All the Beautiful people

Beauty is what?

Good Morning Lovies,

I had a question asked of me and it really made my wheels turn. What do you love about you? Interesting question.

We all know how thing twist about in my head and pop out as something totally different well not so much this time.

I ask you my beloved readers to ponder this and post your answer if you would.

What is beautiful about you?

Answer in whatever way your mind twists it, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…whatever!

Those of you who know me know that my views on beauty are far from the mainstream ideas. I have never like for beauty to fit in a little box labeled and tied with a bow. My view of beauty is rather outside of the box, unlabeled and changes with each person. I will admit that I have met some ugly people, but I believe that the ugly I see emits from within that person and is not necessarily a physical unattractiveness.

If you don’t want to post your answer please take a few minutes and at least answer it to yourself.

I will go first.

What is beautiful about me….

Physically: My crooked smile, my nose (I love my nose) I inherited this not so tiny nose from my Mother’s side and it is a good Blackfoot nose, My not even close to small bum because I believe my husband and he says it’s beautiful.

Non physical: I think my perspective is beautiful, I look for beauty when most don’t bother. This one is much harder to answer.

I think my point is that I believe, honestly, that most people are beautiful and that it is more something that shines from within that person than their genetic makeup. Call me crazy but an angry, starving, model with a selfish attitude is not very attractive, Nor is a Man whom thinks that the world should fall at his feet and adore his chiseled features. Bah! Give me a sweet, intelligent, honest person and I’ll show you a beautiful creature that could capture the hearts of any man!

OK I know I’m rambling! Before I stop my ramble I want to say to you all that you are beautiful, physically and in spirit and that is why I refer to you as my lovies!


  1. I agree 100%. I can't even tell you how many beautiful people I see on a daily basis (men and women) but such horrible attitudes that it makes them so unattractive. It's all in the eye of the beholder!

  2. I know a lot of beautiful people that would never be offered the cover of Vogue or Cosmo or whatever and I've known a lot of people that would be slapped on the covers of any magazine but they are very ugly people.
    Give me an inner beauty any day and I'll be a happy girl!

  3. I have always been attracted to inner beauty.

    Physically:I love my eyebrows.I love my dark long lashes.

    Non physical:I think my helpfulness and openness

  4. That's it lovie, Those attributes shine from withing and will draw "beautiful" people to you!

  5. That's a tough one! I'd say my eyes are pretty decent. Physically body wise, nothing. I'm working on it and it will take me a long time. My beauty I feel is on the inside. I've always been told I'm a very nice person. A friend told me I was disguistingly nice. Everyone thinks she's a bitch and I'm very nice. Well she was one but I still liked her. I try to always find somthing good in people. I'm always attracted to pretty things. I believe that's because I'm a Libra. I try to be nice to all since I didn't always receive the same treatment. I was picked on and tormented in school for being chubby. I don't want to be mean to anyone. I can be mean in my mind buy I don't let it out.

  6. Lucy,
    I want you to stand in front of a full length mirror everyday for 5 minutes and find and name 5 beautiful things about your body! They are that Lovie you just aren't seeing them!
    I see them, you are beautiful inside and out!

  7. I think like that a lot of times! :)

    There is nothing I love about myself...maybe it sounds sad, but that's just the way it is. I like my hair and the color of my eyes. I also like my dark side. A lot of people say that there's something dark about me. I like that. :)

  8. I bookmarked this post, because I wanted to respond when I had time.
    I work with the public, and I see alot women. Some are pretty, some are beautiful, and some are pretty and beautiful.
    Pretty comes from genes, beauty is acquired. There is a big difference between the two. I'll try to explain;
    With luck, anyone can be pretty, but being beautiful comes with age/maturity.
    A beautiful woman is is someone who is comfortable in her own skin, knows her flaws, knows how to downplay them and bring out her strengths. She is honest with herself and knows what she can "pull off" style wise. A beautiful woman knows what flatters her body and exudes confidence wherever she goes.
    A beautiful woman will NEVER go for a fad because it's the flavor of the month.
    While I don't think I am pretty, I do think I am beautiful. I have a strong sense of "personal style". I know what looks great on me, and wear it well with confidence.


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