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No pretty post today...busy celebrating

Today is my anniversary (The hot Guy's too)
Well it's the anniversary of our making our marriage legal by US law.
We celebrate 3 anniversaries together each year..
The day we met, the day we got married and our "legal" marriage.
So today I'm all wrapped up in my hot Guy and I'll post pretties tomorrow!
(Back in the day)

Zoya Sunshine & Summertime - Rica

This one is from the Sunshine half of the Zoya Sunshine & Summertime collection.
The Sunshine set is 6 shimmery metallics
Zoya describes Rica as a shimmering Rose metallic
On me Rica is a metallic coral with strong orange to pink shift
See the pink/coral with the orange sparking through
This is not the best color for my skin but I'm going to wear it anyway because it's fab
Liquid Summer
So many beautiful colors in this one
this one shows more the "rose" tone
The last 3 pics are in shade
I used 3 coats and could have stopped at 2 but I'm special that way & I just wanted to see 3
Application was smooth and even with no issues to speak of.
I love the Sunshine set so much!

**Products in this post were sent by the company/PR for my honest review

March Madness Makeup NoMoreRack

Starting Tomorrow (March 29) at 8am PST/11am EST
60 hours of March Makeup madness
Click here or on the NoMoreRack link in my left sidebar to sign up for their sales.
(If you use my link you'll get a $10 giftcard)
I have gotten some great deals so far on NMR...
$12 for Dior Lipstick, $14 for LE Versace nail polish duo,
TwoFaced mascara for $6 and so on. This is so far my favorite "Private" sale sight Oh and the shipping $2...seriously! I'll be watching tomorrow for some deals...don't buy them all before I get there!

OPI Femme de Cirque - In The spot-light Pink & I juggle...Men

These are 2 of the shades from OPI Femme de Cirque from the Soft shades collection
In the Spot-Light Pink
I am not a sheers fan or big on the traditional pink & white frenchy
(I spend enough time with people asking if my nails are fake, lets not add to it)
This is 3 coats with no top coat
Application is very nice, smooth even and dries quickly
then I added a coat of I juggle...Men
I think if you like sheers but want a little fun this looks very pretty and feminine
The purple sparkle in I juggle...Men is very pretty and you can layer it for more or less affect.
What do you think....could my nails pass as corporate? LOL

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review

Where Oh where has my Magic Maid gone?

Nicole I miss you lovie!
Where are you?
No explanation needed, no questions at all!
I just want to know that you are safe!
You have my number, I hope, and my email.....just tell me my baby girl is OK!
I love you!
P.S. I stole the picture from your youtube! :o)

Zoya Mod Mattes with top coat - summer 2011 swatches

A few people have requested to see the Zoya Mod Mattes with top coat so I did some very quick skittles with Poshe top coat. I hope this helps!
Top to bottom: Lolly, Phoebe & Mitzi
Lolly, Phoebe & Mitzi all with one coat of Poshe'
I think these 3 girls are fabulous matte or shiny
Please pardon my parched paws....I've been working a lot and forgetting my lotion.

Joey Healy Brow Collection Review Part 1

I'm sure a lot of you remember Joey, he did a fabulous guest post
here last year. He is the brow God, seriously!
Well my dear heart has a wonderful new line of Brow products available on his site Here.
Joey sent me the whole kit to love, play with and hopefully get my brows to eventually be Healy worthy!

**Disclaimer: I am no brow expert, artist....honestly I am a sad brow newb. So be nice or I will cry and then send the wicked brow over tweezing fairy to destroy you! XD (kidding....maybe)

My eyebrows are weird, always have been, and they are not shaped yet.
I have been trying to allow them to grow back in hopes of decent shaping. With this I discovered that I have a couple of naked spots in my left brow.

With that comes the first part of my review.
Joey sent me his Brow Enhance serum which I have been using once daily for almost 2 weeks.

Warning: Scary no makeup before brow pics ahead!
All kinds of horror

You can see all of the nakedness that makes shaping my brows a pita

Now it's only been about 2 weeks:
look there are little hairs starting to fill in my naked spots
And the "tail" of my brow is much thicker
I might actually be able to shape them soon!

I also made an attempt at filling my current misshapen brows in with Joey's Luxe Brow Powder
in tobacco and his fabulous brow brush (I so love this brush)
I just did a soft natural fill since I was not wearing makeup and my brows are not properly shaped.
Honestly this is the first time I have used a brow powder that looked nice. The brush is stiff enough to make it easy to get your shape but still soft enough that you can do a natural soft look.
You can darken them very easily and you can achieve very nice sharp lines as well. and the spool brush on the opposite end makes it so nice for blending and directing while you fill.

The Luxe Powder is $24 and the Duo Brow brush is $20 (I will never be without this brush again)
Right now there is a special you get a free Signature patent leather cosmetic bag with the purchase of 2 or more items. (I love my Joey Healy bag it sits in a place of honor on my vanity)

I'm going to be completely honest, I have used a lot of brow products
 and they have all ended up in the trash. My issues with most are that they don't blend so the look is harsh, dark and fake or they don't apply well and you cannot get an even color or with some the choices of colors don't work for most people. So I really feel like the Joey Healy Collection offers a better product that works as it's intended with no expertise needed and that is exactly what I need and love.

Thank you to my friend Joey for sending me these and for offering
products that work and work wonderfully for those of us who are not brow masters!

Zoya Mod Mattes Summer 2011- swatches & review

Zoya....have you been reading my mind?
Bright, bold, sassy and matte!
Phoebe & Mitzi
Phoebe- Sky blue with a teal shimmer that makes this gorgeous glowy matte look like matte teal sky
Mitzi- Neon lime green matte that just feels like fun in a bottle
I love these two and I love them even more together
Phoebe applies so perfectly, not like most mattes, smooth and even.
Mitzi applies like most mattes, fast and a little uneven but smooths well on the second coat.
This is my new "Happy" manicure!
Are you smiling yet?!
Lolly....oh Lolly, you are so pretty!
Lolly- A bright nearly neon Barbie Pink!
Unfortunately my antibiotics are making my skin mega oily so this looks very satin but it is very matte
I love this color and I love that it's matte
Zoya I could kiss you right on the lips for this Limited Edition collection!
You want these don't'll have to hop over to I might have to buy a backup set!

OPI Nice Stems! Summer preview

I got this Press Release from OPI
Summer Pinks in Bloom!
Nice Stems! by OPI Revamps Nails with Vibrant Pink Hues for Summer 2011

Stop and see the flowers with summer’s Nice Stems! by OPI, a limited edition collection featuring four new nail lacquers in stunning shades of pink. With whimsical names based on their floral inspirations, these vibrant, flirty colors range from pale, frosty pink to rich fuchsia. Nice Stems! offers fingers and toes a perfectly pink shade for all of summer’s looks.
“These vibrant, feminine hues complement 60’s ladylike fashions, 70’s glam looks, and bold color-blocking, which are the season’s staples,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “The Nice Stems! collection also offers an interesting contrast and feminine accent to the punk and biker looks on the runways.”
Nice Stems! by OPI shades include:
Play the Peonies
We’d put our money on this lovely soft-pink.

Come to Poppy
Surrender to shine with this shimmering coral-pink.

Be a Dahlia Won’t You?
Give the gift of fabulous fuchsia—to yourself!

I Lily Love You
Fall head over heels with this light pink sparkle.

“Using different micas and glitters can give lacquer a 3-dimensional look,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “I Lily Love You is a glitter coat that can be layered over any of the other three shades to add a bright sparkle; or, it can be worn on its own for a subtle tint of pink with strands of glitter.”

The Nice Stems! Nail Lacquers by OPI contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application.

This limited edition Nice Stems! collection will be available beginning June 2011 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for $8.50 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

The Hot Guy picked my manicure

the Hot guy went with me to sally when I wanted to scope out
the Tronica's and he insisted that along with Techno Teal I get finger Paints Carnation Creation because it matches my hair and it has a ring that as he put it is " Effin' sweet" so how could I say no.
I layered Techno Teal over CC
Carnation Creation is a beautiful Teal creme but it's application was horrible!
Goopy, streaky, thick and uneven and that was after adding thinner.
Techno Teal is a lovely sparse holo, a bit sheer but layering works wonders
I only wish the sun had made an appearance so you could see the holo
It is sparse but still very pretty
I love both of these colors and TT is just as pretty when the holo is hiding

Nicole by OPI Something about Spring manicure

Sorry I've been MIA
Between business, the Hot Guy's health decline and the kids sharing their germs....I am so far behind in everything! *sigh* But I'm doing my best to update as much as possible.

On to the pretties!
Pink Seriously and Shell me the truth
I'm so ready for spring and this collection screams Spring Me!
What is more spring than Hot Pink and shimmering golden pink?
You all know I heart you....with a cherry on top!
I used 2 coats of Pink Seriously and on all but my ring finger, one coat of Shell me the truth
I love how this turned out.....might even be my next pedicure
Both applied wonderfully with no issues
Mmmmmmm.......golden shimmers!
I do have thumbs and this one demanded to wear Shell me the truth alone
3 coats and so beautiful!
This manicure certainly cheered me up, I hope it did you too!

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review