All the Beautiful people

Bow down

Oh what did you think this post would be?

no you can't take it
no you can't take that away from me

head like a hole.
black as your soul.
I'd rather die than give you control!

Some of the best lyrics ever!

My secrets....not so secret

I have a private group on Facebook, it is  not open to the public at all.
There is myself and 13 others in the group. I started this group because some of us do not have any family at all, some of us have no one we can talk to in confidence, to vent to, to bitch about whatever or whoever is grating our last nerve at that moment, day week whatever. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to let out all the negativitiy to. Mostly we are silly and talk about things of no importance, laugh, goof off, sometime we talk shop, we also talk about the people we deal with daily. And here you go...we do bitch about so and so and how she posted this and it pisses me off, or I am so tired of that one person posting 50 times about her blog/company/products/cat/hangnail/or whatever. We can get snarky, bitchy and down right catty. I will absolutely admit to being OMG human and dare I tell....I will say something that could easily come across as mean. I will not apologize for it we all talk about the things and people who drive up up a wall or anger us or that we think are lying to our faces and so on. The saying goes "Let he without sin cast the first stone" (heathen knows things too) I know that we all talk and vent, it is normal. We don't go up to the girl who complains about  her vertigo nonstop and tell her to stfu or to the guy who dresses like a blind golfer and tell him looks an ass. So does this constitute talking behind someones back? Depends on if you are venting to get something off your chest or you are spending all your time looking for these things just to have mean things to say. In my group, no we are venting, letting it out or sometimes trying to work out a problem but no our intent is not to hurt anyones feelings or to be mean and cruel, it's to get everything out in a safe private place so that we feel better and we don't let it all build up until we do explode and really hurt someone because they were there and it was the last straw. Are we any different than you sitting with your friends over coffee or on the phone doing the same thing? No we just don't have the luxury of having someone face to face that we can do that with so this "secret" group is our place to get it all out. Is it wrong? That is a matter of opinion, mine is no but I won't argue if yours is different. Because I own a business an "Indie" company does that remove my humanity? Or because I'm a blogger do I lose the right to talk to my friends about things that everyone else talks to their friends about? I see people not bloggers/companies my friends and we are human and we are not bad people any more so than anyone else. I dare you to say that you don't do the same.....if not I bow to your pent up anger.

Now why am I telling you this? Because first I have nothing to hide. I am not ashamed
of needing to get my grumpies out. Second one of the people in this group has been (all along) reporting to a group of people about our conversations. Now imagine for a minute a private conversation about something you are at your wits end with is then taken out of context and retold or likely screen shot and handed to someone not involved. Well it could create all kinds of crap....Drama. But why would someone do that? I don't know and don't care to speculate on why someone would but that is exactly what has happened. And now I am being threatened that someone who lied to me and talked in a secret group behind my back is going to go public with it if I don't shut up. What? So YOU are going to go to the interwebz world and tell my blog readers, customers, friends and the world that YOU had a spy in my very small group of friends and that this spy came to your SECRET GROUP and told you or gave you screen shots of our private conversations? So basically you are going to tattle on us for doing exactly what you are doing? OK then. You go ahead and take those conversations out of any context because you weren't there,  tear those screen shots down and turn them every way until they suit your drama creation and you show the world that I am a human and I get pissed off, annoyed, angry, grumpy, frustrated and I go to my friends and I blab my effin' head off until I feel better. Yep...I do. I also scratch my bum when it itches, I don't always change the toilet paper roll when I empty it, I flip people off in traffic, I even sometimes say things that hurt peoples feelings out of anger, I have 12 items in the 10 item lane, i drive faster than the speed limit! I AM secret is out! Hate me for it, don't buy from my company for it, stop reading my blog because of it or go vent to your friends about what a mean and terrible monster I am. But just know that it's ok with me, I admit to not being perfect and I hope you won't mind if I don't try to be anything less than just me...faults and all. Oh and when you told your friend that I was driving you bats with that one thing and I was not there and you never told me....I don't consider that talking behind my back, you are still my friend and I love you!

OK that is all the super seekret shocking closet monsters I have.

For those who stayed and don't hate me for my humanity, I love you and appreciate your humanity!

Holograms and Flakies

Stupid Blogger ate my stupid post.

I am trying to get back to blogging, I've missed you all. My business (Evil Shades Cosmetics....shameless promotion) has grown a lot in the past year and takes a lot more of my time. That is not a complaint, I love what I do and I am so proud of how far it has come and more than anything I love that my sparklies make other people happy! So I will do my best to post 3 ish times a week but they will not be wordy. lol

Now on to the pretties...

I did a drool worthy mani the other day using Barielle's Elle's Spell, a cheapy black creme with Sally Hansens Prisms in Diamond (Silver holographic hotness) topped with Sancion Angel in Christine. You wanna see?

Oh did I mention I free handed a bit of Diamond on the tips?

Elle's Spell is a gorgeous berried red jelly filled with gold to green flakies

Christine is a sweet sheer purple jelly with green to pink to yellow/gold flakies

P.S. I am keeping the claws much shorter right now due to washing my hands eleventy billion times a day and now everything is dry and le yucks. :o(

Holo + Flakies + Jelly = Do Not Drive or car accidents may happen!

I have missed you tons and bunches! *hugs everyone*