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Happy Birthday Daddy! (a little late)

This post was intended for Wednesday July 27
unfortunately I was in ed dying with an evil stomach virus so I'm a little late.

July 27 would have been my Daddy's 70th Birthday
we lost him 7 years ago but I know he's still with me (likely cussing me quite often) and watching his
Grand Monkeys grow.
This was my Daddy & Mom
How freaking adorable are they
Many years later this happened
(Daddy & I)
Yes I was a cranky little beast even then, though I think I was just upset over the hideous lime green dress and not even a matching air bow!
(A plate my Daddy made during one of his 31 years as an Artist for Hallmark)

My Daddy was many things: An artist (by profession & passion), a musician (self taught & amazing), a comedian (involuntarily), an asshole (intentional & involuntary), a student of life and the world, a 4th degree Blackbelt in Karate & Jujitsu, a creator of words (I inherited this curse), a singer & song writer (terrible at both but he enjoyed himself), a weirdo and my Daddy.
We often disagreed, argued and rarely saw eye to eye. To us we seamed to be polar opposites and just never go on to terribly well, I was the opposite of a "Daddy's girl". But as I grew up I learned to appreciate him for the pain in the ass hat he was and to forgive him for his parental mistakes. He taught me a lot more than I realised (when I was young). He taught me to love music and to live and breath it. He taught me that "Art" does not have to be hung in a gallery or displayed in a museum to be art, it is anything that moves your soul to tears and back to a smile. He taught me to be open minded and never to let anyone close it. He taught me to laugh...loud, often and at everything! He taught me that intelligence is not found in a book or a school but in those who share the information that they hold...with anyone who will accept it. He taught me that color is beautiful and the world can never get enough of it. He taught me that race, religion, sexual orientation and the like only divide those who are too ignorant and fearful to open their hearts and see that in the dark people ALL look exactly the same. He taught me to question everything and never accept fact without absolute proof. He taught me how to be well mannered, polite and respectful. (I am capable of all 3 when I want to). He taught me that Weird is fabulous. He taught me to be myself, no matter what and to NEVER let anyone convince me that my me needed to fit into some little beige mass-produced societal box. And most importantly he taught me that I am the strongest, most stubborn woman that he ever knew and that I can do ANYTHING if I want to.

My Daddy with his first Grand-baby (my oldest daughter)
He adored her like she was spun from his own heartstrings!

My Daddy's of his trademarks.
I cannot picture my Dad at any point in my life not having his waist length braid or his perfectly curled handlebar mustache. Did he know that both were far from in style, outdated and the object of many a snicker? He might have but I doubt that he cared because he was "Wild Bill" and that was his, him and he was cool no matter what anyone else might think. This was a man with "style", his own off beat style but style none the less and he wore it well....from his hundreds of brightly colored silk Hawaiian style shirts, his Hiratchi sandals, his wide lapel suits, short ties, neon blue velcro Nike tennis shoes, his hundreds of crazy patterned overpriced sweaters right down to his "never leaves my finger" sterling silver and turquoise pinkie ring! He was 5' 4" of unique awesomeness!
This was my Daddy at 63 years awesome!
Happy Birthday Daddy...thanks for giving me your great hair genes and the Weird but proud gene!
I Love You!
Your little, Zodge, Zodgeroonski, Andrazaillia!

Singing Waters speak of Victorian Nights

I thought I would quickly show you the makeup I did for my Bday out with hubby.
I had to do it quickly so it's a bit messy and I completely forgot to put on my Matte Silk so I ended up a shiny mess but we had fun anyway.
This horrid picture was snapped before I did my hair or changed out of my PJ's
but you can see the colors nicely
I used my Birthday color ninihkihsini aohkíí (translated: singing waters) on the outer 1/3 and blended up and into the crease with Victorian Night on the inner 2/3 and blended up and out into the crease. I used a little Nightshades blended just above the crease and foiled on upper lash line with
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled and lined just above Nightshade on the inner part of upper lash line.
(I made a highlight to try out, not sure if I like it yet)
I so wish that the complexity of the colors showed in pictures, both are so much more gorgeous than pictures show
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled on lower lash line and smudge in toward tear duct

Ravishing blush because it's one of my favorites
I wore Primerose Path lipstick with Morna gloss over it
Now fast forward 9 hours...
(I changed my lippie to Corruption with Lost Kiss over, but it had worn off mostly)
9 hours and no crease, another score for Spectrum pots (I used Visible Violet)
It was hot & I sweated off most of my Meow cosmetics foundation because I forgot to put on finishing powder. Duh!
Deep set eyes are a pain
You can see the color placement a bit better here
I love these colors together!
And then a couple of Artsy-fartsy pictures because I can
See my HK necklace...She says Arrrrrgghh!

Products used:
Meow Cosmetics Purfect puss foundation (special blend of Naughty Korat & Naughty Chartreux)
E/S Ravising blush

(all evil Shades)
Spectrum pot in Visible violet from lash to just above crease
Evileye primer in naked from brow to just above crease
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters)- A complex teal with purple and pink sparkle
Victorian night- Gorgeous violet with reflecks you have to see in real life
Nightshade (foiled) as liner
Joey Healy Brow powder in tobacco
Milani volume lash

Lips: as stated with pictures

This is the last week for me to finish up the new site so I may not have time to post this week but I will try.
Thank you all for being so fabulous!

A Perfect Birthday manicure

For my birthday I wanted a special manicure so...
What better polish to celebrate 38 with than Fu@% off and Dye?! 
Hot pink shimmery matte perfection

I kept my ring finger shiny because my sparkly heart looked odd matte
This is 2 coats of FoaD (ManGlaze's usual fabulous formula)
and if you must add shiny to coat this beautiful teal shimmer emerges (drool)
Gorgeous any way you wear it!
If you want to F-ck off and Dye you can grab one at ManGlaze, don't wimp out and get the pc version although the name "Blue" is awesome.

**Products in this post were sent to me as a Birthday gift by my sweety Marc so piss off bureaucratic buzzards!

Birthday goodies!

I don't do haul posts but I had such a lovely day that I'm making an exception!
Hubby and I drove to the nearest "real" Mall (about an hour away) to do a little Birthday shopping.
(People refuse to buy me actual gifts because, well I like strange things)
My In Laws bought me a very nice industrial cabinet unit thingy for my work goodies since our space is very limited and I'm so particular about my work space. They also gave me cash! :o) I'm not posting pics of these.

So on to the goodies....
Awesome Metal (more on those in a minute)
Hiccup's poor stuffed kitty shirt (yes I'm wrong in many ways), Iron Maiden (You can never have too many), and Amon Amarth (I needed it, really).
Shirts....I am a T-shirt whore, badly and I will wear them until they fall to bits and then they become part of our in progress Band Quilt.
MUSIC!!!!! Left to right:  Nile- Legacy of the Catacombs / Enslaved- Axioma Ethica Odini / In Solitude- The World, The Flesh, The Devil / Ghost- Opus Eponymous *Not Pictured are the 2 Rancid Vinyls and a beautiful original DOA vinyl*
(We picked these up at our favorite record shop)
Absynth Living dead Doll (Hubby surprised me with her this morning)
Bubble Bath that smells like frosted cake- Cute mini mascaras- Tokidoki black liner and my Pirate Hello Kitty Necklace!

How adorable is she, right down to her combat boots and faerie wings!
(I love you Hot Guy, you know me all too well)

We had a very nice day! Hubby only had 2 small panic attacks, which is fantastic for him.
We were attacked by met 3 of my lovely Fangirls wile we were out. The people at Sephora seamed very confused by the squealing, picture taking and adorable excitement of Jess and Krystal. I'm sure they are still trying to figure out what it was all about. lol Then we met the very sweet Zoey as we wandered about.
It was very nice to meet you all and somebody better send me some of the pictures! :o)

I had a very nice Birthday! Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, tweets, cards, ecards, (Marc for the "Fuck off and die"), everyone made it a very special day! *Smooches*
I am officially 38 years hot and loving it!

Best Nail Treatment - Review and swatches

I was contacted a while back by Lynn, the lovely owner of  BNT
about trying her line of nail products and after my drooling and wavering due to the beautiful selection of nail colors I finally picked a couple and I have been testing these in a serious way!
You can check out the shades here
Left to right: Air Cure system Base coat, Grape Crush, French Twist and Air Cure System fast dry Top Coat
Now I am going to let you in on a tiny bit of info that prompted my need for thorough testing...
Lynn worked for the original Poshe company and was a part of the creation of the beloved Poshe top coat that so many love. Unfortunately the company was sold to a competitor (which I'd bet is why Poshe TC formula changed) Lynn opened Best Nail Treatments using her own formulas. So BNT is a Woman owned company that has an environment conscience. Read more about them here. I personally am impressed and love the mission statement.
(Day 1)
This is 2 coats of Grape Crush with one coat of French twist on the tips of index and ring fingers and over entire nail on middle and pinky, because I can do it like that! :o)
(Day 3)
Grape Crush is a beautiful neon fuchsia purple jelly...but it's so well pigmented that there is (as you can see) no visible nail line with 2 coats. How wonderful is that!
(Day 5)
French twist is along the lines of the cnd effects in that it is a sheer pink sparkling shimmer intended for layering.
I did notice that (at least for me) this applied much more evenly and stronger than my cnd's
(Day 5)
Super Macro shows the gorgeous sparkle of French Twist and the opacity yet jelly squish of Grape Crush

Now the full review-

Base coat- Dries very fast slightly sticky finish (for adhesion), application was very nice, not runny or goopy.

Colors- Very nice formula, the brush is the normal round fan brush, spreads well, very even coverage, great pigmentation, smooth and very easy to work with.

Top Coat- This was the big test with me as I have 2 bottles of the old (original good) Poshe top coat and 1 bottle of the sucktastick newer formula and one of what Poshe said was their return to the old formula. Personally the 2 later formulas, to me, are about the same. I do not like them, they don't dry fast at all!
So I tested the BNT Top coat against the original Poshe top coat. Application is about the same, both apply smoothly and evenly, the brushes are identical for all I can tell. Now here is I was surprised and rather pleased the BNT Top Coat was dry...I mean I can go wash my hair, fold laundry dry in 5 minutes flat....I tested this 6 times on different brands of polish! Original Poshe was dry to the touch in about 6 minutes but not "solid" dry for another 7-10 minutes which is still fast but not as fast. So this prompted me to test it against my forever beloved Seche Vite.....needless to say Seche it's been a lovely many years but I'm leaving you for a new love! I have broken up with Seche and Best Nail Treatments is my new HG fast dry top coat!
I kid you not!

Now the last part I'm not sure which to credit but the above manicure, note the "day" notes below each picture...see anything unusual? 5 days of perfect no budge wear, not a chip, no tip perfect on day 5 as on day 1! I washed dishes, mixed colors, filled orders, labeled, packed orders, cleaned house, showered, did laundry, went swimming 4 times, took 3 bubble baths, worked out and chased 3 kids.
Color me impressed, very impressed! I'm not sure if it's due to the adhesion of the base coat, the quality of the colored polish or the strength of the top coat or all of the above, but whatever the magic is....I need more!

I have another color from Best that I will show you later but it is so pretty, you will love it too!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my review

All opinions are my own, based on my experience and personal knowledge.

DIY nails contest from StyledOn

I wanted to share this fantabulous contest with you all:

Contest: StyledOn Hard as Nails DIY Summer Contest sponsored by Hard Candy and China Glaze

What: It's DIY Nails Time! Show us your best DIY nails and win. Upload an image of your best DIY nails and the grand prize winner wins $150 and a Hard Candy or China Glaze gift set featuring their newest collection! You will also be featured as a winner on

Prize: $150 and 10 winners will win Hard Candy or China Glaze Gift Set featuring their newest collection!

Be featured as a DIY nail winner on
Entries accepted: 7/15 -7/31
Voting period: 8/1 - 8/ 7
Winners announced 8/9
Visit: Upload your photo and vote for your favorites!
Tell your friends to come vote for you. 

Tropical Watercolor eyes

It's been so hot & humid lately that I decided to do a tropical-ish look.
But then my hubby's doc said that my eyes looked like a beautiful watercolor painting ergo the title
There aren't many full face pictures because after this one the Hot Guy had to take the pictures,
(My arthritis has been a demon lately) and his pictures had more boobies and butt than makeup so I will just have to break out my tripod next time.
Oh look, my eyebrow almost looks like normal peoples
The inner color is more peach than it showed on camera
I swear no matter what each eye turns out different
You can see the greens really well and I'm loving Ravishing blush with the greens
I just did a very thin line of Faerie Garden to line the liner might have looked better
Look no creasing! These were taken at 6pm and I applied at 8am so yay
This is what most of the Hot Guys pictures looked like (I cropped out the extreme boobage)

(As per usual all Evil shades unless otherwise stated)

Evileyes primer (yes I use it as a face primer)
Matte Silk on T zone
Ravishing blush

Photonic green spectrum pot on outer 2/3 of lid and up just above crease
Vitrum(white) spectrum pot on inner 1/3 of lid and blended up and into the green
MAC vanilla on brow bone
*This is where it gets crazy*
The peachy orange is un-named and will be up on the site tonight
The yellow green is a mix of Faerie garden and Twinkle Twinkle that I mixed as I applied
The tealish green is Mystisizm blended into the crease & outer v
upper lid lined with Faerie Garden
Lower lash lined with Imp foiled (new one will be up tonight) and then
I smudged a bit of the Faerie Garden Twinkle mix just below
Sephora volume mascara
Joey Healy brow kit (I love this so much)

Clear wicked gloss

My hair is an utter wreck...I ran out of time so I ruffled my spikes a bit and clipped the front back. lol
My cupcake earrings were on clearance at Clarie's $1.00 YAY

If I missed anything just yell at me later! *Smooches*

IsaDora Hotness in Hunter Green

This is another beauty from my sweetheart Féline
It is a Swedish brand and I am in love
Beautiful blackened hunter green jelly
I had to add Nfu-oh #40 because it just made me think Féline
IsaDora is my new mistress....she is a hot little thing
The formula is wonderful, smooth and pigmented (for a jelly)
I wore this for 4 days....seriously I did!
Stop licking the monitor!
I will be wearing this again and again and again
Oh and it wear fabulously, I finally chipped a tiny spot on my right middle finger on day 4 so for me that is serious wear!
Thank you Féline You have fantabulously wicked taste!
Blackfoot (siksika) word of the day- saissksiimoko : Deep green like the forest (Yeah I know it's more than one word but that's how the language works, our words tell a story so we need fewer words)