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Way too much going on this weekend and I Frankened!

So much to do this weekend and I got lost in the mess!

I did manage to do my 1st good Franken polish! I am just not good at messing with a premade formula.
So I followed some simple steps given to me by the awesome flinty of Polish or Perish (a fabulous blog).
Well amazingly it turned out beautiful and I wish I could capture it on camera better but I suck so these are the best that I could do.

It's actually a more minty green with insane gold shimmer.

This is closer to the actual color.

Yep can't get the damn gold shimmer to show for the life of me!

Oh and how cool is this...

My sweet Husband won this for me, cuz he is awesome like that!

It actually pumps the punch up and out through the eye sockets and comes with a hand (pun intended) skeleton hand ladel! This will be a permenant dinning room table decoration!

OH I did make an eye shadow to match my nail polish and if my allergies will cooperate I'll do an eye look with it to show you!


  1. That punch bowl is wild! Good time of year to collect all the kinds of things that you like for decorations. Your franken did turn out beautifully. An eyeshadow to match would be nice.
    How do you make them? I can see the gold flash in the picture.

  2. Thank You Lucy!

    Yes I love hitting the after Halloween clearances for my home decor. (I really do this, lol)

    Here is what I used to make the polish:
    3/4 bottle of Wet n wild clear
    almost 1/4 bottle of WetnWild white
    about 1/2 gram of bright green pigment.
    1/8 Gram of gold flake powder.
    add Stainless Steel balls and shake it like you mean it!

  3. Love the punch bowl, that's great! Your Franken is stunning. Such a pretty shade and I love the shimmer, it's luminous.

  4. Love it!!! Minty green is my favorite nail color.

    That punch thing is great! My husband would flip for it! Our house is all decked out for Halloween, but then we never do anything for Christmas haha

  5. Mary- Thank you! I'm new to the softer shades but I love green so this is very me.

    I love all greens!
    We are aren't big on Xmas decorations but Halloween is Mine and My Husbands favorite holiday so we go all out!

  6. I love that franken! And that punchbowl is so awesome!!!!

  7. Making your own polish...and awesome polish a are a goddess my dear!

    Love the color!


  8. they look awesome! can't wait to see the eyeshadow.

    cool punchbowl too!!!

  9. I love your franken.

    Your dh is so sweet, the way to womans heart a skull punch bowl :D

  10. Frog Queen- You are too kind! TY

    Diane- i will do my best to post the eye shadow tomorrow.

    Jessica- What more could a girl want? I nice blood gushing skull punch bowl and a nice green mani. lol

  11. loving the minty green shade and the skull fountain is so fun! :)

  12. I LOVE your punch bowl! That is brilliant! I would use that at any village functions I have! That'll freak out the villagers!!!


  13. I love the polish. And the skull punch bowl is awesome!

  14. That franken is sweet! Thanks for the recipe too, I'm going to file that away for future reference. The punch bowl is kick ass.
    I'm a little tired of Halloween stuff though. :( It's been a PITA cleaning up my Halloween aisles at work!

  15. I don't think I'd ever make a lovely shade like that, beautiful!
    I love the punch bowl. :)


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