All the Beautiful people

Lots to share! Nail polish, peacocks and tattoos!

OK so Lovies I will try not to ramble but we all know that I will!

First things first I did my nails last night, Sally Hansen Opulent cloud with middle finger OPI Ink.
Of coarse it has rained all day so I did my best to get acurate pictures.

Oh and my opinion of yesterday...

I love both of these colors. Opulent cloud is a great gray,silvery, purple. Not duochrome in the traditional sense but it does look different in different lighting. OPI Ink is such a great sparklie deep purple!

Now for the Peacock feathers
Remember I did a review of Artisonagogo and her lovely hair clips a couple of weeks ago.
Julie is Awesome and I just thought I would share my new Artisonagogo clips.

I love the Peacock feathers!

The silver skull is shy and does not like to pose for pictures.
Pardon my hair, I'm growing it out...maybe!

Lastly, by Request of the gorgeous Christy of Kronicles of a Konader I am sharing a few of my tattoos.
Like I could tell her no. I am Showing 3 because well the rest are ummm...well in places I don't care to post on the internet! :)

This is my little Rose that I got for my oldest Daughter because she is my little Rose.
It's about 18 years old and a little touch up wouldn't hurt but I love blue and purple and I love this little tat.
Oh it resides on my right outer ankle.

This was done a few years ago by Quan the amazing owner of Animated World in Austin Texas.
This is a Traditional Spirit tattoo from my tribe. Not the tattoo but the placement. Traditionally one will have
a symbol representing themself or their life etc on their left inner wrist. It is a rather long explaination as to why and to some it would sound very strange. But basicly it is a key/name badge for passage into the Spirit world. So Mine is obviously a Turtle which represents strength and well I have needed a lot of strength throughout my life. There are also 4 waves above the turtle, 4 being a very important number to the Blackfeet. 4 is the number of seasons, winds, moon phases, stages of life and so on, 4 is both a very lucky number and a very spiritual number. Water of coarse is life and spirit and nothing is without water.
See and I shortened the explaination....looooong stories cut short. lol

Last and my favorite that can be shown publicly.

This is my name in tattoo form. The Amazing Miss Autumne from Integrity Tattoo Did this gorgeous coverup for me. I love her to death for this. She spent about 8+ hours with her face far too close to my ass creating this art. PS She is wickedly hot which doesn't hurt...girl crush!

So did I bore you to tears?


  1. that last tattoo is really amazing!!! love the spider! and, personally, i loved the short version of your story about the turtle. maybe you'll expand on it further one day. i'd love to hear about it. and of course, the cute little rose for your little rose! sweet! i love showing off my tattoos too - well, i guess who doesn't?? lol

    also lovin' the nails!

    p.s. i think i said the word 'love' in some form about eighty times! hah!

  2. egads! i got so caught up in the tattoos i forgot to mention how IN LOVE (lol) i am with your hair doodles!! i need me some!

  3. Diane- I love that you love my lovely post Lovie! LOL
    You are awesome!

    My Husband keeps telling me to put my hair clips away so they don't get messed up...wah? Why would I put them up me and the girls are wearing them, cuz they rock!

  4. Your tattoos are great, I wish I was brave enough to get one! I love the hair clips too!

  5. gildedangel- Thank You! I would love to lie to you and so oh it doesn't hurt...blah blah. But they did hurt but not in a serious way, more of an annoying minor pain. Except for my wrist...that was shear torture, it hurt so bad that Quan actually felt bad. Which is why I've never had the few little lines that faded touched up...I'm chicken!

  6. Thank come over and teach me how to blend my eye shadow! You have skillz!

  7. I love the hair clips! Thanks for sharing your tattoos. I think we should all post our tattoos. I love seeing everyones!

  8. Where do I start!?! How about top to bottom thats easy and even for me.

    Your nails are pretty the blue I think brings out/brightens up the Opulent Cloud, it looks great and your ring is stunning.

    Thank you for sharing the hair clips. Beautiful just like you said. I might have to get a peacock one even though my hair is super short, I love peacocks I can't help it, childhood memory.

    Oh and tattoos, I love ink! Your back is something else, especially considering that was a coverup, that girl does amazing work, you can't even tell it was a cover up, she is fantastic! I love your rose and turtle story too. I'd like to hear more about the turtle story sometime too if you dont mind sharing!

  9. Polish'd Cindy- i agree I think we should all share out tattoos, I love to see people's art!

    Jess- Thank you, DH is Scottish and wanted something unique and big for my wedding set so a friend of ours in Scotland made them for him.

    I knew you'd love the peacock clip. And the way it's made you don't have to have long hair to wear it.

    Miss Autumne is an amazing artist and even though she looks like an Amazon that you kick you butt in a split second, she is the sweetest Southern doll ever!

  10. Very hot clips.

    But I do wonder now.. what did "Angel" cover up?

  11. Brandy- lol shockingly that is the only part of the origional tattoo, touched up of coarse.
    You don't believe I'm an angel? *bats eyelashes and adjusts halo*

  12. Those are so beautiful and meaningful!! I love the story behind the turtle!

    Your nails are the shit. Except I am very offended that you flicked me off XD

    Your hairclips are gorgeous! Once I get some money, I'd really love to check them out!!

  13. Lisa Kate- Thank You hun, they all have great meaning to me all 12!

    I did not flick you off....that was an offer! lol

    Julie makes badass hair clips.

  14. Beautiful nails,beautiful hair clips,and beautiful ink.I love the meanings behind all of them :)

  15. That OC looks really great on you. I think I didn't deserve the middle finger, but I'll just pretend like I didn't see it. :))
    Those hair clips look awesome. Especially on your black hair. Love it!
    And for the tattoos: I love the explanation for the left wrist one. I have my key to the spiritual life too! :)

  16. Your tattoos are FANTASTIC. I love them. I might be brave enough and show mine. Well I won't show one because that one is on my cheek ..... and I don't mean the cheek on my face!
    How many do you have?


  17. Pinkginger- Thank You!

    Nihrida- I'm just showing off OPI Ink in all it's

    Jodes- Thank you, I had some great Tattoo artists. I have 12 tattoos at this point...I am sure that more will come!

  18. You are just too sweet!

    I LOVE them all!
    I absolutly love tattoos with meaning! they are all beautiful! I especially love the lower back tatt, man that is just gorgeous!
    as are you my dear!

    oh, and i just got OPI Ink this past weekend, and WOW, yeah i'm in love!

    I got my flower clip!
    I'll try to nab a pic this weekend to show it off!

    LOVE the peacock one!

  19. O.K. So this is a post of complete loveliness and I am overwhelmed.
    Let's sum up!

    Nails: Freakin' beautiful!

    Hair clips: Enough to make me want to grow my hair out, they are so gorgeous!

    Tats: Amazing. I love the art and meaning in them all. I don't have any myself but I love my husband's.

    You: Lovely, lovely woman who makes me smile!

  20. Thank you for sharing your tattoos and the stories behind them. I love it when people really consider the ink they wear and let it be a true expression of the self.

    The peacock and skull hair clip is fetching. I adore it!

    I have to wear my Opulent Cloud! Today I face the rain with zombies.

  21. PowerLiftChick- I bet that clip looks stunning on you!
    OPI Ink is such a great color, Idon't know why I hadn't worn it before.

    Mighty Lambchop- You are just so awesome! ((hugs))

    paintedladyfingers- Nothing makes a rainy day more tolerable than Zombies!

  22. The more I see Opulent Cloud, the more I like it. I know what you mean about cruddy weather. I've been wanting to photograph Hard Candy Lava for over a week, and the sun just won't come out.

    All of the hair clips are gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for peacock feathers as well.

    Thanks for sharing some of your tattoos. I always find it interesting when people share the meaning behind tattoos, because they are so personal.

  23. I don't know what happened but I left a comment very early on. Crap! Anyway your nails look beautiful as usual. I love how opi's Ink just stands out proudly! I have to get me a bottle. Those hair clips are fantastic. If I would have gone on the site when I said I was I probably would have had my own. Doctor appointments and stuff got in the way. Love all your tattoos. I especially love the background story of your turtle. It's what makes us human, having a story to tell about our heritage. Your the most wonderful evilangel!


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