All the Beautiful people

Gothic couture and my favorite Fangirl

A little while back I got the sweetest, unexpected gift
in the mail from my #1 Fangirl and very dear friend Lynn. Wanna see?
Isn't it gorgeous!
I was drooling over this ring (OK I drool over all of Mykas art and jewelry)
But this one I just love and my sweetie Lynn was obviously stalking paying attention and she spoiled me.
You can see more of  Myka Jelinas fantasy art here she is one of my favorite fantasy artists.
 Gothic couture is the painting this is from, I just love Belladonnas face.
and well I had to do my nails to compliment her so I made these two polishes to suit Belladonna.
The purple is a wine base with teal shift which makes it look purple on the nail and the teal has a sweet pink shift which I did not get a decent picture of either shift.
Both almost came off as holos in certain light
and pretty shimmery goodness in other
I'm thinking I should name them
You can see a bit of the base better

and then the blue/teal shift...almost metallic

see the blue flecks in the teal

 macro to show the pretties
one more peek and Belladonna and huge hugs and kisses to Lynn...I love you doll!