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Ciaté Paint Pot in Talent Scout

This my first Ciaté paint pot and why didn't anyone tell me how awesome the formula is?
It nearly polished my nails for me and the brush is perfect!
Talent scout is from the Festive Fever Summer 2010 collection.
A beautiful plum purple creme
How adorable is the tuxedo bottle
Pictures were taken in my lightbox, no flash.
Fun side note: A sweet friend of mine informed me that in (Mexican) Spanish Ciaté is a slang word for
Shut up! lol Rather suits it I think!

Why is my picture blurry?
Oh and these pictures were taken on the 3rd day of wear after much work, 6 kid baths, 2 hair washings a house cleaning and eleventy billion loads of laundry and only the tiniest bit of tipwear!

Ciaté will you marry me?
I NEED more of these! Do you have any Ciaté? What colors do I need?

**This product was provided by the company and/or their PR for my review.
The opinions in this post are my own honest views and should not be taken as fact but as my personal view.

Gettin' Vampy with Eyeko

Eyeko Vampira is my kind of color!
Beautiful black base with red micro glitter.
This is 2 coats of Vampira in natural light.
Pardon my tipwear I had already worn this for 2 days when I realized I hadn't taken pictures yet.

For Gothic nails! I love those little tittles on Eyeko bottles.
Application was awesome, smooth and even.
I might need a backup of this!

**Product in this post was provided by the company/PR for my consideration and review
All opinions are my own honest views

Trying to catch up!

Just running in to say Hi!

Evil Shades website is back up and running!
Slightly wonky from the toss back and forth but nothing I can't fix.

After all of that I am trying to get caught up on work and hopping to get caught up financially.
I don't really have time to post....maybe tonight but no promises.
Hugs and thank you all for being the most amazing people on Earth! I love you!

Lily has amazing timing & Thrisza is my Inglot angel!

Everyone knows that this past week has been extremely stressful
and flat out craptasticlysucklios!

Today I managed to convince the web host that sucked to give me my money back and release my domain.
(OK so I bitched then out and threatened to post their name on my blog, twitter, myspace, scream it from the mountain tops, file a complaint with BBB and I did write an email to the owner directly)

With all of that somehow Lilynail 
somehow managed to perfectly time this little surprise package of joy!
This is a true RAOK (random act of kindness) and I appreciate it more than words can express!
I needed some cheering up and this did the trick!
I'm sorry it's late and I forgot to write down the names so I will add them tomorrow.
(there was a casualty that did not survive and I haven't had a chance to clean these up yet)

Why yes that is a gorgeous silver holo and YAY another H&M HK!

Jack Skelington nail decals (you know I adore jack) some wicked coral/orange Sephora nail patches, Hello Kitty lip gloss that smells so yum, a sample of Lush I think it's lemony flutter or whatever it's called.
Lily also set the beautiful Zen card (I so need some Zen) several other fabulous nail decals the beautiful gloss' at each end and some fabulous candy which my children devoured, but not the chocolates....those are MINE!
Thank you so very much Lily, you made my day! ((hugs))

Part 2 of my cheer up

I did a swap with the gorgeous Thriszha of Fab UR Nails
Part of that was my very first Inglot #342 and it is beautiful!
I used it for the first time lastnight when I decided to do a statement mani for that back biting host that we'll not mention. I used my gorgeous Inglot 342 and OPI Brand New Skates (a gift from my little Ange).

I'm playing with my MIL's OTT lamp to see if I want one or not.

All of the pictures in this post are taken in OTT light in my lightbox.
They are very color acurate...even the purples are dead on.

But my skin looks odd, washed out, strange.
What to you think of these pictures vs my regular pics?
Do you see a difference? Which do you like better and why?

Thank you to all of you my readers and friends! I appreciate your support and kind words this past week!
Extra snugglies and smooches for you all!

China Glaze Fight like a Woman swatches

I love the name of this special LE collection!
Fight Like A Woman! Some of the strongest and most courageous people I've met are women!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer Gets the Gloves Ready to Join in the
Fight Against Breast Cancer
Join China Glaze Nail Lacquer this October in the battle against breast cancer, one nail at a time! The professional line of nail lacquers brings on the fight with three powerful pinks. Inspired by the women who fight everyday and those that support them in their battle, these fabulous shades are sure to help you defeat the toughest opponents with style and class. China Glaze representative Rachel Schafer voiced that “in an industry dominated by women, for women, it is important that we strive to work together towards finding a cure.”

Offer your fellow women some Encouragement!
A very soft sweet baby pink with a beautiful sprinkling of glass fleck shimmer.
This is no boring baby pink! I think if you are one of those that need work appropriate color but want to a little fun....this is ideal! A little sheer, this is 3 coats but worth it in my opinion.

Empowerment is something all women deserve!
Empowerment is a lovely bubblegum pink creme.
Everyone needs a good bubblegum pink creme in their collection!
This is 2 coats with no top coat.

To be a strong and conquering woman you'll need Endurance!
Endurance is a stunning hot pink glass flecked jelly.
It is sheer as most jellies are. This is 3 coats. I absolutly adore this color and if you only get one color from this collection I highly reccomend Endurance!

Great job China Glaze! I honestly did not think I would be impressed with these but color me wrong!

Big Fat Angry Rant!!! (Not polish/beauty related)

If you follow me on Twitter you've probably
seen my "I'm so stressed out tweets". I have now passed stressed and am now pissed!
Most of you know that I have my own Indie cosmetics line Evil Shades. I literally started this business with $100 and an ebay account (19 months ago) well it started doing well enough that I decided to start a website just for Evil Shades. I bought a package on in Aug. of last year and set up shop. The website was not very fancy and ES had grown enough that I felt like I needed a more professional bigger site. So I started looking for Hosts and asking people who they used etc. I narrowed it down to 4 that were in my price range and seemed pretty reliable. I emailed all 4 with the same questions:
What kind of tech support to you offer?
What is your turnaround time on tech repairs?
Do you charge above the set hosting fee to transfer my domain name?
Do you offer suite builders that have a good range of templates and can build a store with shopping cart by someone who does not know html and is techie challanged?
When the transfer starts how long will my site be down?

You can go look at my very expensive piece of crap...
Click on the big ass "button" in the center of the main page and then go click on store.
Grrrrrrrr! Insert 2 parafraphs of foul language here!

I got answers from 3 of them and chose the one that seemed to suit my needs best.
Fastforward Thursday of last week I started the domain transfer because in order to use their site building software my domain had to be pointing at them as host. I was told this would take no more than 24 hours which is why I chose Thursday as opposed to waiting until Monday. I have spent the weekend emailing, live chatting and forum searching and their site building software still will not allow me to log in and use it to build my damn cart! My MIL built what is up now but she does not know how to build or add a shopping cart and she has been trying for 3 days to do so including buying extra software in hopes.

I set up a little etsy store but honestly people don't want to buy that way. People feel more comfortable buying from a stand alone website, it seems more professional. So I have lost 4 days sales (I did have one sale but that was from someone who knows me and so we did it via email).
I don't know about my host but I cannot afford to go 4 days without pay. I am (my business) is the sole income for my family and it has only in the past few months been going really well. Now I'm stuck.
I can't even cut my losses and go to another host because I cannot transfer my domain for 60 days....I can't go 60 days with no income! I have tried everything and these people have given me no answer just the same bs of your domain has to propagate to our I asked the geeks on a major techie forum and they said that is a croc it takes no more than 12-24 hours for that.

Then to top it all off we got served with papers that one of my husbands ex wives is suing for more child support because she found out that I have my own business...ummmm hello fat cow....get off your lazy ass and go back to work at you $45K a year job cause this bitch is not going to support you! P.S. Lazy ass piece of crap, being pregnant an morbidly obese does not mean you cannot work nor does breastfeeding a newborn. Tell your husband to get a second job if you want to sit at home with your new bundle of future child support. I support all of my kids on my own and have for 21 years with no financial help from a man or the government what makes you think you're so special!
Just incase anyone wants to jump on my ass about the child support thing I have 3 children that do not belong to my husband and I have never recieved one single penny in child support. Iwas a single Mom for 12 years starting at age 16.  I am not some new wife that's pissed about him having to support his kids. I love my step babies and I supportred them along with my own when we first got together while he was having a nervous breakdown. I have also paid his child support because well his responsibilities are mine as well. But I'll be damned if I will ever agree that any non custodial parent should have to pay so much that they cannot afford to live nor will I ever agree that a non custodial parent should have their support payments raised because the other party wants to quit working and stay at home with their new child that is unrelated to us. I think that if you cannot afford to stay at home then either don't have any kids or oh hey get a damn job like the rest of us!

If you are my new blow and you owe me $800+ and counting!
(and whatever gray hairs and wrinkles you created)

I'm sorry for the rant and some of the language but not for the content as it is all true and this is my blog so where else can I blow a gasket and share pictures of shiny things!

Zoya Wicked Collection Fall 2010 swatches

Zoya has pulled it off again!
The Wicked half of the Wonderful Wicked collection for this fall is 6 shades of hotness!
The fun part is that after seeing swatches on many of my favorite blogs I've figured out that these seem to apear to change accourding to both the lighting and the skin tone of the wearer.

Kym is one that every blog that has swatched it has described it differently.
From brown toned red to mauve/red and guess what I'm going to add one more description to the list.
To me Kym looks like a warm orange toned red with gold sparks mixed in.
A very pretty shade but not a great color on me.

Carrie Ann is a pink toned red. A very pretty shade but nothing super special.

Karina is a medium neutral toned red. My best description would be a metallic version of Ruby Pumps.
Very pretty and would compliment most any skin tone nicely. alas it still another red and with the over 150 reds that I own this is one I do not have a similar or dupe of.

Cheryl is an orange metallic with a black base which makes it appear more brown on me.
I am not fond of oranges or browns so while this is a very unique shade and quite pretty it looks like yuck on me. :o(

Edyta is a foresty green with mega gold shimmer.
Edyta is the super hot sister with the ugly name. It's like being introduced to a gorgeous jaw dropping woman who has a nerdy, ugly name, lol  I love Edyta despite the name, she is unique, lovely and as the light shifts you see an entirely different side of her.

Julieanne is a medium blue based purple with hot pink shimmer!
I could not for the life of me get the pink shimmer to show in pics, it insisted on pretending to be silver.
It has that lit from withing quality that I love and I don't have a single color close to this one!

The formula is very nice. It can play games occasionally trying to be slightly runny but a minute uncapped solves this. Application was pretty nice for metallics. These are a chunkier metallic than the traditional so I had no brush stroke issues at all. All in all a very pretty fall collection!

Rain and Magic Stars

I really love Eyeko Rain and I wanted to wear it a second day but
Well my nail polish attention span is about the same as a 15 year olds Math attention span.
So to respark it a bit I added a coat of GOSH Magic Star and walla....gorgeousness all over again!

I love this combo
What comes after the rain?
Rainbowy goodness!

What do you do revamp a mani?

Zoya Wonderful

Zoya's Wicked and Wonderful collection

These are the 6 Wonderful shades.
All vampy fall cremes

Shawn is a great dark olive green.

Cola is a fun deep brick red creme.

Kristi is a sweet pink toned red.

Burke is a great deep rose.

Stacy is a yummy wine creme.

Kelly is a dark blue based gray creme.

All were opaque in 2 thin coats. The formula is very nice as usual with Zoya.
You can find this collection here
I really love the contrast in Wicked and Wonderful!

Across The Universe.......sigh

Deborah Lippman's Nordies exclusive Across the Universe.
A sexy black jelly with layers of chunky green and blue hex glitter and a back drop of micro glitter.
This is 3 coats kept bluring out!

You really have to click to make these big to see the layers of glitter floating in there!

You can see the green glitter a bit better here.
I'm sorry I had to do lightbox pictures since we had the rain yuck.

I love a Bad Romance......

Deborah Lippmann's Nordies exclusive Bad Romance!
I think this is the most perfect glitter polish I've seen!
A sweet black jelly base with bright purple micro glitter and large purple hex glitter suspended!
This is 3 coats, you could layer over a black creme and do one coat but I
think it's truly beautiful on it's own and well worth doing 3 coats to layer and give a stunning depth.
Click to make's worth it!

I think this is one Bad Romance I am happy to live with!

Terror eyes aren't so terrifying...actually they are pretty awesome! Review

I'm sure you remember my fab contacts from last week

This pair is called Eclipse
I ordered them from YouKnowIt

They came way faster than I thought, under a week from the UK to the US...awesome!
These are soft contacts but are thicker than regular colored contacts, obviously for the intesity in color they would have to be. These are not as big as Circle lenses so they were a little less tiring on my eyes.
These are a 90 day pair. But with free shipping they are still under $30
(I have never worn contacts before so my eyes are not used to them)

So I needed a more subtle pair for when I don't want my eyeballs to be the main focus
but still want that rubberneck affect. So I decided on these
TerrorEyes Intricate Design Contact Lenses 3
Also from YouKnowIt
Now remember that my eyes are very dark naturally so if your eyes are light these will be more obvious/intense. These also came in under a week so WOW not a fluke at all.

This was taken in our craptastic indoor lighting. Click to make huge.
(I am not wearing any makeup so be nice)
Inside they make my eyes look nearly solid black with flashes of the cool pattern.

This was taken outside in shade.
A little creep huh?
Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight
Close up

I love these! this pair is much larger than my Eclipse pair and is also much softer/thinner.
These were a little harder for me to wear for long so I think I will have to slowly build up.
These are 12 month lenses so at $40 ish definately worth it.
I am already looking for my next pair and yes I'm staying with YouKnowIt
They have the best variety I have found and their CS is awesome, shipping super fast and these are my eyes we are talking about so most importantly they are very professional and dependable in my experience.

So what pair are you dying to play with?

**Second pair of lenses was sent by the company/PR for my consideration
All opinions are my own, honest thoughts. My opinion is not intended as fact, only my personal experience.

I'm such a tease.....sneak peek

Just a little sneak peek at what is coming....

And a few more pretties

Elizabeth Grant skin care review

I was sent a few products from Elizabeth Grant to try.
I have used these products for the past month so as to offer a full review.
I'm going to just dive in.

Vitamin C Body Scrub
From the website:
The potent combination of Torricelumn™ and Vitamin C make this body scrub a powerful anti-aging treatment that will leave your body feeling and looking smoother, younger and more beautiful.

My experience:
Love the citris scent, not too strong. I really like the texture of this scrub, it's a fine grit and spreads very easily. I noticed my skin was glowy after the first use. After a month of use (twice a week) I have noticed that my skin does look much smoother and is definitly softer and has a lovely glow.

Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream
From the website:
Hands can show the evidence of aging and sun damage just as much as frown lines and crow’s feet. This non-greasy and quick absorbing hand and nail cream delivers an intense dose of Vitamin C to lighten hyper-pigmentation and increase collagen production. Contains Torricelumn and three other major hydration ingredients to boost moisture levels all day long and strengthen the nails. Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream eliminates dryness and brightens and protects the skin giving your hands a more youthful appearance.

My experience:
I do not have "age spots" so I cannot speak on that part.
The scent is very light and similar to the body scrub. This is very fast absorbing and not at all greasy.
This lotion is a little too light for my taste, I prefer a more intense cream. I did not notice any change in the skin on my hands but to be fair I have always been an avid hand lotion addict so there really was no need for improvement. I will try this again this winter when my hands really do need the extra moisture.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub
From the website:
With Peppermint Oil to refresh tired feet; Eucalyptus to soothe aching feet; and Aloe to moisturize dry feet, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub is a relaxing and refreshing foot treatment.

My experience:
I used this once a week for the past 4 weeks and my feet are very happy. My feet loot very pampered.
I personally don't really like the smell of mint on my feet and I know most people do so I can't comment on that part. I did notice that on the days I had been on my feet a lot this really made them feel a ton better.

Cracked Heel Treatment
From the website:
Cracked heels are a common foot problem generally caused by dry and callused skin. This irritating cosmetic issue can lead to the more serious problems of pain or infection, in cases where cracks are deep. Cracked Heel Treatment helps to relieve and repair dry, cracked heels by moisturizing and softening the skin.

My experience:
I so reccomend this (even if it smells minty)!
My husband is Diabetic and so we really have to take great care with his feet. I used this twice a week and he used it everyday. My feet are soft as a babies bum and his feet are so much softer. He had a couple of cracked areas on his heals and those are gone, the calloused areas are much softer and smaller. I highly reccomend this for anyone with dry, cracked or callosed feet.

I have also spied a couple of other products in the elizabeth Grant line that I'm going to order and I'll let you know what I think of those.

Eyeko Saucy and Rain swatches

These are my first Eyeko polish's and I love them soooo much!
The formula was very nice, the brush is not too wide or too thin and the colors are very pigmented.

Rain Polish
For City Nails
A soft light gray with a subtle shimmer.

This is 2 coats with no base or top coat.

Saucy Polish
For Naughty Nails

A perfect Tobasco red. This is one coat, yes I said 1 coat.
(Thank you Eyeko for making a polish just for me)

Why yes my nails are naughty!
Aren't the labels adorable?

Well now that I'm in love with Eyeko do you have any color reccomendations?

***Products in this post were provided by the company or their PR
All opinions are my own honest and unbiased views