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7 Choices Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Nihrida !
Here is how this one works: The tagger chooses the color (Nihrida chose purple, big shock), and I have to
take a picture of 7 things that fit that color. Here are my 7 favorite purple goodies.

1. My favorite purple panties! I'm sure you are all totally shocked that I wear skull panties. lol
2. My favorite shampoo Beyond the zone Straight shot, because my hair is naturally curly and a big PITA.
3. 2 of my favorite purple nail polishes: RBL Scrangie and China Glaze CCCourage.
4. My favorite lip gloss My Evil Shades Suffocation
5. The only color application "brush" I will use, it's silicone and it rocks.
6. My adorable purple no name glitter lipstick.
7. My favorite mu remover, Urban Decay Clean & Sobber.

Now I get to tag 7 bloggers hehe:
And Finally My color choice is...............Red! I know big surprise!

I am such a Doof...

When I announced the giveaway winners I totaly forgot to show the myster shades...duh!

So here they are:
Zombie Eye shadow: a fun blackend red with gold shimmer
Lethal Kiss gloss: A peachy soft glass fleck Peach margarita flavor
Mausoleum Nail polish: A silvery grey with blue shimmer and I tiny bit of pink shimmer
Can anyone tell that I like shimmer?
Congrats again to the winners (Stephanie I still need your addy hun)
These are the 3 mystery prizes

Contest Winners

and the winners are.....


Thank You all for entering! I love giveaways so look forward to more!

Monica's Scarlet Sequined Stilettos Franken

I don't normally post my nail pics but this was the sweetest and sexiest gift of a Franken polish that I had to share it with you all! Monica from wixology blog gifted me with this beautiful dupe of Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. I layered it over Wet n Wild black creme and I am so in love with this polish and the name suits it so. It's a lovely Red jelly base with two sizes of hex glitter, silver micro glitter and it's just stunning!
Thank You Monica for this gift, I adore it as much as I adore you!

Fashion Underground opinion/poll

                         So we all know that we are the underground of fashion right?!
Over the past 10 years I have watch the fashion grave be turned upside down. So as odd as they might see us, they obviously love our style. Not just in clothing but hair, makeup, nails and shoes. It seems that as they scoff at us they must be taking notes aswell.

                          Corsets as outerwear, blackened lips, pointed nails, chains,
Thigh high boots, combat boots and so much more that we love and have been dubed weird for is now high fashion and "normal".

                       I want to hear from you my lovey's, what have you noticed from our world
that has become everyday, high fashion, or trendy? And what do you think about this change in fashion/style?

Sparkle is my crack is having a contest!

This is a fun contest giving away some of her awesome hair bows and accesories.
Head over and check her out and enter the contest.

Here is a link to her etsy store:

My First Giveaway In celebration of Fall!

Here we are, my very first giveaway!
There will be 2 winners and each will receive:
3 Evil Shades Eye Shadows in:
Devil's Bonfire
New unrevealed shade

2 Evil Shades Lip glosses in:
New unrevealed shade

2 Evil Shades Nail polishes in:
New unrevealed shade

Here are the rules:
-You must be a follower
-Leave a comment on this post telling why you are excited about Fall
(make sure your email is listed or available through your account.)
Now for the 2nd chance
You can be entered a second time if you post about this on your Blog or Tweet it.
If you do so please leave a link to your blog or twitter.

This Giveaway will be closed at 12 midnight Eastern Time on 9/28/09
I will use my favorite to choose both winners on 9/29/09

Happy Fall & Good luck to all!

Giveaway is now closed! I will announce Winners tomorrow!

Studs anyone?

I can’t leave well enough alone, ever!
So I found these cute canvas peep toe wedges for $15 and my first though is if I put some studs on those they’d be hot! So I bought them and here we are!

What you’ll need:
-Canvas shoes of any type (or anything you want to stud up, jeans, a purse or whatever) Now leather requires studding tools but maybe we can do that another time.
-Small sharp scissors
-Studs of whatever color you want (you can buy these at a craft store cheap)
-pencil or fabric marker


Plan out where you want your studs and mark the area.
Step one:
Use scissors to poke small slits for the prongs of your studs.


Step Two:
Press one stud at a time into holes.


Step Three:
Using pliers gently fold prongs down tightly.


Repeat until all studs are in place. You can cut a small piece of cotton fabric, and using no sew glue, glue fabric to cover stud backs.

Now we have some Sexy shoes!

Eat your heart out Hot Topic!

Contests and Giveaways

Tammi over at The Culture Enthusiast is having a fun giveaway to celebrat 50+ followers!
Go check out her fabulous blog, trust me you'll love her!

Kellie is having a fun giveaway also over at KellieGonzo for:
China Glaze Nova
Del Sol Reckless
Del Sol Peek a Boo
Nu Colour Antique Rose
Nu Colour Crimson
Nu Colour Scarlet
Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy
Nail Tek Foundation II
Nu Colour Eye Makeup Remover
Nu Skin Tru Face Instant Line corrector
Yves Rocher Pro-Retinol 100% Vegetal wrinkle reducer
Phytomer Oligomer Sea Water Bath

Missmercurylady is having a fun contest also please check it out!

10 Random things about me

Wixology tagged me to list 10 random facts about me!
I am honored Monica ((hugs))

Now where do I start? I’m terrible at writing or telling about myself but here goes!
I think everything about me is random to be honest! I am Random encapsulated into human form!

1) I don’t believe that there is anything that I cannot make or do. My brain grabs onto an idea of I like that and oh yes I could make/do that, and it just keeps going until the light bulb moment when I suddenly know how to make/do whatever it is.

2) I am Native American( Blackfoot) and Norwegian . Which just supports the idea that I am random as how much more random of a combination could you create? So I am what you get when you cross Blackfoot and Vikings. According to my Husband this means that it’s nearly impossible to get a rise out of me but if you do piss me off the wrath that is unleashed is inhuman. LOL

3) I speak Blackfoot and can actually spell that but English I struggle with spelling. Come on people could you have made anymore insane of spelling rules?
“áwaani tsáánistápi kiistówa ksimsstáán kiamá ksimsstáán kiistówa tsáánistápi áwaani”
“Say what you mean and mean what you say”

4) I think my oldest Daughter is an Alien! No human child could be as easy to raise and as perfect as she is! Honestly this is not bragging! I have no clue how this girl came to exist but man I am so lucky! She even picked the most amazing guy to marry! Now that is not saying that the rest of my brewd are bad, they are not. I have wonderful children, but they are not grown yet so we’ll see if they all turn out to be Jupiter’s rejects!

5) I think that Normal is about as interesting as a dripping faucet. Weird is fun!

6) I have more tattoos that I have pairs of shoes and yes I want more and yes it hurts, but it hurts so good!

7) I nickname everyone. I don’t know why but I do. Just ask my Son in law Fuzzy!
8) I collect coffin’s and coffin themed things. (no I do not sleep in one) lol
9) I practically live on coffee. I drink coffee from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. Water and coffee are the only things I drink. Weird? I warned you
10) I am always doing multiple things at once. Drawing, Sewing, polishing my nails, listening to music, making something, talking or designing something. I cannot do just one thing at a time.
I am tagging a few of my favorite blogs(I think a lot have already been hit)

Vampy blackend red sexy lips

The picture on left is to show what we are going for. This is a slightly more subtle Vampy lip that I did last week for Carm.

What you will need: A black eyeliner. I used Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero only because I was too lazy to go look for one of my cheapo black liners. A Red Lip liner in whatever shade you like. And either a Coordinating gloss or lip stick. I used Evil Shades lip gloss in Guilty as sin, because I'm a gloss Whore. On Carm I used a red plum lip stick and added Evil Shades gloss in Venom for shine.


Step 1: Line and shape outer edge of lip line in Black liner.

Step 2: Thicken the outline by filling in as thick as you like with black liner. Leave the center blank to add red.


Step 3: Fill center with red liner(or whatever your chosen color)

Step 4: Blend black in toward the red. Smudge the line between the two colors. I use an eyeliner smudger.

Step 5: Add gloss or lipstick or both. Start by gently patting gloss into the center of lip and dab it out to the outer edge.

There you have it a simple Vampy lip!
My final tip: play with colors, try a blue or green maybe purple or for those who need to tone it down, try a soft neutral brown for the outer line and a pearly neutral peach or pink in the center.

Free shipping on

Free shipping on all US orders over $50 on Evil Shades Cosmetics
Just Email your order via contact button with a message saying that you are a reader and you'll be sent an invoice with the shipping @ $0.00

Note to my viewers about a great blog!

Iceomatic's Nails blog is having a contest for a bottle of China Glaze (my favorite brand) nail polish in Bad Kitty from the new Glitter collection.
So if you have not checked out her blog do so. She has a fun nail blog with lots of good info and I love her to bits!

For Kyrstin: How to make colored mascara

OK so Kyrstin asked if I made my own mascara and no I don't but that set my insane idea wheels in motion.
We all know that I love to save money.....OK I'm cheap, I admit it! :)
I thought I would share with you my beloved viewers what I came up with.
While I have not yet figured out a good recipe for mascara I did find a way to save by making my own colored mascara. Not to mention this means my biggest pet peeve is solved. Not being able to find the color I want!

Here is what you'll need:
1 tube of clear mascara/brow gel (there are lots of cheap brands)
A small funnel (I got mine from Sally in the color section)
A spoon
Eye shadow (I am using Evil Shades Abyss)


Take the brush out of the mascara and push the funnel down into the neck.


In small amounts, start adding eye shadow into the funnel and tap it to make it fall down into the tube.


Mix by squishing around the mascara wand in the tube. I do this periodically as I'm adding the eye shadow to help gauge my color.


Tada! Now you have your very own personalized colored mascara!


Sorry I could not swatch on my lashes, I'm having allergy eyes this morning. :(

Tutorial: Making Flakies nail polish

This is a little time consuming but well worth it!


You'll need Flakies from a beauty supply or etailer. These are way to big to work in nail polish but well fix that! A small sharp pair of scissors. A funnel, paper funnels work just as well. A bottle of clear nail polish, no more than 3/4 full. And I like to put everything on a sheet of paper to catch the escape flakies.

Empty about half of your flakies into a zip bag so that you have room to work.
Start cutting down your flakies. I rest my hand over the top to keep them from flying around. Turn the jar and stir your flakies up as you cut so that you get them all.

When you have your flakies cut down to the desired size (a little larger than the tip of a medium ball point pen) Place your funnel in your clear nail polish and start adding your flakies a little at a time. They tend to clog the funnel if you put too much in at a time.
Now add a couple of Ballz (BB's) and shake.
You can add a few drops of colored polish or glitter if you like. That's it, you are ready to play with your new flakies!