All the Beautiful people

Typical Outfit of the day

I'm not a very fancy girl, I can dress up but I'm more of a comfort killed fashion
kind of person. Most days you'll catch me in something like this or jeans.
But my sweet friend of forever insisted that for someone who works and is in the public
eye most of the time I don't post many pictures of me...all of me so he wins and you have to look at my favorite non fashion. :o)
Are in complete awe of my anti fashion?

Top cute skelanimal kitty with skully ties.
Skirt is just a comfy cotton a line
Fishnets (25 year staple in my wardrobe)
Boots, funky little biker boots with chains, so comfy.
And my beloved ruffle socks, these are actually knee socks.

There I took my damn happies now?

When Hot guy has the camera *eyeroll* But my hair looks so cute!

Why does my camera grainy muck indoor pics?
So there you have standard look...not so fancy but I can play all day and night and be comfy.

Chopping of the hair and more color fun!

It was time for a haircut last week, it had been a month and I had major mop head.
So I had redone my colors, adding more purple and bit of pink because well I can. Then set up an appointment with my sweety Elaine. I redesigned my cut to leave the back a tad fuller and chopped up the fringe more but it's not too far from my beloved choppy pixie. Oh want to see my head right?

Right side (No smiles it was cold)

Left side (still freezing, smile broken)

Front (as close to a smile as you get)

OK one little smile just because I like you.

I will post my outfit of the day tomorrow because my sweety friend guilted me into taking be prepared to see the rest of me...all 5' 1 ish" :o)