All the Beautiful people

Good riddens 2009

I am glad to see it end!

I wish you all a great 2010 and a fond Piss Off to 2009!

Last Tag of 2009

I was tagged by:
3 fabulous bloggers and beautiful ladies!
I am supposed to list 7 random facts about me. (Everything about me is pretty random)

  1. I am looking forward to getting old. I know most people think wrinkles and gray hair oh no, I say bring it on I am earning my wrinkles and I think I deserve those grays of wisdom.
  2. I have been a student at 29 schools. Yep once we moved to KC we moved around constantly so I don't remember any of my Teachers names and most of the names of the schools are a total blank.
  3. I was a model for 3 years from age 11 to 15 and I hate to have my picture taken. lol
  4. I can string and tune and electric guitar but I cannot play.
  5. I have more hobbies than I have time: sewing, drawing, nail polish. Makeup, making jewelry, Native arts, cooking, writing, music and DIY.
  6. I am addicted to lotions, body butters, cremes, body oil....anything that is moisturizing and smells tropical or fruity is my friend. But I do not have dry skin. :)
  7. My ears are pierced 11 times but I rarly wear earrings.

So there you have it more of the strange and pointless things that make me, me.
I tag all everyone who has yet to be tagged and I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and joyous NewYear!

New Years Eve Bling

I decided to play around with some of the Dry nail polish Incoco set me for review.
I Used Bling for my Pedicure and for the moons of my half moon mani.
I used Color Club Velvet Rope and added dots with Color Club Worth the Risque and a few tiny rhinestones for extra bling.

Feet Ahead........

Sparkly toes rock! And dry nail polish is the cure for frozen toes and winter pedicures.
(That is my purse that my midgi toes are on)

Blurry to show the bling!

Giveaway reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Wear your music giveaway will be ending tomorrow.
If you haven't entered you still have time. Click here to go to post.

When your husband is the sweetest man on Earth....

He goes and buy's you nail polish that you cannot afford but are lemming badly.
I whined about the free shipping on and how they had 51 in stock after being oos forever, he was listening.....What, he actually absorbed that information?! 
So the man that owns my heart sold some of his precious CD's and DVD's and bought me 2 bottles of
 Nfu-oh flakies! Seriously! 51 and 54  How completely amazing is he?!!!!

(Bottle pics are from
I got the box today and I barely had them out of the box before I was layering 54 over my BPAL Smokestack mani, oohing and ahhing the entire time. lol

Look at those pink irinecent flakies

I could take a shitton of pictures and each would look different.

But none would completely capture how gorgeous these are in real life.

I feel extra loved today and this is just one of many reasons that I adore my Chris!

Black Phoenix Alchemy labs Claw polish review part III

Today I am wearing BPAL's Smokestack

This one is very unique, it's a Deep smokey navy blue with dark Gray blue shimmer.
Application was as with the last two, fabulous! Smooth no issue formula, opaque in two thin coats.
My favorite part is that this looks navy always, in every lighting it is obviously navy also the shimmer is your dirty little secret until you are in the sunlight. I adore secrets!

Unfortunatly the sun hid from me so these are taken with my sad little lightbox.
(I think I need to tweek my lightbox, it's not as bright as it should be)

Why are my hands so pink in this one?

I tried to make it look black and this is as close to black as it would look, that shimmer just won't let it look to dark.

Black Phoenix Alchemy labs Claw polish review part II

Here is part II of VI

Today I am wearing,and loving, Sed Non satiata. (which means Never satisfied)

I applied 2 coats of color, one coat of Seche Vite and then I stamped it with one Of Hot topics fauxnad plates(thanks to a swap with a fabulous MUAer Kerriberry) using Sally Girl poser (black)

This is a gorgeous dark berry creme

See my little guns...aren't they cute!

Stamped guns = adorable
Real guns = scary

Sed Non Satiata was perfectly opaque in 2 thin coats, applied very smooth and is very pigmented.
I am betting this color would be great for Konading as well.
So far I am loving BPAL's claw polishes. Both of the colors I've used so far are stunning, sexy and wear very well! Now I need the rest!

I recieved sammples for review free of charge. I recieved no monitary compinsation. All reviews are honest and my complete opinion of the product.

CND Effects review

I recieved some samples from CND for review:
Inkwell-A deep blackened Blue creme
Silver chrome- Metallic silver
Effects copper shimmer-Sheer Milky white with tons of copper shimmer
Super Matte top coat

I decided to get a little creative.
I did 2 coats of Inkwell
sponged Silver chrome at the free edge
1 coat of Effects Copper shimmer
1 coat of Effects Scarlet shimmer (I already had this)

I love how it gave it a purple tone

Here you can see the copper shimmer

Inkwell applied like a dream, opaque in two very thin coats and the CND brush is my new girlfriend!
Their brush is The bees knees, not too wide but wider than your standard brush, flat and just the right shape to give an excellent and easy application.
Silver Chrome is opaque in one coat, not streaky like most metallics and super sparkly.
The effects shimmers are fabulous, they do not dull or cover the color beneath but add amazing shimmer and that lit within look.
Super Matte top coat is not like your traditional matte top coat. It does not give the flat matte feel like most but it does add an interesting matte like apearance. I have to play with it more.

Now I want the rest of the effects and more CND colors! Did I mention that their brush is perfection?

Feeling a bit Bah Humbug

I think I'll hide out in here today and keep my Humbugs to myself!

I'm having some unpleasant childhood holiday memories today. It sucks but I just can't shake it.
Chris try as he may just doesn't understand, he grew up an only child in an extremely wealthy family and his parents are still living so he just doesn't get it. Then I feel guilty for being so ungreatful as I know so many have much less. It's an endless cycle and very unlike me to wallow in self pity. :(
So I'm sorry if I skip the holidays posts today. Hopefully tomorrow won't suck so bad.

Happy Holidays

May the winter Fairy bring you many sparkly things!
I love you all and thank you for making my blog the happy and fun place it has become!
Hugs and big red liped Kisses!

Rocker EOTD challenge

The lovely ladies on the Face of the day board have a challenge calander and today's challenge was Rocker.
Well naturally I had to play, because this one falls right in my field of expertice.
I've had this idea in my for a while decided that this was a perfect test run.
When I think Rocker Black leather and studs are my first thought so....

It looks really odd with my eye closed. lol

I used Evil Shades Venom ,foiled, from lash line to brow.
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
a tiny bit of Evil Shades silver bullet under lower lash line.
Andrea Demi Lashes
Nail art studs with lash glue

Oh and you know I had to wear this out to the grocery store and Target. LOL

Black Phoenix Alchemy labs Claw polish review part I

Alchemy sent me some of their Claw polish to review.
Here is what they sent:

Black Phoenix Alchemy labs claw polish is available on their website.
The links I am posting are directly to the Claw polish as I found their website a bit complex to navigate.
The first thing I noticed was how great their bottle label is, I love the design.
Then there are the color names:

This is a beautiful deep yet shimmery blue.

MME Moriarty is the Misfortune teller in some Tarot decks.
This is my manicure today and is is a beautiful red jelly.

Bordello is a Metallic pink with a ton of silver.

Croquet is a sweet candy pink creme.

Malediction means The calling down of a curse or to Speak evil.
A super shiney black creme.

Sed Non Satiata means Never satisfied.
This is a Rouge creme very deep and velvety.

Normally I would do some quick swatches but I think these call for a full mani since I've heard so little about them, that I want to do a full review of each color.

First up is MME Moriarty. (You knew I was going to pick this first didn't you)

I have never seen a color quite like this. It's a Jelly but it's so pigmented that it really hides the visible nail line that jellies usually do not. So I'm calling this a Jelly/Creme.

The bottle depicts the color it looks on the nail in low light.

See how the light shines through the nail still.

OK so you can see the visible nail line but it's much more subtle than most jellies.

Application was perfection. Smooth, no dragging, thin but not runny.
3 coats to perfection.

Yes I took a billion pictures. This color really is much more beautiful in real life.
I will do my best to get the rest of these colors reviewed and posted.