All the Beautiful people

Upon request I am going to post my manicure's

 Nihrida suggested that I post them and since I can't say no to her I will try to post these in addition to my normal posts!

Warning if you do not enjoy Dragon lady tallons Do Not scroll down!!

This one is OPI Kinky in Helsinki, I love the name!

and as if that weren't naughty enough I had to add Revlon's Nude Nightie on top! Why you ask because I wanted super Kinky nails!


  1. I love that combination; the names work perfectly!

  2. Yay! Thank you so much! Your nails are gorgeous and this color is truly kinky. Just the right thing for you. :)))

  3. Your nails are GORGEOUS - I want to see more of them!

  4. I promise that I will do my best to flash my nails to you all at least a few times times a week!

  5. I would do anything to have your nails! I shall have to make do with the horrid little stubs I have!

    Loving your blog



  6. Lyndsay
    Thank you, I'm loving Blogging.
    No snubbing nubbins! There is nothing hotter than 10 nubbins sporting a great Vampy nail polish!

  7. Oh GOOD! I'm so glad you caved, I have no objection to the length of your nails whatsoever! I just wish I could grow mine that long and a. Function - horribly klutzy me can't seem to, and b. Actually keep them, I break them long before they get to that length.
    This mani is GORGEOUS! I love the hot pink, it's so over the top and that's the way I like my pinks :)

  8. Thank You Nicole!
    I have the opposite problem, I cannot function with short nails and mine break when I try to keep them shorter. Craziness!

  9. Wow, You have some pukka nails! Any colour nail polish would look good on you. x

  10. Yellow and orange nail polish look disgusting on me oh and anything pale looks aweful! But you give me a good vampy and I'm set!

  11. Oranges remind me of Halloween, I think they would look gorgeous on you, but hey I dislike yellow nail polish I can't ever see myself wearing them. x


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