All the Beautiful people

I feel like doody but here's my sicky face...

I started feeling like Gah this afternoon and now
I officially feel like crap on a stick! But it is my Son's 5th Birthday so the show must go on!
So I did my best to put on a smidge of makeup, I don't want him to look back at pictures and think Dayum Mom you look like Hell! So I am wearing no foundation or coverup, my hair looks like something the kitty coughed up and my eyes are all dark and puffy. Now that the disclaimers are over here's mu face.

Oh and it's raining so all craptastic indoor lighting. Though this picture is a great representation of my Evil Shades Zombie eye shadow. I used Zombie on the lid, Double Barrel in the crease and blended out and Moonlit to highlight. Yes Moonlit is my favorite Highlight because it's shparklied and I am a sucker for sparkles! I used Palladio liquid liner in black on my upper lash line and for my sad attempt at a psuedo cat eye. Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero smudged on lower lash line and on water line. I use E.L.F. no shine or anti shine powder (can't remember the name) it has no color so you get to see my Blackfoot/Norwiegian odd skin coloring. I used a tiny bit of Urban Decay Fetish Blush (yes I bought it for the name) and Urban decay lip stick in Voodoo with Evil Shades Lethal Kiss gloss over it. Oh and Maybelline Full n Soft mascara in waterproof Black. This is my favorite mascara! I forgot to use primer on my eyes so yes I creased!

Hmmm.....Doo that Voodoo that you doo!

See why I love Full and ya do ya hmmmm....

I cannot believe that I love you guys enough to post these publicly! Can you say puffy!

Oh man that's so bad...mug shot!

Oh and to keep my promise of posting somethin pretty...

My newest creation! My prototype! He maybe comming soon to my website!

This guy is so cute he just sits there between my boobs being cute and holographic.

I will try to get some better pictures of his holo if we ever get sunshine. I might make him a little smaller or maybe give him some sexy red sparkly eyes.

Well I'm off to sip some hot tea and wallow in my illness!


  1. Get better soon - and you look great in your pics!

    Love the little skull - is she a metal charm?

  2. Thank You Lovie, You're sweet!

    No he's hand made polymer/ceramic mix. Made totaly by my two little hands from start to finish.

  3. oh dear! hope you get better soon dearie!
    *sends you get well vibes*

  4. I hope you feel better soon!
    I like the look :)
    The highlighter is pretty.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! All you needed was a smile and you would look beautiful Oh Evil One! Sorry your feeling like crap. Love your little friend. Nice job.

  6. Sorry you feel bad. I love that eye shadow color and by the way, is that a Casualties poster behind you!?! That's one of my husbands favorite bands!

  7. Thank You! Zombie is my new favorite.

    Yes it is The Casualties Under Attack promo poster!
    I Looooovvveee The Casualties! Your Husband has great taste!

  8. Hope you get better soon. Sparkle eyes would set him off great. he look cute. I like him

  9. I think you are right! He needs some blingy eyes...firey!

  10. feel better miss! love your little skull guy... does he happen to look holo like MPJ? cuz that would be awsome!

  11. I hope that you feel better soon!

  12. Thank You Lovie! I'm sipping tea and hoping for this to pass quickly

  13. You don't look sick, but still - hope you'll get better soon. Happy B-day to your little one!

    I love your lashes! Must get that mascara now. :) And the color of your eyes...WOW!

    You did that skull yourself? I'm amazed! It looks great!

  14. Yes he is my new little friend...but I will post new pictures because he now has sparkly eyes!

  15. Feel better!
    and happy birthday to your son!

    I cant believe you made that by hand! WOW you are one talented chica!

  16. Aww get better soon! You look soo good and your ill?
    Zombie shadow & Voodoo gloss looks amazing. I also think the necklace is gorgeous and Happy Birthday to your son. :) x

  17. wish i looked that good when i'm sick!

    hope your son had a great bday!

  18. Sicky face is beautiful. I hope you feel better soon!

  19. I love you ya big lier you! ((hugs))


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