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I am no Caged Gypsy!

I had time to sit down and do my makeup before taking my 10 year old daughter to get her hair cut.
This is a pretty typical look for me...bright, sparkly and lots of purple.
I did not have time to flat iron my hair....oops
See my fab Bat earrings

This is Caged Gypsy, I'm working on a matte lipstick formula...not there yet but getting closer
(Pardon my old lady lips)

I'm calling this a "Suede" since to some Matte cannot have shimmer and Caged Gypsy is a metallic matte so she has lots of depth and is a very interesting Pink with warm coral undertones but still somewhat cool toned rose shade.

And then I changed lippies to my beloved Hardcore lips Lost Kiss
I love this type of color with the perfect pink and the blue/violet shift
taken in natural light/shade
In way too bright sunlight

Crazy angle to show the aqua sparkles

Pink and purple combo's are my go to eye look

And then I discovered "Noise reduction" on Windows live photo viewer....yeah it makes a strange foggy affect but I left it on this one for fun.
Products used: (all Evil Shades unless stated otherwise)

Matte Silk (T-Zone and under eyes)
Blush in Pink Noise- A deep rose with pink glow (Not up on the site yet because I need better pictures)
I wear very little on my face but in summer even less

Spectrum pot in Visible Violet  on lid and blended up above crease
Evileyes primer in Naked below brow bone
Gift River all over lid and blended up to just above the crease
Nixies in outer 2/3 of crease to deepen
Phyrra's Fantasy in inner 1/3 of crease and just into nixies and blended into Gift River above crease
White Witch from brow blended down
Voodoo wetlined on upper lash line
Tokidoki perfeto liner in Mostro on lower lash line (waterproof my arse I smudged it accidental after 30 minutes on my lower lash line so I had to smudge the other eye to match and an hour later it had totally disappeared)
Sephora Action Extreme Effect Mascara in black (Not as Extreme as I'd hoped but not bad, a little flaky)


First few pics Caged Gypsy (Suede/matte) Unreleased

Second set: Hardcore lips in Lost Kiss

So there you have it, my typical look and my go to colors.
(Side note I wore this look out in 98 degree heat for 6 hours then swimming and not a crease, yay)


  1. I love that name, Caged Gypsy. I really like your hair. I know you recently got it done. It looks so good. Trust me, you can't tell it's not flat ironed. 

  2. I love it! I too wore Lost Kiss today before switching over to Anastasia. Caged Gypsy is a great name.

  3. I think suede is the perfect description for Caged Gypsy's finish!! I actually like how it's looking even though you said it isn't there quite yet. :-)

  4. You look absolutely beautiful!  I think this is my favorite look you have done.  It doesn't hurt that your hair is totally badass!

  5. Thank you! I can tell but You are probably one else can likely tell. lol

  6. I love your hair.  LOVE.  And I need this lipstick.  That's an amazing finish!

  7. Thank you! I'm working on tweeking the formula and a more colors, so they should be up in August. :o)

  8. You look gorgeous! (and I can tell you didn't flat iron your hair, but that's just because I've seen you both ways) Your hair is KICK ASS either way! I love this hair cut on you so much. I'm really loving the lippie just the way it is, and that blush is luscious on you.

  9. For all that is EVIL,  I LOVE THIS! Dammit, I must have Lost Kiss, like yesterday.

  10. You mentioned old lady eyes,and mine are similar.. I shy away from posting makeup looks anymore because I am so self-conscious of the "old lady" look. However, seeing you today, I am inspired,and may start doing some looks again.Thank you for inspiring me.

  11. Hngggg I love both lip looks and the liner is awesome! Will have to try using Voodoo as a liner. 

  12. wow!! very crazy!!

  13. And this is about as tame as I go! lol

  14. Voodoo and Amulet both work awesome as liner!

  15. Do it, us 35+ chickies are just as hot as our 20 something pals and we can shine just as bright!
    Plus it's (in this case) MY blog and anyone who doesn't want to see my old lady lips doesn't belong here. lol  It's all about fun and sharing and every once in a while inspiring someone else to rock their fab looks too! ;o)

  16. It's one of my favorites, I've gone through 3 tubes! XD

  17. Thank you lovie! Isn't weird, most people's hair curls more if you cut it short....mine not so much. O.o

  18. Anastasia is my night lip color! :o)

  19. Caged Gypsy is an awesome metallic if you put gloss over it. lol
    I'm a bit nuts about formula's, I tend to tweek them to death before I'll offer them on the site.

  20. You look amazing.  Thanks for posting your picture.  You don't have any old lady anything! The hair & makeup is so beyond fantastic.  I love all your use of colors.  Bravo to you.

  21. awesome look :)

  22. I'm loving the colors! And your hair is adorable!

  23. Your blog is very colorful.I like your beauty tips.I will be glad if you check out my tiny



  24. Haha, I just figured out the "Caged Gypsy" sample I got was a new color that's not on the site yet! I kept counting my lipstick samples, trying to figure out which one I had a double of. <XD I'd say 'very pretty color,' except I guess I need my eyes checked, 'cause I don't see any "old lady lips" on this page. ^ᴗᴥⱷ^

  25. Both you and Caged Gypsy look gorgeous! :)

  26. Awesome look! I can't wait for the new blush to go up on your site!

  27. me loves it :D <3


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