All the Beautiful people

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

I Just thought I would share a picture of my beautiful Oldest Daughter!

She definitly get's her good looks from me!

Spider Kisses

I just thought I would share my All Hallow's Eve mani with my Lovies!

I used Street Wear in Blood as my Base color. It's not a blood red but I love the name and it was a very sweet gift from one of my e-bff's so it makes me happy!

I freehanded my little webs(Spider kisses as I like to call them) with OPI Ghostess with the Mostess and a short thin nail art brush.

For the sweet little spiders I used Konad Image plate m28 and Color Club Worth the Risque.

This is the Dieters Trick or treat bucket

He holds about 3 mini candy bars or 1 full size nail polish! lol
I tried my best to get a picture of my webs glowing in all their glory, but it is Damn hard to take a picture in a pitch black room.

Well that is all for now Lovies. Have a Happy Halloween and be safe!

Zombies, Voodoo, blood and badges!

I am loving my Konad plates and had to play with m13 again.
So this is one coat of wet n wil black with one coat of Sally Hansen no name green mini and for the images I used Konad special polish in Silver!

Zombies and Voodoo dolls make me happy!

Isn't she pretty!

Don't you want to just squeeze Voodoo doll?!

And my bloody Skull! :)

Now I have to share my excitement....
Evil Shades Cosmetics was awarded our Mineral Makeup Mutiny Badge!
Woohoo, happy mosh pit! Seriously I am so proud to be a part of MMM and for my Cosmetic company to carry the badge is just, well beyond exciting for me.
For more info on Mineral Makeup Mutiny you can click on the MMM banner on my sidebar or the badge below!

Halloween bling and cosmetic recipe

I have to share this lovely Franken from the amazingly talented wixbetty of Wixology blog.
She made me this blingy Halloween glitter a couple of months ago and have been dying to try it.
It's a clear base with a ton of orange glitter and two sizes of silvery lilac hex glitter.

I love this! Thank You wixbetty!

Now for some DIY fun!
This is a recipe for a cosmetic fixative (aka mixing medium).
I suppose I could package and sell this but I think that is just greedy and bad buisness, so instead
I want to share it with my Lovies.
This can be used in so many ways: as a spray to give the dewy look,
as a mixing medium to foil your eye shadow, misted on your makeup brush to help your eye shadow
"stick" better, or as an after shower light moisture.

You will need:
A small 4oz spray or squirty bottle
measuring spoons
a funnel if you are at all clumsy(me)
Distilled water
Glycerine (you can get this at any drug store, Walmart, target etc.)
Vitamin E

in your bottle mix 3 Tablespoons Glycerin to 6 Tablespoons Distilled water
add 1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E
Close, shake and you are set!
You can use rose water if you like, I do not as I find it to be a little oily and can cause smearing.

See why I think it's crappy to package and sell this?
It costs less than $1 to make a 4oz bottle and companies charge between $8 and $30 for this.

Good Lovies! xoxox

Lots to share! Nail polish, peacocks and tattoos!

OK so Lovies I will try not to ramble but we all know that I will!

First things first I did my nails last night, Sally Hansen Opulent cloud with middle finger OPI Ink.
Of coarse it has rained all day so I did my best to get acurate pictures.

Oh and my opinion of yesterday...

I love both of these colors. Opulent cloud is a great gray,silvery, purple. Not duochrome in the traditional sense but it does look different in different lighting. OPI Ink is such a great sparklie deep purple!

Now for the Peacock feathers
Remember I did a review of Artisonagogo and her lovely hair clips a couple of weeks ago.
Julie is Awesome and I just thought I would share my new Artisonagogo clips.

I love the Peacock feathers!

The silver skull is shy and does not like to pose for pictures.
Pardon my hair, I'm growing it out...maybe!

Lastly, by Request of the gorgeous Christy of Kronicles of a Konader I am sharing a few of my tattoos.
Like I could tell her no. I am Showing 3 because well the rest are ummm...well in places I don't care to post on the internet! :)

This is my little Rose that I got for my oldest Daughter because she is my little Rose.
It's about 18 years old and a little touch up wouldn't hurt but I love blue and purple and I love this little tat.
Oh it resides on my right outer ankle.

This was done a few years ago by Quan the amazing owner of Animated World in Austin Texas.
This is a Traditional Spirit tattoo from my tribe. Not the tattoo but the placement. Traditionally one will have
a symbol representing themself or their life etc on their left inner wrist. It is a rather long explaination as to why and to some it would sound very strange. But basicly it is a key/name badge for passage into the Spirit world. So Mine is obviously a Turtle which represents strength and well I have needed a lot of strength throughout my life. There are also 4 waves above the turtle, 4 being a very important number to the Blackfeet. 4 is the number of seasons, winds, moon phases, stages of life and so on, 4 is both a very lucky number and a very spiritual number. Water of coarse is life and spirit and nothing is without water.
See and I shortened the explaination....looooong stories cut short. lol

Last and my favorite that can be shown publicly.

This is my name in tattoo form. The Amazing Miss Autumne from Integrity Tattoo Did this gorgeous coverup for me. I love her to death for this. She spent about 8+ hours with her face far too close to my ass creating this art. PS She is wickedly hot which doesn't hurt...girl crush!

So did I bore you to tears?

Horrible, aweful, rotten, not very good day!

I am going to go ahead and post the eye shadow that I made to match my Franken polish,
But I warn you all ahead I look a hot mess and the pictures are in craptastic indoor light.
I am sorry but my heart just wasn't into putting on makeup today.
But I do my best to keep my word, that is very important to me.

I am so sorry for the red puffy cry baby eyes but when my friends hurt I hurt!
I will try to take better pictures of this color as I'm very pleased with it.

Scroll fast if you don't want to hear a rant!

Has no one ever heard if you have nothing nice to say Shut you big fu*king mouth?
If you dissagree with something someone does, says or whatever why would you post it publicly?
Are you 12? Why wouldn't you go directly to that person and talk to them as an adult?
I just don't understand why so many people feel that a public forum is an apropriate place to be intentionally mean and hurtful? And it is intentional when it is pointed out in the manner that it was!
People can BS all they want about thinking blah blah it's gouging but reality is that if you have something of value you want what it's worth. And If that same person had seriously low balled it not one of you nasties would have told her that she was getting ripped off you would have bought it up and treated her like a sucker. So if you don't like what a member that has always been nothing but kind and generous does or say you start a Witch hunt. Every one of you showed your true colors and it's not at all pretty.
Oh and to insinuate that I would not defend a friend if I had not recieved anything from them just shows that you have no clue what friendship really is! Those who just followed along...grow some balls or a spine! If it were you wouldn't you want someone to stand up for you?

I know most of you have no clue what I'm talking about......Crazy Lady Rant Ahhhhhh!
I am sorry! But in the end I stood up for a friend because that is what is right and I don't care if it turns anyone away from me. I would do it for anyone friend or stranger. It's a shit world when no one stands up for one another anymore!

P.S. to those who unsubscribed from my blog over this...Good riddance to bad garbage! I would rather have 3 followers who are true and decent human beings than 300 of your kind!


I love you all and I will try not to pull out my soap box too often! :)

Way too much going on this weekend and I Frankened!

So much to do this weekend and I got lost in the mess!

I did manage to do my 1st good Franken polish! I am just not good at messing with a premade formula.
So I followed some simple steps given to me by the awesome flinty of Polish or Perish (a fabulous blog).
Well amazingly it turned out beautiful and I wish I could capture it on camera better but I suck so these are the best that I could do.

It's actually a more minty green with insane gold shimmer.

This is closer to the actual color.

Yep can't get the damn gold shimmer to show for the life of me!

Oh and how cool is this...

My sweet Husband won this for me, cuz he is awesome like that!

It actually pumps the punch up and out through the eye sockets and comes with a hand (pun intended) skeleton hand ladel! This will be a permenant dinning room table decoration!

OH I did make an eye shadow to match my nail polish and if my allergies will cooperate I'll do an eye look with it to show you!

A sad Konad attempt and a fun eye look

Hello my lovies! Sorry I'm so late to post today.
I was feeling a little goofy today and so I played with my new Konad goodies from wowsocool.
I wanted to do a cool fishnet french mani but as you know my nails are a little on the long side and the full nail images are far from long enough so creative design came into play. I need to work on my placement and practice a bit but all in all I like it!

I used OPI I'm Not really a waitress as my base color. Plate m57 with Special polish in silver for the fishnet and WnW black for the lace and freehanded tips.
Not bad for a first try.

Now I started plating with eye shadow this evening....cuz well that's what I do!

Ummmm...someone had a little bit of a shaky hand after way too much coffee!

Oh looky there's mu nose....I love my nose! Oh incase you hadn't figured it out...I'm a little weird!

I love my Full 'n soft mascara

Deep set eyes kind of suck because when you open your eye your eye shadow disapears! :(

Yeah I'm not wearing ANY makeup except for my eyes so pardon the rest of my face.

Here is what I used:
MAC Parfait Amour on lid
Evil Shades Abyss on Crease and just above
Evil Shades Devils Bonfire to highlight the web and add sparklies
Silver glitter for inner corner
Palladio Liquid liner in Black on upper lash line and to draw the web.
Urban Decay 24/7 in Lust on lower lash line
Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara in Black

So now you know that I love fishnet and spiderwebs and crazy things happen when I get bored and drink too much coffee!

P.S. I still hate MAC this e/s blows it took forever to build any color and the pigmentation is far below the quality of many less expensive brands. I only keep this one because it was a gift. This is not a ploy to sell my Evil Shades. Seriously E.L.F. has better pigmentation than a lot of MAC e/ yourself some money and get HIP or Rimmel or any of a ton of small cosmetic companies that don't over charge you for a label!
Sorry, end Rant!

Evil Shades cosmetics weekly special

From 10/23 through 10/29/09
Free Sample set of Illusions Eye Shadows with all $15 dollar or more purchase!

Orders over $25 get the Sample set of Illusions and a free 3 gram pot of gloss!
I will be posting pretties soon!

WowSoCool Konad review and Discount code

Hello Lovies,

I am so excited to do this review on wowsocool!
I ordered a few plates and some of the Special polishes.
First I have to say that Jessica at WowSoCool is very helpful and did not get annoyed at my never ending questions, such great customer service!
Second My package came very fast and well packaged, which is a big deal to me because I am terribly impatient and get pissed if my goodies come broken or in less than great shape.
Now I give you fair warning that I am a Konad newbie. I have a couple of fauxnad plates that I've played with a couple of times but I am totally new to this.
Konad plates work sooooooooo much better than fauxnad and hot topic stamp plates! I need to work on my placement and all because I have VERY narrow nail beds and my nb's are very curved and I have a strong dragon lady curve to my nail which complicates placement a tiny bit.
Enough blabbering. I did these over my very badly in need of being redone manicure of Liquid Euphoria Bliss. I used plate m13 (the wicked cool Halloween plate) with Special polish in Silver so it would show easily.

Plate image picture is from wowsocool
As always click any picture to make it gianormous (You have figured out that I can't spell right? ^__^)

I just love the little knife with the bling star!

Googly skull

Zombie Girl (She's my new BFF)

Voodoo doll complete with his own mini me voodoo baby!
I did not do a close up of the blood drips because I totaly f*cked it up taking pictures since I did not put top coat over these. (Changing polish later)
I LOooooooooooovvvvvvveeeee this plate and I will be using it year round! What says I love you more than a Zombie Valentine mani? And Blood drips are an everyday useful item! hehe
I am officially a Konaddict!

Now the really awesome part:
The sweet and lovely Jessica from WowSoCool
Has set up an amazing discount code for my Lovies!
 30% off of everything except the build your own kit (which is already ridiculously discounted).
 The code is EvilAngel (so you can think of me while you buy your own Zombie girl) also you'll get Free Shipping on all orders over $20 in the US and Canada!

Thank You Jessica for your help with my order and general craziness!

New blog to check out....

OK Ladies you have to check out this's called Jesserka
I love it to pieces! Jessica is a doll and her blog is great. She covers everything from her nail polish, food (some yummy recipes), her life and her blatant lust for Coheed and Cambria's Claudio!
Seriously go check her blog and I promise you'll like it and you'll love Jessica (I do)!

Birthday wishes and 100+ giveaway

First I want to wish Lucy a very Happy Birthday, good
Health, Happiness, great friendships and many more Birthdays to come! You are a doll Lucy and I appreciate you being a part of our little blog family! Love ya muches xoxo, Evil Angel

I did happen to mention last night that I would have a little surprise today.
Well I have reached 100+ followers and I thought it might be suiting to have a little giveaway to show my appreciation for all of my Lovies! So I thought I would giveaway one of my Nail Art necklaces...but not just any, The one to be given away will be the winners choice of either a heart design or my little skull friend. The winner will also have their choice of colors for their custom necklace. All hand made with love and smooches by your crazy little Evil Angel just for you!
Here are the two styles I have at current:

Yes this one is open to ALL of my Lovies everywhere!(yes you must be a follower to enter)
To Enter just post a comment below saying what you might choose!
For extra entries:
You can post about this on your blog, tweet or post on your facebook or Myspace.
1 extra entry for each and you can post it all in one you do not have to do them in seperate comments.
Contest ends 11-04-09
I Thank You all very much for reading my crazy ramblings!
xxoox -Evil Angel