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My I had a job interview "normal" look

I thought, just to prove that I can look "normal" ,I should share these with you.
I had a job interview with a crazy woman (did not know this prior) on Thursday so I had to look "normal"
Not an easy task for me as I think normal and I do not get on well. But here is the proof that if need be I can look like the 36 year old Mother of a buttload of kids, going to a PTA meeting and baking cookies all day.

Now before you laugh your butts off this was about 9 hours after I did my hair and makeup. (OH look at those crows feet)

I am wearing Evil Shades Suffocation applied wet with Abyss outer V and Moonlit as a hilight.
Suffocation is maybe the most perfect pink for me, if you use a mixing medium when applying it the blue sheen really pops on the pink base.

And then I finally got to relax and be me again, but I was too lazy to wash my face.

And this my lovely Husband just being him! Isn't he pretty!?

OK well there you go proof that "normal" is possible yet still not at all my thing.
Night Lovies I'm going to go listen to some non normal music and relax with my crazy family!


  1. You're such a spunk! (I probably should explain that, in Australia, a spunk is an attractive person). Big Spunk!

  2. I like that! In the Us we use the term spunky as in "you are so spunky", meaning full of life.
    I like yours better!

  3. dearie,

    I think you look great normal too!
    hee... and love that hairy pink =P

  4. My 8 year old Daughter has great taste in faux hair.

  5. Just so you know, you are so pretty! Both PTA pretty and awesome EVIL pretty!

  6.'re sweet and you love heavy metal...we could so be friends! lol

  7. Love the eye makeup! I need to learn how to play with saturated color.

  8. You are soooooo cute. I can TOTALY see you as my notsomucholder sister. :) And oh yeah, your husband is just as crazy as you are. LOL

  9. I would adopt you as my little Sis anyday!
    And yes my Husband is a nut case as well, maybe that's why we adore eachother so much!

  10. Love your pics! So cute. :) You so do look very attractive & welcoming.

    Hahaha I love the wacky pics definitely something I would do. x

  11. And that really is just a normal day around here. We don't watch TV at all so we are very self entertaining. Our kids don't need cartoons they have us!

  12. How did the interview go?
    Beautiful normal and not normal. I love how you did your eyeshadow.

  13. TY! The interview was horrible, the Woman was nuts and not in a good way. She kept talking over her shoulder and nobody was there! Me thinks she was a bit too kooky to be my boss!

  14. You look gorgeous as always! You're husband looks quite ravashing w/ his pink hair too :D

    Sorry the interview didn't go to well with crazy lady, another one will come along.

  15. He is quite pretty in pink!

    Yes, I want to be the craziest person where I work, those are the rules!

  16. The interview sounds hilarious! Oh the irony of you making yourself look normal in order to fit in when the whole time the so called normal interviewer was the real wackadoddle!

    I understand completely however! Any interviews I have I am found digging around for my brown eyeshadow and extra long sleeved jacket to cover the tattoos!

    Oh our day shall come :-)


  17. Someday I'll open an Evil Shades Brick and Mortar and that's it I'm only hiring people with tattoos, piercings and non human colored hair!
    It will be my own little heaven!

  18. Aw you look so cute with your "normal" makeup! Although, I highly prefer you with your pink hair :P

  19. Me too but alas the fake pink hair is all I can do until I am employed again....then all bets are off and Manic Panic is back.

  20. GIRL! You are GORGEOUS!
    it's so nice to have a face to go with all your sweetness!
    especially since I have such a hard time seeing the tiny profile picture!

    oh and tell your husband he should really think about dyeing his hair pink, it really brings out his eyes!

    Also, may I just say I don't believe in "normal" normal is what ever you feel best in!

    And I'd really love to see more makeup looks from you! But "You" style make-up!

  21. I promise you will see many more of the real me looks!
    I'm still trying to convince my husband that pink really is his color!

  22. How pretty you are all normal. Do you have a picture of yourself in your own "normal" makeup? I'd love to see you in your regular face! Love the picture of your husband. Doesn't he look adorable in the wig! Shame the interview didn't go well. Hopefully there will be something better in the near future.


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