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Zoya Gemma is so perfectly Green! Zoya Intimate collection

I have my new most favorite green ever!
Zoya Gemma...
Gemma is a gorgeous army green with a blue/violet shift
The shift cools it down just enough so that it is wearable for people like me who normally cannot wear warm greens or earthy shades.
This is 2 coats with Seche Vite top coat
I am loving this new collection!

**Product in this post was provided by the company/ PR for my honest review

I suck and I'm sorry!

I know that posts have been sporadic lately and I am very sorry!
I could give a huge list of excuses but like my Mom always said..
"Excuses are like A$$holes everyone has one and they all stink!"

So instead I will just be honest and say that my ADD has gotten seemingly worse and life has been out of control due to my lack of ability to focus from beginning to end on any one project. I am taking medication now and it is helping my focus hugely. (yes that IS a word)
So I am prioritizing the mountain and knocking out one task at a time and hope to be caught up soon.
In the interim I will do my best to post at least 3-4 times a week but as much as I love blogging and you my beautiful readers....blogging does not pay actually this blog costs me a shiny bit so work must come first.

Smooches and big squishes!

Orly Spring 2011 Precious Collection....Want! Want! Want!

I don't always post Press Releases because I know that your readers are filled with repeats of the same Press release.....but I reallllllllly want this collection!
 Orly describes the collection as:
For centuries, people around the globe have been enamored with lush fabrics, rare stones and extravagant finishes. ORLY celebrates the refined glamour of porcelain, the vibrant sheen of silk, and the lush sparkle of priceless gems with Precious. Lend a sense of romance and richness to every spring ensemble by sporting lavish shades on fingertips and toes. The six lacquers in the Precious Collection signal a fresh approach to spring fashion and a renewed appreciation for the exotic workmanship, ornamental engravings, and sumptuous fabrics known to accompany the luxe life.

Pure Porcelain: Beige Crème
(Looks to me to have a touch of pink so it might be more wearable)

Royal Velvet: Purple Blue Shimmer
(Blurple.....maybe duochrome?)

Gilded Coral: Coral Gold Shimmer

Fancy Fuchsia: Pink Crème

Ancient Jade: Green Crème
(nom nom)

Sapphire Silk: Deep Teal Crème
(It matches my hair)

Ginger Kitty Designs Liquid Euphoria Bliss ring

My sweet friend Jessica gave me a bottle of Liquid Euphoria Bliss a yearish ago
I wore it once, decanted and shared some but the bottle sat...sadly collecting dust.
Why? Because I knew the $$$ it is worth and knew I could never buy a back up.
So I decided to give it to Tracey "Gingerkitty"...
I figured she makes beautiful jewelry with nail polish and this way
others would have the chance to enjoy a little Bliss too.
This was my one Bliss manicure
Little did I know that Tracey would make me a little Bliss
Now this I will enjoy everyday!
This ring is a treasure for me...
It reminds me of my dear sweet friend Jess who without a thought of profit sent me a bottle of Bliss (She is like that) and Tracey for making me this beautiful ring.
(My nails are BYS Matte royal purple and CND scarlet shimmer, I did not keep any Bliss so this was as close as I could do in a manicure...I like it with my ring)
I am very lucky, I have a lot of wonderful friends, and each one is a special treasure!
Just like friends the ring/polish is different and beautiful at any angle
True blue

Green honesty

Loving Red
A perfect rainbow

Thank you Jessica & are both treasures!

Discount shopping site

I found another discount shopping site I thought my friends might be interested in..
No More Rack They have great prices and more products coming.
They are selling out pretty fast...just got myself a cute ring!
I'll keep a link in my sidebar (left) so you can check it out periodically and find pretties.

OPI Katy Perry collection- The one that Got Away swatch

For some reason I had thought this was red...'s not! lol
It's a shimmery, metallic fushia with a subtle purple flash
(note: do not try to use your seche vite when you know it needs to be thinned but you are to tired to go find the'll get shrinkage like this)
It's a bit sheer, this is 2 coats and I can see in the pictures that 3 would have been better.
I really like the color and the application was good so if you are limited on pink/fushia metallics I would say this one is worth picking up.

**Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review

OPI Black Shatter and a Franken from Erin

I received the OPI Black Shatter top coat and I wanted to share it but I also was really in the mood
for this beautiful franken my mua friend Erin gave me a couple of years I put the 2 together.
The franken is called Great Sex and is a beautiful medium purple with pink micro glitter and a subtle holo.
See the pink glow
I added my winged heart at the request of The Hot Guy
I like the subtle affect of Shatter over the purple
We are lacking sunlight so sadly only I get to see the holo
I think I prefer the shatter over a dark color as apposed to the bolder look over light.
OPI did a great job with Black shatter, it's one thin coat and dries a bit slower than most crackles so you have more control over the amount of effect.

**Black Shatter top coat was sent by the company/PR for my honest review

Zoya Intimate collection giveaway

I received samples of Zoya's new Intimate collection today...2 sets!
I contacted Zoya about the mix up and they very generously asked that I give them away on my blog!
(Zoya has always been very generous in my experience)
So Thank You so much to Zoya for sponsoring this giveaway and I will be posting swatches soon!
Zoya Intimate Collection
Marley (ZP542) - lavender pink with a whisper of metallic
Dove (ZP541) - delicate, pale gray cream
Caitlin (ZP540) - misty, moody gray violet cream
Dannii (ZP537) - sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic
Jules (ZP538) - soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic
Gemma (ZP544) - mysterious green/purple duotone metallic
(picture and descriptions courtesy of Zoya)

The giveaway is for the full collection and is open internationally
(Note to International entrants: Zoya nor I can be responsible for loss or damage in shipping. Sorry I've had some rough luck with a few international packages)

The Rules are simple

1) you must be a follower via google friend connect
(on the right sidebar click follow)

2) Be signed into your GFC account and leave a comment below about which colors you are most excited about!

Giveaway will run until 2-4-11
Good Luck!

I am holding a contest on my Evil Shades Site

I thought some of you might be interested.
I am having a label design contest on my business' site
Click for details here

1st prize $100 in Evil Shades Cosmetics
2nd Prize $50 in Evil Shades Cosmetics

OPI Katy Perry part 1 Swatches and review

I know it's a small collection but I'm doing this in 2 parts because
I really like the colors and so traditional swatching isn't going to work when I really want to just do a full manicure and enjoy them.

So on to the pretties...
Not like the Movies is a pale purple to gray to green multi chrome with silver scattered shimmer
This is 2 coats with top coat in lightbox lighting
The formula is good slightly sheer but not bad.
I love the very obvious flashes in this one

Last Friday Night is a blue jelly base with multi blue chunky glitter
This is 2 coats except on the pinky which is 1 coat layered over a random franken
(Looooook at those sparklies)

The formula is great on this and I love that the base actually hold it's color so you can easily wear it alone.
It's not so chunky that you get gravel nail, one coat of Seche Vite and I could not feel andy bumps at all.
I think this is my new favorite glitter!

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review

Lex Cosmetics Interview and review

Recently I had the opportunity to try Lex cosmetics and to interview Alexa, the owner and creator of Lex.

Let me tell you a little about Lex cosmetics 
The concept behind Lex cosmetics it first to allow the customer...the public...those who buy the polish to be the ones to determine the colors. So you are the trend setter not some runway model or Actress you've never met. At Lex you are the creative force. You can send in your ideas here and then the public votes for the next Lex Cosmetics nail color. Very cool right? That is not even the coolest part...
A portion of the proceeds from all Lex Cosmetics sales is then donated to charities that again you choose.
I love a company with heart and a I had to talk to the woman behind this amazing concept!
After I show you the beautiful polish I was sent by Lex Cosmetics there will be an interview with Alexa the spirit of Lex it....she's a great lady and I know you'll love her!

I was sent Cayman Cabana Which was actually designed by Lex's founder.
(You can read the stories behind each polish here)
I love the bottle
Cayman Cabana is a perfect minty green creme, opaque in 2 thin coats with very nice formula. (not goopy, streaky or runny like many pastels) Application was a breeze, the brush is very good, not too thin but not thick with perfect spread. (I love a good brush)
In low light it gets this beautiful dusty hue to it that made me fall in love

EvilAngel-What made you decide to let the consumer decide on your colors?
  Lex- I have been to stores so many times when i am searching for the perfect color and couldn't find it and knew other women had the same issue. So, i figured if there was a company that made the colors people wanted, it would help solve that problem and would be a lot of fun.

EvilAngel- How long have you been making your own nail polish? 
Lex- As a kid, I always mixed colors to create the right hue, but Lex Cosmetics has been around since July.

EvilAngel- How do you choose the charities/organizations to donate to?
Lex- The best thing is that you do! The color creator gets to choose the charity. I just ask that it isn't too political and that it's legitimate.

EvilAngel- What is your favorite nail polish color? finish?
 Lex- I'm a bit biased here, but i love Cayman Cabana because it's the first color and it exudes a relaxed vibe because it reminds me so much of the Caribbean. But right now, I'm loving Himalya and Seattle Sunshine.

EvilAngel- What inspires you?
Lex- I'm inspired by so many things for the cosmetics, whether it be the paint on a wall, the color of a dress or a magazine article. But I'm also inspired by so many great women who have successfully created their own companies and taken on that risk of not knowing whether or not you'll fail. It's scary.

EvilAngel- How often do you change your polish?
Lex- Ha, this is a great question. I probably change my color every 3 -4 days, which is a lot. But, to me, nail polish and cosmetics in general are an extension of yourself. So, my nails often reflect my mood, which changes often.

EvilAngel- Are there any colors you are dying to make?
Lex- I would really love someone to come up with a great yellow or purple. I am looking forward to the spring, so those colors popped into my mind.

EvilAngel- When did you fall in love with polish?
Lex- I think my love for nail polish started with Hard Candy. I remember saving my weekly allowance to buy a bottle, which were $12 back then! I would wear those jelly rings on every finger.

EvilAngel- Have you considered doing any mattes or holographic shades?
Lex- Those are great ideas. I have definitely considered the matte, but I try to keep this a product of what the fans and color creators want as opposed to what i want.

EvilAngel- What is your goal for Lex cosmetics?
Lex- My goal for Lex Cosmetics is two fold. One, i would love to be in Sephora or other retail stores. Secondly, i would view the company as a success if I were able to donate $1M each year to the different charities.

EvilAngel- Are there any new shades you can give us a hint about?
Lex-  As of this past weekend, YES! and First Grade are available for purchase. And we are mixing up the new winner, Atlantic. In the future, I'm just waiting for people like your readers to send me their submissions. Also, as the company grows, i will start creating eye shadows and lip colors, so keep those ideas coming.

New Years Giveaway Winners!!!!!!!

After verifying all the entries there were 3827 entries
Amazingly the majority are long time followers, but always happy to see new names!

The four winners drawn via are.....
Congrats everyone!
Please email me within 72 hours with your shipping info
If anyone fails to email in 72 hours I will re draw for that prize.

I am "Rich in Spirit" Nicole by OPI Liquid metal collection

I love everything about this polish!
The name suits me...I am Rich in so many ways except the monies! :o)
I love the metallic foil blue, the short slightly wide rounded brush...I love it so much that I don't even mind that it is slightly sheer and requires 3's worth it!
Rich in Spirit Nicole by OPI
I needed something beautiful to look at after a very unpleasant day and with a name like that and the calming blue...this was the only choice!
I stamped over it with BM20 plate and a random navy pearl polish
I absolutely love this pattern!
And just so you don't wonder...I do have 2 hands though due to nerve damage in my left hand it is very hard for me to get a decent picture of my right but I think this is pretty OK.

So far I am really loving the Liquid Metal collection!

**Some products in this post were sent by the company/PR for my honest review

Words to remind myself

I had a post in mind for today but unfortunately a situation related to my business
came up unexpectedly that upset me terribly and I have been completely useless since.
I'm sorry but since it is related to my business I won't go into it all know how much I dread drama! Some of you who follow me on twitter know briefly what the ugliness is and I apologize for even that small outburst, it was not very professional of me.

So I am going to post some very wise words that I grew up with both to share with you and to remind myself to be still and quiet and regain myself!

(This is my peaceful, silent place. The only place on earth that I can go anytime to find my own silence just by closing my eyes. Days like today this is where I need to be)

When you are in doubt, be still and wait.
When doubt no longer exists in you, go forward with courage.
So long as mists surround you, be still.
Be still until the Sunlight pours through, as it surely will.
Then go forward and act in courage!

Great Spirit,
Help me always
To speak the truth quietly,
To listen with an open mind when others speak,
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

(I hope these words help some of you as much as they do me!)

Nicole by OPI Miss Independent liquid metal collection

A pink metallic/foil polish? Oh yes!
Miss Independent is a light pink metallic foil, a little sheer so 3 coats is best but not brushstrokey and most important not hard to remove like some metallic/foil colors are.
I did a real foil application on my ring finger using a raindrop foil pattern I got from
dollarnailart this past spring
I'm not usually big on foil or metallic finish, mainly because they remove like glitter and the brushstroke look isn't my favorite but this is a different story. Application was very good, formula is great, and I like the color bonus it removed as easy as a creme! YAY!

**The NOPI product was provided by the company/PR for my honest review