All the Beautiful people

The Hot Guy picked my manicure

the Hot guy went with me to sally when I wanted to scope out
the Tronica's and he insisted that along with Techno Teal I get finger Paints Carnation Creation because it matches my hair and it has a ring that as he put it is " Effin' sweet" so how could I say no.
I layered Techno Teal over CC
Carnation Creation is a beautiful Teal creme but it's application was horrible!
Goopy, streaky, thick and uneven and that was after adding thinner.
Techno Teal is a lovely sparse holo, a bit sheer but layering works wonders
I only wish the sun had made an appearance so you could see the holo
It is sparse but still very pretty
I love both of these colors and TT is just as pretty when the holo is hiding