All the Beautiful people

Golden Rose Haul swatches

I put the number of each color by each nail and put the Golden Rose Line as well.
101 is a bit more purple/lilac than the picture shows.
I wish the holo showed better but the sun was playing games with me.

109 is a pale lilac and 117 is as holo as 109.

51 is light purple metallic, 57 is metallic as well.
39 is very sheer which I expected, but you can see the blue flash and the glitter. The glitter is sparse enough that it doesn't feel gritty like a glitter and it removes as easily as a creme. I'm going to play with layering.
82 is instant love for a vampy girl like me, it's deep wine red base with brighter red shimmer.

134 is a smooth metallic and a touch darker than 36. 36 is a coarser metallic an opaque in 1 coat.
38 is more of a pearl but I like it.
147 is a lovely light dusty purple base with a subtle pink flash.

Close up so you can see the difference in texture and color.

Look at the duochrome

I love you 146. Yes it is very similar to RBL Scrangie, same base color, same duochrome color but Scrangie has more of the blue/green flash. This is a subtler version. I'd call this Scrangie on a budget. I love it!

Kitty Loves

I am an animal lover. I've always had animals, usually more furry, feathered, scaly and finned friends than people in my house. But my Son is extremely allergic to cats and I don't have time to excercise a dog nor room for one to run so we are petless for now. I love seeing everyones fur babies and so I was inspired to do a Kitty love mani.
I used a base of Essie Great Expectations and two coats of Orly Rock Candy.
I used SmART nails stencil No 44 with China GlazeHeli-Yum for the hearts, I turned the decal at an agle so it worked more like a semi circle at the base. Then I used No 28 with ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly which in real life gives a great fur affect. I hate to take this off it turned out so cute and I've gotten so many compliments.
I know shut up woman and show us the peecturz...
Sideways kitty

Kitties in profile

I really want a kitty

Blue duochrome flash from Rock Candy

Kitty tails

It's all about loves

And wow look at the blue flash!
I had such fun doing this mani, I need the rest of the SmART nails stencils!

Golden Rose USA haulage!

Yay, I got my Golden Rose USA order today!
Happy slam dance...come on jump in people!
I ordered some new pretties on Saturday after asking poor Mary a bazillion questions while she was getting ready to take the weekend off. Yes I am a pain, but you love me so deal with it!
I got my pretties today and thought I'd share some bottle pics since I've had no time to swatch yet.
I put their numbers on the picture to make it easier.
From left to right:
102- Medium pink holo
115- bright lime green holo
117 - medium pink with purple undertone holo
109- light purple holo
102- light blue holo
116 bright pink holo

51- light pink metallic
57- purple based pink metallic
39- Milky white jelly with purple/blue flash and dark purple scattered micro glitter
83- Deep metallic merlot

Blue flash oh yeah...jelly, duochrome and smooth glitter...
Did you just gasp?

Blue flash and glitter

134- light blue metallic
36- light blue coarse metallic
38- pink pearl

146- Purple/blue duochrome
147- Pink/purple duochrome (a bit more subtle)

Subtle duochrome

Stop drooling!
Um yeah I'm beyond happy with these.
Which is your favorite so far?

Welcome To The Jungle

That song is stuck in your head now isn't it?!
Muahahaha.....oh yeah there was a point. :oD
My 8 year old daughter has been anoying  asking me if she could try konad.
So lastnight I gave her some fake nails and set up the konad for her and caos insued!
She did her nails, the fake nails, her toes, and then she started eyeballing me....
I gave in and let konad over my franken mani.
After she finished she asked me if I liked it....OK Mom duty says you must always tell your children that their art is beautiful so yes you did a great job. This is were she got me.
DD: Mommy are going to take pictures of your nails and put it on your web thing?
Me: Ummmmm.....
DD: If you really like it you will put pictures up for your friends to see. (big sad blue puppy eyes)
She's good!

Here is my jungle
I have a dinosaur in my jungle, giant ladybugs and monster sized your jungle doesn't have all that. I honestly can't say which plates or polishes she used other than the dino is from my Hot topic fauxnads.

And just to make sure the song sticks for a good long while...

666 giveaway coming soon

After much discusion with my Twitterers (OK about 3 minutes)
I have decided that I will have my next Givaway when I hit 666 readers...Why?
Because I'm weird like that, it's funny and if my MIL sees it she'll die!
So we still have a ways to go, 50 or so.
I might even give a special gift to #666 just for having the balls to click follow. :o)
So now I have to start shopping for goodies!

It's Alive! *Lightning flash* *crashing thunder*

Ok it's just another franken but you gotta admit the Frankenstien theme got ya!
lol Sorry, I'm giddy from boredome!
I would love to give the recipe but I have no clue what all I put in this bad boy but it has a satin finish and the application is super craptastic. lol  Thick goopy and dries way too fast. But it's pretty.
A dusty greyed light blue with fun aqua sparklies (not glitter)
I can tell you that the base is a mix of a reaaaaaaalllly old pearly white Sally Hansen, Eyeko Vamp Polish and pigments......ummmm a bunch of different pigments. Stuff was just flyin' all over and it was dark. :o)

I like it,it kind of reminds me of rain storms on the beach.

Click to see the weird spaklies.

Oh little blue polish, your application is worse than liquid paper and your sparklies are strange,
Your finish is not gloss, not matte, not truly satin...You are a freak and I love you!

I haz an Idea...I know it's frightening!

I have been thinking for a while about a couple of different ideas.

#1 setting up and or doing franken swaps.
So many ladies make such lovely frankens, I thought it might be fun to swap.

#2 decant swaps. I have some hard to find polishes and limited edition polishes that I don't want to give up but I know I'll never use the entire bottle and there are HTF and LE's that I would love to try but refuse to pay insane evilbay prices. So I thought about swapping small decants of those.

#3 decants (samples size) of our favorite hand and nail products.
Some are very expensive and then if you hate it you are just out that $$ so being able to try it first would be fun.
What do you ladies think?
Am I crazy or would this be of interest?

I posted a poll in my sidebar if you would let me know what you think.

Double holo love

I decided to play some more with my SmART nails stencils
I used No 21 Small teeth with Bloom Mena and OPI DS Elegance.
I did a simple split down the middle design.
Sorry I had to take pictures in my lightbox, we had major storms.

Mena is so much prettier than it shows.

I'm so going to do this again and again!

Chris even loves this, so much so that he hid my remover....all of it.

Don't forget to enter my SmART nails giveaway.
Link is in the top right sidebar

I'm Just ridin' Side Saddle (Edited cuz you people are pervs)

I do actually ride horses bareback (without a saddle, you little pervs) since I was 3 but this post is about nail polish. : )
I recieved my prize from Diane of Good Mourning Glory 's giveaway, I got China glaze Side Saddle.
Thank you Diane, you are awesomeness!
I have seen a billion swatches of this gorgeous deep plum purple with copper shimmer.
Here is proof that my chemistry or skin tone really does affect the color of polish.
Not so purple huh?

It's brown with copper shimmer

I swatched it on a false nail before and it was clearly purple.

I broke Side saddle. : (
Well it is still a lovely color!

I had no idea how many dirty minds there were around here. Makes me love you even more!

A little me time

OK I will admit that I am so bad about not taking time to take care of me.
I am grreat at keeping track of Chris' 8 trillion Doctors appointments, when his refills are due or when he needs a change in meds. I can keep up with my 8 year old daughters play rehersals, art contests, homework, doctors appts. medications, refills and when she needs a change in her meds. I manage my Sons soccer practice, games, Optomitrist appts and bi monthly hearing tests. My little one well no one can keep up with her but I have kept her, so far, from killing anyone or herself and from destroying the house.
I can tell when Chris needs time away from the screaming monkeys and send him off to play guitar. I can detect the slightest signs of illness in all three kids and Chris before they realize it themselves. I can tell by looking at Chris if his blood sugar is high or low and can not only ready a shot of insulin in less than 40 seconds but I can slap together a PB&J in a minute flat, minus clean up.
But I am really bad at remembering that it's been over 6 months since I had a haircut,
or it's time for my check up, or oh geez I've only slept 9 hours in three days (happens way too often) and don't even ask about how many times I forget to eat a meal. As with many Mom's I forget all about me and that I can't take care of everyone else if I've lost my mind or am sick in bed...ok I'm never in bed sick or not but you get the idea. :oP

Well my dear, sweet husband reminded me the other day that I have had
any "Me" time in a very long time. So I emailed my girl Ange Marie and begged and whined for a haircut, OK I just asked nicely. So I have no sparklie nails to show you today because I took a bath in the morning (this never happenes, usually a 7 minute luke warm shower is about it) and threw my sad excuse for a mop in a pony, and played in my makeup. Then I went over to Ange's and we goofed off. She re colored my faded pink and cut my crazy hair into a fancy new do. Most of the time we just gabbed like women who rarely get to talk to grown ups in real life. But It was a nice all about me day.
Thank you a billion Ange for the awesome haircut and re pinking my pink.
(I'm not showing the new do, Ange did all the work so she get's to show off her handy work)
But If you are sick of me going on I'll show you my look for the day.
The standard disclaimers stand: Ignore the eyebrows they are hopeless and pretend that it looks like have had some sleep this month.
The run down:
Face :
ELF translucent matte powder
(I don't wear foundation, I'm too lazy)
Evil Shades Gift River on lids and up to just above the crease and lower lash line.
Evil Shades Double Barrel in the outer v and crease
Evil Shades Moonlit on brow bone and tear duct
(As usual the color washed out badly in the pictures and the sparklies hid)
Essence liquid liner black (Thank Sasha, I love this stuff)
Wet n Wild I can't remember the name but it's the new volumizing in black and holy love...$1.99 and this stuff is awesome, no clumps, no flakes, no need for my lash comb. I need more!

Nars Orgasm

Evil Shades Bane (thin coat just to add moisture and a little flash of color)

See Phyrra I have been watching your tutorials and yes I managed to get both eyes somewhat symetrical. YAY!

And I leave you with a smile!

When was the last time you took time to take care of you? Be honest!

Earth day is everyday!

I do not celebrate Earth day per say,
not due to lack of belief in the idea but due to my raising. See we were taught to treat Mother Earth as just that, our Mother. So I suppose that for me everyday is Earth day. So I thought I would share some of the "conservation" ideals I was raised with and have/am passing on to my children.

I also have pretty polish to share first.
I did a base of 2 coats Color Club Rebel Debutante and then one coat of OPI Standing room only.
I have had/tried every holo top coat and shear silver holo and not one of them holds a candle to Standing room only. It does not eat the color or change the color, it doesn't add holo glitter over it just makes the base holo period. So I adore it.
Sorry that I had to use my lightbox but there is no sunshine.

These are so not color accurate. So you'll have to imagine this intense neon green holo.

And that is just what the holo looks like in my crappy lightbox.

Just think what it does in the Sun

I don't think I could love this combo anymore!

It's love!

OK now for those who are sticking around for the Earth inspiration, follow me.

I grew up hearing this saying almost daily.
"We did not inherit the Earth from our Parents, we borrowed it from our children."

So with that thought ingrained in my head I have always thought, what do I want to give back to my children.

These are a few prophecies and sayings that I grew up with and my children could recite them all in their sleep. I share the wisdom even when they don't realise.

We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can't speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.

Take no more from the Earth than you need and give back as much as you take.

Mother Earth is our Mother, without her we would not be.
I cannot understand, is this how you treat your Mother?
Would you chop off your Mothers hair as you chop down the forest?
Would stomp across your Mothers body as she slept as you have done to Mother Earth?
Would you kill your Mother out of greed as you are doing to Mother Earth?
I cannot understand why you have no love in your heart for the one who gives you all.

Only when the last tree has died

and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will you realize that you can’t eat money
"When the earth is dying and the birds have fallen from the sky, the deer have died in their tracks,the rivers have turned black, and the trees have died there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words. They will bring back our old ways and teach them to our brothers and sisters of all colors. They will show them the ways of our ancestors and teach how to love the animals, the trees, the waters and sky. They fight to save our Mother Earth. Will you be one of the Rainbow Warriors?"
**Note: the above prophecy is hundreds of years old and has been passed through many generations. Most Native American tribes have a similar prophecy dated as far back and all have called these people the Rainbow Warriors.
I will leave you with a prayer from my family.
Great Spirit I come to you with quiet voice,
I ask you to share your wisdom with us, teach us your ways, the ways of the animals, the ways of the trees and rocks. I sit in still quiet to hear you.
Ask Sun to shine down on the Red road so that we may walk gently and without harm.
Whisper your words through the winds and on the wings of butterflies so the we learn to  honor and respect all life and leave the ground as we found it when we come to you with pure hearts and clean hands.

How to not be selected for Jury duty 101

My mission to not get picked for jury duty was a total success!
So I thought I would lend my tips to my other civic duty shirkers!

First consider where you live and what "type" of community it is.
Mine is Super conservative, rich, republican, stick up the but hard core Southern Christian extreemists.
So yes this was not too hard for me. :)

First I consulted the top minds in the Nail world...MUA Nail board, to determine a perfect don't pick me manicure. Most felt that bright, tacky and bling would do the trick. I added my own twist.
I used a base of Golden Rose Paris Holographic #102
Middle finger I did a base of Bloom Mena (Thank you sooooo much Jacie)

Then I stamped some random and lovely blood spatters using Konad special polish red and my Hot topic fauxnad image plate. Restamping the small splats randomly.

Is there anything prettier than blood splater on holo?

On my middle finger I added a coat of my beloved Wixbetty franken Sexy Scarlet Stilettos.

I am in love with this manicure!

Next Make sure that your youngest child is sick and keeps you up until after 4am.
If you don't have a small child I am happy to loan one.
Oh and you must have an Earthquake an hour after the screaming child allows you to sleep.
(Don't worry my summers in LA had me having flashbacks and I ran straight for my nail polish closet)
No worries it was only a tiny 3.3 right under my town. Go figure I would find the one place in the mountains of TN that has friggin' Earthquakes.

You want your eyes nice and red

add puffy and huge dark circles.

Now you'll want to dress for the occasion. Unfortunatly they send rules so this was not fun enough to take pictures. I just wore my studded ballet flats, black capri's(with my studded belt) and my black studded top.

Makeup is very important, you want to make a frightening good first impression.
Go for bright bold colors that can be spotted from a good distance. Go extra heavy on that smokey eye or the eyeliner whichever makes you feel pretty.

I used ES Neritic (which is a peachy pink, stuip colorblind camera) and Glooming for the outer v and upper lash liner, my camera did not pick up the awesome aqua sparklies that rock like nobodies business. Mind you I was comatose when I applied so pardon my craptastic application. Phyrra look away hun, I don't want to traumatize you.

And if you are working on two hours of sleep you might luck out like I did and have absolutly no symetry at all. I'm just good like that! I think I was asleep when I blended and we are not commenting on the brows. umkay!

Final touch, you must wear pigtails so that you brand new 3 gray hairs show as well as the 6 inch wide section in the back of hot pink. Not to mention that at 36 years old it makes you look like you are confused about your own age. :) (Damn it I love my piggy tails and Chris says they are handy cute.)
Remember to accesorize with your dog collar choker and handcuff earings.

And when they call you yawn as you are walking to the interrogation chair.
Plop down your giant studded Demonia purse that weighs more than your youngest child.

While the Judge and attorneys are consulting glop on more lip gloss.
(ES Primrose path lippie and a tiny dab of Lillian's light gloss)

Then you might notice the two attorneys looking oddly at you and making head motions.
Then the clerk comes and says that you are excused!
What no questions? I was prepared for questions damn it!

Do your best innocent face as you skip to your car!
(P.S. don't mind my fancy robe, I immediately put on my jammies when I got home)
Well my Lovies there you have it. I do hope this helps you out in your time of need.