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Fun with Heli-Yum!!!

China Glaze Heli-YUM from the Up & Away collection.
This ia a fun bright candy pink creme, opaque in 2 coats no streaks!

I wasn't sure if I'd like this color when I ordered it from VNS but, I love it!

And Heli-YUM made me think of those shiny mylar balloons.....

So I added "balloons" in China Glaze OMG just for fun!

My little store is open

I finally had time to get it all set up and start listing my goodies!
There is a giant button/link in my left side bar that will take right over.
I do hope more blogger will follow lead. I know we all thing that we don't use,need, love or were an oops purchase. Why not take all those unloved products and put them up for swap/sale to others who will love and use them.

I am happy to swap as well as sell and international is welcome!

BB Couture Impact Driver tools aren't just for boys!

There are so many reasons that I love this polish;
it's a gorgeous blue gray, There is pink, blue and silver secret shimmer in there and the name rules!

And then I added a little konad from image plate m2 using H&M Sinful senorita

Is that a pink holo kitty? Why yes,yes it is!
But why would you stamp a pink holo kitty on such a sexy masculine color?

The answer comes in the form of another little known fact about me.
Not only does this girl know what an impact driver is but she know how to use one!
Tools are for boys?! The hell you say!
Did you know that many, many moons ago a Boyfriend (at the time) and I rebuilt a 1970 T/A Challenger?
True it is! This was no ordinary Mopar she was the hotest girl around.
She had a 440 six pack bore over with T/A racing stripes that we hand painted on her sleek Pepsi cola red body. She had a classic Hemi headers a pistol grip shifter and street slicks. I drool just remembering her.
I personally put in her pistons (Oh yes I did)! I even cut my nails down just so I did not accidently scratch her while we worked.  You ask why, why would a girly girl get greasy, grimy to help build a car? was the boyfriend that hot? Well yes he was but that is not why. I helped build her so that I could race her! You heard me right. I raced her on 3 occasions in the Street race division at our local race track oh and I won twice! So tools are girly and sexy and NOT just for boys!

China Glaze Light as air and nail art gone wrong

I love Light as Air it is the perfect pastel purple creme!
3 thin coats to smooth opaque!
The nail art went very wrong due to lack of sleep (sick baby) which made my hands extremely what do I do? I say oh well and just get ridiculous! So now over my yummy base color I have China Glaze LOL sqiud/Octopusses with black opal heart's just hillarious but I'm too tired to change. :)

And yes only I would take 700 pictures of bad nail art!

A super busy day, Dragon's Breath and prize goodies!

First are my lovely prizes from recent blog giveaways.
From Anna The Nail Nerd's Viva la Diva giveaway.
The candy is gone and so yummy!

From Jacie of You've got nail Ulta 3 giveaway!

Thank you so much ladies I will be wearing these very soon!

BB Couture Dragon's Breath, from my recent Overall Beauty order, was calling me but I didn't have time to change mani's so I but 1 coat over China Glaze dripping wet and Dayum it awesome!
Sorry for the lightbox pictures, no sunshine today!

You have to click and enlarge these pictures!

There is red, pink, green and blue sparklies in there!

I think this so stunning!

BB Couture is amazing!

Dripping Wet

China Glaze Dripping Wet!
I have been hunting for this polish forever, and Thanks to the sweet Mary of Body & Soul (one of my favorite bloggers), I finally have it!
This is old formula China glaze with all the beautiful, nasty, no no chemicals that made polish so fabulous back in the day. Dripping Wet is a stunning deep wine-ish red jelly and the name truly fits!
I used 3 coats of Dripping wet, I suppose I could have done 4 but was happy at 3, and one coat of Seche Vite. Application was perfect. Jellies are thin so if you aren't used to them use caution to do thin coats so as not to flood your cuticles.

Now a couple in the shade

Now you know why I have been longing for this one for so long!

Glitter Gal 3D: 704 Red The hotness from downunder!!!

Glitter Gal sent me 2 of their 3D polishes to review.
704 red is a gorgeous smooth red glitter with holo glitter intermixed, suspended in a red jelly base.
713 is a smooth copper holo with pink undertones and shines out a perfect holo rainbow.

Back of the bottles so you can see the colors better.
These are available on Glitter Gal's website (they do ship international) RPR $9.95
Or if you are lucky enough to live in Australia well it should be much easier for you.
They also have some beautiful makeup.
Application was a dream, 2 very thin coats to perfectly opaque rich color.
I was going to just swatch both of these beauties but one finger in and I knew I had to do a full manicure.
I will change and wear 713 Copper tomorow.
My only problem with these is that now I desperatly want them all and the Bling collection too!Oh The Black holo and the white are now at the top of my wishlist! hint hint! :)

Normaly I do not like glitters but this is so smooth and more like red glass fleck glitter.

Be prepared I took elevent billion pictures trying to capture how amazing this color really is and because I just love looking at it!

See the gold flecks and the holo glitter

Yes, it's love!
Think Ruby pumps Hot Holo Sister!

BB Couture Ravager! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Isn't that just the sexiest name ever!
Another lovely from by order at Overal Beauty.
This is such a beautiful plum, though I wish the shimmer showed more.
Opaque in 2 thin coats. Beautiful application! I'm loving BB Couture!
Still no sun so more lightbox pictures.
A perfect red based plum creme with secret shimmer

BB Couture has beautiful application
You can almost see the shimmer

This one borders vampy

as always click any picture to enlarge.
What do you think? Do you have any BB Couture favorites?

P2 Private color party collection

I have to thank Lisa aka lilyblack from MUA for swapping with me for these beautiful little Germany hotties!

Attraction       So Cool      Gorgeous
Let's look closer

Attraction is a Hot pink jelly with silver shimmer and flakies that shift from teal to gree to gold.
So cool is a Sheer light blue with silver shimmer and pink flakies.
Gorgeous is a Sheer medium purple with silver shimmer and flakies that shift from green to gold.
Of coarse there is no sun again so all pictures were taken with a lightbox.

This shows the base color and shimmer. 4 oats to opaque so I'll layer next time and with the others.

Click to enlarge and see the pink flakies

I just love this and my pictures do not do it justice at all!

My new banner and a huge Thank You to Toxin

First I have to say a huge thank you with many kisses and hugs to my
friend Toxin of Toxic Lipstick for designing my beautiful new Banner, Sticker/Button and signature!
I love them, you spent so much time and created exactly what I wanted and they as awesome as you!
If you have not checked out her blog, go do it now she is a sweetheart and her blog rocks!

Now there is a reason for everything on my blog, from the background, the banner to the kissey lips!
You see with me everything has a reason and nothing is just what it seems. I'm strange like that.
If you don't want to hear the long winded story(s) make a run for it now!

The kissy lips with the skull and my background are due to Chris (My sweet husband).
For all the years that we have been together he has (and still does) tell me on a daily basis that my kisses are deadly and could stop a man's heart in an instant. (insert Awwwww here)

Now the long one. Why am I so unusually fond of spiders and spider webs?
You all know that I'm Blackfoot (Native American) right? Well there is a very long Story that has been verbally passed through the tribe for well over a thousand years about the Spider woman. I will not try to tell you the entire story as I am not a tribal Storyteller but I'll give you the basics of the story.

kakatôsi kipitáaakii
(The Spider woman)
When Mother Earth was still young and Sun and Moon had placed
The water, plants and animals on her to keep her company, they soon realised that there was no one to care for the Animals and plants. The plants had over grown and crowded out the light of Sun and the animals had multiplied so fast that Mother earth was being suffocated by their masses.

Sun and Moon did not know what to do so they asked the wise Spider Woman who hung the stars.
The Spider woman thought and soon told Sun and Moon that they should create caretakers for Mother Earth. These caretakers would keep the animals from being too many and would keep the plants and trees from hiding the sun from Mother earth's skin.

Sun and Moon asked The Spider Woman if she would create these caretakers.
Spider Woman agreed and begun to spin her webs creating the organs, bones and muscles, then adding threads from Sun and Moons beautiful hair she added skin and hair.
This is how the people of the earth came to be.

The Spider Woman gave one last gift to the Caretakers, she said goodbye to all of her children, selflessly sent them to keep watch over the caretakers and to remind them of their work caring for Mother earth and how delicate, like a spiders web, that life is and how important our job as caretaker truly is. If we take gentle and mindfull care Mother earth will be strong and give us all that we need. If we are mindless, lazy and do not tend to our duties, our web will be weak and be blown away in a gentle shower.

I have left out much of the story but I hope this somewhat explains my love of spiders and their beautiful webs. I do remember my purpose everytime I see a spiderweb or one of The Spider womans children

That is the end of my rambling.

Polk a dots rock!

OK so I admit that my PJ's inspired this that weird? Who cares!

I used Rescue Beauty lounge Bikini Bottom as a base and a dotting tool and french tip white for the polk a dots. I love this manicure as much as I love my jammies!
Bikin Bottom is so perfect!
Polk a dots Rock!
Oh yeah, the Muse PJ's!
How can you not love polk a dots

What is your favorite pattern?