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Sweetly You Review

I had the opportunity to review a few products from Sweetly You
I recieved a Sample of their Travel Perfume, Foaming bath butter and Moisturizing Spray lotion all in Tropical Nectar scent.

(Pictures are from Sweetly You website)

The first thing I have to say is that I am extremely picky about scents and I only own 3 Perfumes for this reason. I have Asthma and a lot of fragrances make it hard for me to breathe or give me migranes. So my first test was to open the travel Perfume and sit it on my desk for a while to make sure I did not react badly to it. Verdict YAY, no headache and no Asthma attack.
I absolutly LOVE the scent, it is fruity but not candy smelling, very fresh and yes Tropical with a soft floral undertone. I really love that none of these have an overpowering fragrance but it stays on your skin all day.
Foaming Bath Butter: $9.86
All I can say is I need the big jar now. It foams up nicely and has little beads that exfoliate gently and it left my skin super soft but not greasy. Luxury in a Jar!

Moisturizing spray lotion:$6.26 (4oz) $8.96 (8oz)
This is the lotion I've been hunting for forever and a day.
This is perfect for summer or those days when you are in a huge hurry but don't want to skip the important steps. It's a nice light lotion, sprays in a gentle mist and best of all, unlike most spray lotions there is no burn when sprayed on freshly shaved skin! I also used this on my Son who has Eczema and he hates being lotioned. He did great, stood still for the 30 seconds it took to spray him from head to toe and he was very happy that his itchies felt better. So now I need a few full size bottles of this as well.

Travel Perfume:$3.56
Yummmy! This is perfect to toss in your purse. It's a solid perfume so no leaking and you just dab a little on your pulse points and you smell fab all day!

All in all Sweetly You get's high marks from me! Great customer service, Very good prices, fair shipping, they have sales (I love sales), A great selection of scents and products, great gift sets, and Jelly Bellys....Come on what is better than ordering a a set of great bath goodies and a bag of candy to go with it? One stop Bath bliss! :) Sweetly You has earned a permenant spot on my etailer list!
 I have found my Bath store! I have my list of Scents I want to try and other products I have to get, maybe Santa will get me some Bath goodies!

I recieved samples free of charge from the company to review. This in no way influences my review. All products are reviewed without bias and reviews are my honest opinion of the products tested.


  1. Theses sound pretty good. I love perfume and have asthma. Thankfully I'm not bothered by perfume unless it's worn strong. Then I can't breathe! I use Marilyn Miglin fragrances. They usually don't react with people who have allergies or asthma. She has a delicious fragrance called Destiny. It's made with all white flowers. It's a very light fragrance. I get tons of compliments when I use it. It's sold on HSN if you ever want to check her out. I love a nice solid perfume. I'll have to look this company up. Glad you found something good for your son. I love Jelly Bellys also! I even have one of my own.! Love ya.

  2. Sounds yummy. Any coconut and or pineapple fragrance in this one?


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