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Easy FX makeup for Halloween

These are so cool..
Tinsley FX transfers I recently had the chance to try some of their temporary tattoos (Up coming post) but I thought some of you might be interested in these for Halloween.
 The prices are not at all steep compared to purchasing liquid latex, adhesive, remover etc or a kit for around $25 and up then if you aren't naturally skilled at FX makeup the risk of wasting time and money.
These are video's showing a couple of those available and how to apply.
I'm going to have to order some and see what the neighbors think of me with horns and a slashed throat.
Hope this helps some of you with your All Hallows Eve fun!

I will post..I will try to post...I might post...I need more hours in the day

*Waves* I have sat down to post so many times
and it never fails that work or family interrupts and I run out of time. 
So I am glued to my seat and ignoring everything/everyone until I post this quick little post.
(P.S. I am setting up a few scheduled posts so nails coming soon and more whatever I feel like)

So this summer has been busy and insane but I managed to put a bit of
makeup on in between all of the is my quicky look
(Products used will be a mess through out because I like chaos)

Did I mention the pictures today are all crappy cell phone pictures because I had a new picture app that I was playing with. :o)

BB Cream in Etude House Magic Natural beige (way too light) mixed with my Skin miracle transformer in medium tan which is still a little too light but close.

Did I mention I did not do my hair because...well I was lucky to put on makeup and clothes

Don't mine the weird focus/lack of this phone app is cranky and likes to self edit even when you shut self edit off and threaten to take a million pictures of neon glitter.

Woohoo a color accurate eyeball! The ballz are sporting All Evil Shades (big shock)
Padawan as a base, Eerie as hilight below the brow, Frosties Intervention in the inner 1/3 and blended into Yellow snowballs (patted in the center and blended out) and Re gifted Xmas sweater applied very lightly and heavily blended in outer v, Whooo r u mixed with moonlit and brushed at inner corner, Havoc gel liner on upper lash line and Blithe on lower. 

Look it's grumpy getting annoyed with stupid phone app

Do not clip phone on sun visor or you will get strange pictures when you forget to close stupid app. :o)

Oh look my Octopod necklace my oldest daughter got me for my birthday

Visor pictures rule....this is the top of my know you've always wanted to know what the top of my head looked like

when you flip the visor to the side because you still haven't noticed you didn't turn the thing off

How most of the world sees me (5' 1") 

When you realize you left the thing on because you changed CD's and heard it click

Kisses! The days kisses are Deviant Lips- Stormy with Hardcore Lips- Río de Celeste dabbed on with finger

And proof I am capable of a smile
Rest of the makeups:
Matte Silk finishing powder
Mascara- Maybelline volume Express one by one 
Brows- Dark Arts to fill lightly and cheapy clear brow wax pencil from ebay

This is as subtle as my makeup goes anything less is naked. :op

PBS Idea Channel on nail art

I really enjoyed this video and thought you might find it interesting

What do you think? Is there anything that cannot be art?
As an artist and the daughter of a professional artist, personally I place no limits on art and yet I easily see the line between craft and art. 

Press Release- China Glaze On Safari Collection for Fall 2012

The China Glaze® On Safari features 10 rich crèmes and two glitters including:
·         Desert Sun: Delicious caramel

·         I Herd That: Brilliant copper glitter 

·         I’m Not Lion: Glistening gold and multi-color glitter

·         Adventure Red-y: Vivid red

 ·         Call of the Wild: Beautiful chocolate brown-dark cherry blend

 ·         Elephant Walk: Cool graphite grey

·         Exotic Encounters: Lush green crème with blue undertones

·         Jungle Queen: Smoky violet

 ·         Kalahari Kiss: Light sand brown

·         Man Hunt: Bold cobalt blue

·         Prey Tell: Daringly dark red  

·         Purr-fect Plum: Bold burgundy

On Safari is also available in:
·         6-piece “Native” Collection: Man Hunt, Exotic Encounters, Elephant Walk, Jungle Queen, Purr-fect Plum and Prey Tell

·         6-piece “Tourist” Collection: Kalahari Kiss, I’m Not Lion, Call of the Wild, Adventure Red-y, Desert Sun and I Herd That

·         12-piece counter display

The China Glaze® On Safari collection will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in July 2012.  Individual polishes retail for $7 MSRP; the 6-piece sets retail for $42 MSRP.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter:

Gothic couture and my favorite Fangirl

A little while back I got the sweetest, unexpected gift
in the mail from my #1 Fangirl and very dear friend Lynn. Wanna see?
Isn't it gorgeous!
I was drooling over this ring (OK I drool over all of Mykas art and jewelry)
But this one I just love and my sweetie Lynn was obviously stalking paying attention and she spoiled me.
You can see more of  Myka Jelinas fantasy art here she is one of my favorite fantasy artists.
 Gothic couture is the painting this is from, I just love Belladonnas face.
and well I had to do my nails to compliment her so I made these two polishes to suit Belladonna.
The purple is a wine base with teal shift which makes it look purple on the nail and the teal has a sweet pink shift which I did not get a decent picture of either shift.
Both almost came off as holos in certain light
and pretty shimmery goodness in other
I'm thinking I should name them
You can see a bit of the base better

and then the blue/teal shift...almost metallic

see the blue flecks in the teal

 macro to show the pretties
one more peek and Belladonna and huge hugs and kisses to Lynn...I love you doll!

The way of my weirdness

Just a quick little post I wanted to share with you all before I get back to another 10 hours 
of catching up on work. (I would complain but I love what I do so I don't mind)

My Best friend sent me the link to this because he thought of me while watching...
I absolutely love that this made him think of me. That tells me that I am still following my own path.

If you read my blog regularly (Ok as regularly as I post lately) you know
that I describe myself with words like: weird, strange, odd, crazy, freak etc.
Well those are terms I use with pride not insult. A word can only be an insult if YOU accept it as such. I AM weird, strange, odd, hyper, crazy, nuts, silly, goofy, a complete freak and I am so proud to be just who I am. I am not 'socially acceptable' or 'normal' and I am aware of it, I get stares, glares, side eyes, remarks, snarks. I know that some people try to explain/excuse my appearance/behavior/style as a mid-life crisis, reliving my childhood, looking for attention, or plenty of other mental/emotional issues at the source of the problem. I do not attempt to explain or express my reasons or perspective to those who judge me.

I am who I am because I was raised to question, never accept anything just because
'they' say it is so. I have ALWAYS walked to the beat of my own drummer, I have never been 'normal', I have NOT changed because I don't need to, I am ME...100%, I break rules because the rule is wrong, I go against the norm because the norm is insane/twisted/backward. I am me, I look how I look, act how I act, wear what I wear because this is what feel suits me, my view and I don't have to follow their rules or see things their way. I walk my path and I don't expect anyone to agree only to allow....everyone to walk their path because no one will carry you so you damn well better enjoy the scenery on the way!

OK enough babbling....The amazaballz video...

To my bestie, thank you for sharing and more so for not ever minding my offbeat ways...Love you forever just as you are! A thousand tiny kisses!

Preview Color Club Summer collection

I'm so excited, Color Club always has some great summer colors! LOOK...

From Left to right:
WingFling: Red/Pink Shimmer
Sparkle and Soar: Orange Shimmer
Sky High: Blue Shimmer
Metamorphosis: Turquoise Green Shimmer
Fly with Me: Lime Green Shimmer
Daisy Does It: Yellow Shimmer

Now no licking you computer screen...I know you are excited too, be patient!

Zoya love and free nail polish

Do you want a free Zoya nail polish?
Click the link and create an account and Zoya will add a coupon to your account for a free polish of your choice...add 2 more and get free shipping! go on click it you know you want to...  Click me!

Typical Outfit of the day

I'm not a very fancy girl, I can dress up but I'm more of a comfort killed fashion
kind of person. Most days you'll catch me in something like this or jeans.
But my sweet friend of forever insisted that for someone who works and is in the public
eye most of the time I don't post many pictures of me...all of me so he wins and you have to look at my favorite non fashion. :o)
Are in complete awe of my anti fashion?

Top cute skelanimal kitty with skully ties.
Skirt is just a comfy cotton a line
Fishnets (25 year staple in my wardrobe)
Boots, funky little biker boots with chains, so comfy.
And my beloved ruffle socks, these are actually knee socks.

There I took my damn happies now?

When Hot guy has the camera *eyeroll* But my hair looks so cute!

Why does my camera grainy muck indoor pics?
So there you have standard look...not so fancy but I can play all day and night and be comfy.

Chopping of the hair and more color fun!

It was time for a haircut last week, it had been a month and I had major mop head.
So I had redone my colors, adding more purple and bit of pink because well I can. Then set up an appointment with my sweety Elaine. I redesigned my cut to leave the back a tad fuller and chopped up the fringe more but it's not too far from my beloved choppy pixie. Oh want to see my head right?

Right side (No smiles it was cold)

Left side (still freezing, smile broken)

Front (as close to a smile as you get)

OK one little smile just because I like you.

I will post my outfit of the day tomorrow because my sweety friend guilted me into taking be prepared to see the rest of me...all 5' 1 ish" :o)