All the Beautiful people

Helllllllloooooooo Alice!

So I had a little swap with Kris from My lucid bubble
(She went way overboard, don't listen to her if she says she didn't)
Anywho. The deal is there is no where here that carries Funky Fingers and Kris offered
to get me a few and so we set up a little surprise swap.
See I told you she went over the top.
I'm sitting here in the dark and forgot to note the names so I will add that in tomorrow.
See there in the back, she found and bought my beloved Heavy Duty Hand Cream.
Oh and those Funky Lips glos have holo glitter in them, fabulous!
Thank you Kris you are the sweetness! Muah!

I decided to try Alice.
A medium blue foil/metallic

Sexy, goregeous, love right!

Glowy goodness

A little bling shot

Alice up close and personal
I LOVE this color! The formula is awesome, no streaky brushstroke hell.
2 coats to opaque and love!


  1. wow!! thats really stunning!!

  2. No surprise You love this colour, its awesome!

  3. That color is insane! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I did NOT go overboard. Hmph! I knew that would look amazing on you! I was hoping you would swatch it first. HaHa!

  5. that color is to drool for!

  6. what a great swap! sweet! that blue is absolutely stunning

  7. Absolutely stunning.

  8. Ohh lovely! I'm curious about the glitters! :*

  9. Aw, How sweet of Kris :)
    That's a beautiful blue!

  10. That's a sweet swop and Alice is gorgeous on you!

  11. this is my notd too! it's totally amazing.

  12. Beautiful! I've never seen these either so she must live in np heaven right?!
    Enjoy all your new pretties!

  13. SilhouetteScreamsJuly 5, 2010 at 1:56 AM

    Ooooh lots of pretties :)

  14. Love this, very pretty!

  15. This loks gorgeous on your hands!

  16. oh my lord. i need more funky fingers inmy life. HAHAHAHAHA wow that sounds really perverted... gotta keep it scandalous, right?

  17. Beautiful shade of blue.  I love the foil/metallics.  Very pretty polish.  Kris is your polish angel.  Bless her.


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