All the Beautiful people

I have Funky Fingers......

Nail Polish that is!
The Lovely Jessica from Polish or Perish sent me some goodies,
One of which is my very first Funky Fingers nail polish. It is an awesome Neon Purple with fabulous blue shimmer. We all know I am addicted to shimmer! So I had to use this one because, well it's got blue shimmer! I need a back up bottle of this one, because I am in love!

Funky Fingers Sound Machine Purple

I love the bottle shape!

Look at that blue shimmer!

This is the closest to true color that I could get. It's actually a bit darker and more neonish irl.
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P.S. If anyone knows how to contact the blogger Mrs. Color Me please either PM me or contact her and let her know that her Comment function is not working on her blog. I can tell her how to fix it, but she does not have any contact info. Thank You!


  1. Awesome polish!
    How close is it to Color Club's Ultra Violet? In your pictures it looks very similar :)
    Very gorgeous!

  2. I imagine since they are made by the same company, it's probably identicle. But I like the name Funky Fingers. lol Oh sorry my dork is showing!

  3. Oooo this is gorgeous & the first time I've heard of 'Funky Fingers'
    It's a dupe for Urban Decay Fishnet shadow.

  4. LOVE that purple.

    Now I need some.

  5. That's some gorgeous purple nails there! Love those Funky Fingers! I've never heard of the brand. Your nails looks amazing.

  6. I just posted about this very thing on my blog. CC Ultra Violet & Funky Fingers Sound Machine Purple are indeed exact dupes, as is CC Wild And Willing and FF Bourbon St!


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