a major ark and are very curved accross as well, so a birds eye  view doesn't really gauge the actual size of my claws.
So the fit is not great but I made them work well enough to take pictures so you can get an idea of how awesome they will be when the sizing is fixed.
Guitars oh and my little vinyl tribute
Aren't they cute
I'm excited about these! I like the idea that I can get ones for my daughters that will fit.
Oh and for me oh yes. I need the more custom fit for my narrow nailbeds. Those premade ones I always have to cut down and they never fit right. So these are going to be ideal. Also I kind of want a few sets of just my ring finger or pinky to use as accents.
The pedi ones are already set to fly and I reccomend them even more now.
I have been wearing the same set and they still look perfect and no signs of them lifting anytime soon. I'm going to keep them on until they do start lifting or they need to be removed due to growth.

**Product in this post was sent by the company for review


  1. Let them have PolishNovember 21, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    These are great! I love how they look like little oil paintings on your nails. 

  2. Those are so awesome! Love the little guitars on it, very cute :)

  3. Guitars are the perfect nail art

  4. They do don't they!

  5. :)  I can't wait to get more

  6. Those are really cool.  I have to try them. 

  7. Wow they look stunning!

  8. WOW this is sooooo cool!!!

  9. Those are undeniably unique! I love how it's like a splash of paint! It looks really funky!

  10. Love your designs.  Looking forward to seeing more of this product.

  11. oh wow! those are hot!!!

  12. Wow, these guitars ROCK!

  13. holy crap those look amazing!  I can never get stickers to fit my tiny curved nail beds, so I can't wait for these to be ready to buy! x

  14. Wow these are terrific! I adore those guitars!

  15. Those are undeniably unique! I love how it's like a splash of paint! It looks really funky!


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