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No promises

I will try to post late tonight but I can't promise.
It is Chris and my Wedding anniversary! :)
We are sneaking out for a bit!
Hugs to you all!

The lost BPAL review: Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab Claw Polish part V

Color me embarassed (with emphasis on ass) when a sweet reader asked if
I was going to do the last of the BPAL reviews....Wah? Yep I blew it big time! I don't know what happened and it doesn't matter, it's inexcusable! I apologize profusely to BPAL and to you my lovely readers!
So here is my way overdue final review on BPAL claw polish.
The last to colors are Malediction and Croquet.
Malediction is a shiney black creme.
Croquet is a bright bubblegum pink creme.
I love black and pink together, i ust can't help it!
See they just belong together! Look how shiney they are.

Malediction applied nicely with two coats to opaque. Smooth formula with no application issues at all.
A very good black creme.

Croquet applied similar to most pastels, I think it's due to the heavy pigmentation.
The first coat was streaky and a bit sheer. 3 thin coats gave a nice smooth opaque coverage.

So in finale I love all of the BPAL claw polish I have tried thus far. The colors are beautiful and the formula is very good. You can find BPAL claw polish Here.

**Products used in the post were provided for my consideration by the company or their PR representative.

Let's take a walk down memory lane

I thought we could take a little stroll today through my polish obsession progression.
(Yes that means I was so busy that I have yet to do my nails)
So let's start this little journey with one of my first NOTD's from MUA
Warning it's a mess
Oh my poor cuticles that cannot get any moisture under the polish coated on them.
The oval shape that I wore for most of my life because that's how they grew and I never thought that I could just change it. lol

Fancy nail art. :O
And my dehydrated cuticles, still hadn't learned.

Starting to try to change the shape. cuticle have moisture and air and Froggy says hi!

My first Nfu-oh flakie isn't she sexy!
Yeah she thought is was her first too....WRONG!
I need to wear this again it is the only glitter worth the trouble of removing!
Hugs to Wixbetty!

Ibet some of you remember this. I'll do it again someday.

There is nothing prettier than blood spatter on holo nails!
I hope you enjoyed seeing where I started and proof that I have actually learned a lot and continue to do so.

What have you learned to take better care of your nails that you didn't know when you started your love of polish?

I'm in the mood for fancy...

I let Chris pick my mani last night.
He chose Pure Ice I'm in the Mood, funny enough I wasn't in the mood for in the mood so I did one finger in P2 Color Victim Fancy.
In the Mood is sheer so it took 4 coats to opaque. Fancy was opaque in 2 coats.
In the Mood looks almost metallic.

Someone else was feeling Fancy today....

Our 21 month old daughter insisted on picking her outfit today.
I think she dolled herself up quite well, right down to her Pink rain boots.
How Fancy is she!

What do you wear when you're feeling Fancy?

New & New to me Blogs

I can't say that this will be a regular feature but from time to time.
I love finding New or New to me blogs so I thought I'd share with you all.

Not makeup or polish but Landa has a great polish blog and this is her new baby. You gotta check out her goodies! This woman is amazing! Landa I want your cookies!

Nail Blogs:

 I am actually embarrased that I didn't know about this one, Erin is one of my favorite MUA ladies.

Makeup Blogs:

Wanna get some Gasoline

That Seether song has been stuck in my head since I polished my nails with GOSH Gasoline.
Thank you a billion to the super hot and too sweet Rebekah for this and Barry M Racing Green!

My opinion of my very first GOSH polish?
I love the bottle, love the formula, love, love, love the color, hate the subby little brush and stem.
Come on GOSH you've seen my nails that teeny lil' baby brush is for little girls, I want a woman's brush!
OH and when did I pass 500 readers? How wicked is that! I'll have to think up a nice giveaway to celebrate!
OK I'll shut up now and show you the pretty
A perfect medium red based purple with more shimmer than I've ever seen in one polish!

How could you not love this?!

Look at that shimmer! I would marry that shimmer!

I think I need more GOSH polishes!
Any suggestions on awesome GOSH colors?

A couple of new blogs I'm loving

I don't regularly post on new blog but I'm making an exception.
I have stumbled upon some new blogs that are worth mentioning!

First a brand spanking new Nail blog Called The Beauty of Color or Le Vernis Chocolate ( I think they are still deciding) this one is hosted by two fabulous ladies with lovely nails and and they are awesome. They just started but I know this will be a great blog.

Next a Beauty Blog that discovered me and I am lovin' it Makeup Zombie
She does some awesome looks!

If you have a blog that is not on my blog roll and you'd like it added leave a message with a link or email me the link. I love new and new to me blogs!

Anyone reading this be sure to check the comments below for other new blogs!

My other creative outlet

You all know about my little Indy cosmetics company Evil Shades,
it is not only my business but my other creative outlet.
I have been working for over a month on some new colors, which I'll debute soon, but also I have been working on lipstick. I am crazy when it comes to my formulas. It took me several months to be happy with my lip gloss base formula and it has been improved over time. The base for my lipstick is no different except I have the benifit of being more knowledgable in the area now.These are less waxy than traditional lipstick and are almost a lip balm texture oh and they smell like candy because I'm an overgrown child! So since I love you all so much and you all are awesome about giving honest feedback, I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the first 6 colors that will be going up on Evil Shades website tomorrow.
Sorry the swatches aren't great but I'm taking full pictures tomorow.
The line is called Deviant Lipsticks
Bane is a purple/pink with a blue undertone.
It applies semi sheer and is buildable for a deep opaque look.

Diabolical is a metallic, deep coppery red with a ton of multi color shimmer.
She also is a wicked bitch who refused to be photographed even remotely close to her true beauty.

Primrose Path is a rosey pink with soft blue sparkles.

Corruption is a deep red based purple with turquoise shimmer.

Fiendish is a medium green based blue with purple sparkles.

Devilista was actually made by request for my sweet Christy of The Kronichles of a Konader. It is a bright red creme that just slightly leans pink but has no orange undertones.

Well there you have it friends, what do you think?
~Sits and waits nervously~

I'm not Just cute, I'm Cute as Hell!

Essence Not Just Cute from The Cute as Hell collection.
Thank You mt dear friend Sasha for sending me these and thank you Sasha's BF for going alone to purchase cosmetics! Now that's a real Man!
This is a sweet Bubble gum pink creme and I swear it smells like sweet tarts when dry.
a bit sheer and streaky but nothing unusual for a pastel.

Not just cute needed a Cute as Hell Konad.
Plate m65 with special polish in white.
The stamped Skulls and roses from m13 with special polish in black.

I know is busy and a bit gaudy but I love it!

Every once in a while a girl just needs to be ridiculous!

A little story

The color of Essence Pool Party reminds me of painted Tipi's.
Every painting tells a story. So I played with my nail art paints and painted a little story on my nails using Blackfoot symbols. I'll tell you the story then explain the symbols.
The cold clouds of winter have blown away. Sun has come back to warm the waters.

The white circles are the symbol for clouds. The diagonal stripes represent wind. Obviously the yellow circle is Sun, with the lines coming down from it means spring/summer or warmed by the sun. The blue wavy lines are water.  The Piece of turquoise In the above picture is a piece of raw turquoise from home.

My sweet turtle necklace, it makes me think of summer too!

What makes you think of warm summer days?

Having a Pool Party

Essence Pool Party from The Color & Go
I love the bottle, it's perfect for my small hands. The brush is amazing, flat and slightly wider than standard.
The color is beautiful. Formula is very nice and smooth.
I could not get the true color to show for anything.
Pool Party is Turquoise a perfect slightly blued green with glitter.

The glitter is very fine so no lumpy, bumpy finish.

I am so happy with this color and am excited to try the others.

Fry Bread recipe for Claudia

This is NOT a healthy food by any means but it tastes yummy.

4cuos all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon of each Baking soda and Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup water(add more as needed)

Mix all ingredients by hand until if forms a bread dough like consistincy.
flour your surface and hands(it's slightly sticky)
Pull off pieces to form a tennis ball size piece. Roll into a ball then lay on floured surface. Start flattening and spreading your piece of dough out until it's about 1/2 inch thick and poke a small hole in the middle.
Drop it in your hot oil, cook until golden on both sides.

There are many ways to eat fry bread.
Serve with taco fixings
For breakfast with wajopi
or sprinkle with cinnimon and sugar
or sprinkle with powder sugar
Serve with warm stew poured over


Saturday fun with The Evil Family

Saturday we took the entire family out to a fundraiser.
Sounds terribly boring right? Well this fundraiser was for an up coming PowWow that we've been invited to.
This was put on by several local tribes, mostly Cherokee.
You all know by now that I am Blackfoot, but since I live too far from the Blackfoot reservation to participate in my tribal celebrations I was thrilled to be invited to join some locals in theirs.
Traditional food. Similar to the Blackfoot diet of wild fruits, vegetables, roots, berries and such.

A Cherokee day camp used during migrations.

Elise and her daughter in Cherokee reservation trade cloth dresses.

A very nice Pawnee man that shared a bit about his tribe with me.

Emerson a very sweet Apache whom gave me a beautiful gift. (I'll show you later)

Mowhawk target practice.
He also showed their blow guns.

The food. Indian tacos. A yummy meal that became traditional to most tribes once living on reservations.
Flour was new to Indians and so it was put to use, mixed with water and salt and fried to golden. Fry bread is then cover with beans, meat and veggies and it is the yum!

Dancing! There is always lots of dancing when you get a bunch of Natives of any tribe together.

Sorry I didn't get many pictures of the dancing. I was busy dancing myself.
I just can't stand still once the drum starts beating and the singer lets out his first call.

My little Blonde, blue eyed Indians

Look at my little pale face girls in their ceremonial paint!

Well after hours of dancing, food and many new friends I am still worn out but very happy!

This is my gift from Emerson and his wife Kae.
It is traditional to give a gift to a new adopted family member. I am honored to be a member of the Yellow feather clan. The drawing is of a fire hawk, a symbol of wisdom and spirit and of a turtle, a symbol of strength. On the turtles back is a medicine wheel which represents our spiritual beliefs of unity. Each color represents a direction, element, season, stage of life and a race of people. All in fours and always conected.
It is a beautiful gift and a good offering!