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Holo franken nails & my bestest Fangirl

I was playing around with frankens the other day and as much as I liked
the base colors they still needed something......glitter? No Holographic glitter, YES!
And wouldn't you know not a bit of sunshine! *sigh*
Oh wait...they match my hair! :o)
The pink shows off her holo a bit more than the teal. (Teal is a little shy)
I will wear them again when we have sunshine so you can see the pretty holo yummies

Then my day turned to exploding tears of joy...
A mysterious package showed up? I am on a mega no buy so I did not order anything, odd.
Open mystery box and a beautiful eruption of colored paper confetti and hidden in the rainbow....
What is that you say? It is the much coveted glass file sword!
I have drooled and ogled this beautiful little thing on (my favorite glass file site)
but I have a serious issue with splurging on things for myself especially if technically I do NEED a new file.
What? Who? *Reads enclosed note* This is followed by ear to ear grin and tears of joy...
My beloved #1 Fangirl Lynn sent this fantabulously thoughtful gift.
Thank you so much, you really made my day!
Now, Em Guard!
(Pop quiz, who knew that I do Sword fight? Now who knows my preferred sword style?)
I knight thee Lord Skully polish
My reenactment of the Swordfile and the nail polish stone
Then the Hot Guy made me sheath the beast. ( I think he has swordfile envy)
Fangirls rock!


  1. That is the coolest nail file I have ever seen.

  2. That file is awesome and your pictures and captions made me giggle.

  3. LOLOLOL you are so cute. What a kickass file!!

  4. That's what I'm here for chits and giggles! XD

  5. Hahahahahaaa! you make me laugh. :D I love that file, I need it now.
    those frankens are awesome! :)

  6. The blue is stunning, and the nail file/sword is too cute ;] 

  7. Lol, I'm so glad you're having such fun with your file! You make me giggle, girl. I do believe such a dangerous gal as you should be adequately armed ;-)
    We definitely need to see those pretties in the sunlight, but they sure look purdy, as most of your frankens do, my dear.

  8. Awesome polishes!!
    Glad you're spoiled ! Enjoy!

  9. Gorgeous polishes, oh those glorious holos! 

  10. omg love those colors!!

  11. I had no idea that there was a nail file site! That sword file is so you.  Love those holos.

  12. The Swordfile and the Nail Poish Stone? LOL!!!


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