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7 Choices Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Nihrida !
Here is how this one works: The tagger chooses the color (Nihrida chose purple, big shock), and I have to
take a picture of 7 things that fit that color. Here are my 7 favorite purple goodies.

1. My favorite purple panties! I'm sure you are all totally shocked that I wear skull panties. lol
2. My favorite shampoo Beyond the zone Straight shot, because my hair is naturally curly and a big PITA.
3. 2 of my favorite purple nail polishes: RBL Scrangie and China Glaze CCCourage.
4. My favorite lip gloss My Evil Shades Suffocation
5. The only color application "brush" I will use, it's silicone and it rocks.
6. My adorable purple no name glitter lipstick.
7. My favorite mu remover, Urban Decay Clean & Sobber.

Now I get to tag 7 bloggers hehe:
And Finally My color choice is...............Red! I know big surprise!


  1. I love your purple skull panties.
    Nice showing of purple.

  2. Just did my post! xx
    I love the mermaid on the UD remover! Skull knickers are cute. x

  3. How fun! I can't wait to do this!

    The skull panties are way cute! Suffocation is a GREAT color!

  4. I see London I see France I see Evil Angel's underpants!!

    Couldn't resist! :) Great purple collection!

  5. At least they are clean and neatly folded! :)

  6. I never in a million years thought you'd wear purple skull panties! Love all your purple stuff. I think this is an interestig tag.

  7. :)))) I love your panties! So cute! The other items look really interesting too, especially those hair thing-ies. I didn't know your hair is curly. :O


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