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Rain and Magic Stars

I really love Eyeko Rain and I wanted to wear it a second day but
Well my nail polish attention span is about the same as a 15 year olds Math attention span.
So to respark it a bit I added a coat of GOSH Magic Star and walla....gorgeousness all over again!

I love this combo
What comes after the rain?
Rainbowy goodness!

What do you do revamp a mani?


  1. It reminds me even more of rain drops after you used gosh's Magic Star.

  2. Truth is, I typically don't revamp a mani, I just change the polish :/ This looks great.

  3. I saw that and thought "Hey!  I haven't seen that color before" - now I know why!  LOL  Looks great with the GOSH over top.

  4. I really like the grey polish with the iridescence effect. I think grey, be it eye shadow or nail polish, looks awesome with iridescent or holographic shimmer.

  5. Very pretty! I have a very short nail polish attention span, too. I usually revamp manis with glitter or matte top coats, or, if I'm feeling particularly creative, some sort of design.

  6. That looks even prettier.  I just start opening a drawer and pulling out whatever strikes me.  Sometimes it something with glitter or another color.  All those polishes with the bar glitter or sparse flakies are good for the renewals.


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