All the Beautiful people

I can't think of a clever title

So you all know that I am totally crushed my the death of Dio.
Well last night I felt the need to do a Dio memorial manicure because well I can.
I used my Evil Shades Rainbow in the dark polish and some of the China glaze tattoo nail art stickers.
(I need more of these...a lot more)
There are eleventy billion pictures because this turned out perfectly!

Is pretty, no?
There is actually 6 decals there.

If my nails where longer I would have added a dragon or something.
I love the rainbow sparklies!
You thought I was kidding about how many pictures didn't you?
Blurry so you can see the rainbow properly.

OK here is where I get all weird so if you can't or choose not to deal with my weirdness just skip the rest!

A few very interesting things happened yesterday and today.
First when I posted my tribute yesterday as I published I hit 666 followers.
Prior to posting I was at 664.

How perfect is that screen shot. (click to make huge)
Then When I turned on the Stereo my cd's skipped past 3 cd's and started up on Dio which is not what I set it to. yeah I know not that big.
Then I went over to my dear friend Mighty Lambchop's blog to post my hugs on her Dio tribute and this happened:
Click to make huge please
Note the word verification.....DIO uther. Heather is as huge a Dio fan as I am so I sent her a screenshot. I think Dio was letting us both know that he's still with us!

Last is actually the first picture I took of my Dio mani
Dio truly is The man on the silver mountain!
Not so strange you think...

Think again this is a picture of  the same cd inside that I just took.

Yes I know that some would explain it all away and that's fine for them.
I don't mind if some think me crazy or silly.
I was raised to believe that those who pass send their love and hugs to us even after they are gone.
Here is a Native poem that I grew up with:

Do not cry for me my friend,
My body has gone back to the Earth, but my spirit is still here.
Listen for my voice in the winds as they whisper in your ear.
Feel the warmth of my touch in the shining rays of the Sun.
Hear my song in the cries of  the wolf.
I am here with you my friend and I will be waiting to walk with you on your final steps down the red road.


  1.  that mani is a real tribute -that the sh*t!!!!!   you did the d%m thing!!!!!!   TRIBUTE

  2. Post made me cry. Damn ya. RIP Ronnie!!
    Awesome mani.

  3. Inspiring tribute and tribute mani!  Take care {{{hugs}}}

  4. I saw your comment on Heather's blog about the captcha.  I also saw some comments regarding your follower count hitting 666.  I swear I heard the Twilight Zone theme in my head when I read that. 
    I love your Dio mani.  The fact it's a heart decal kind of makes me think of the album Sacred Heart.  It makes me wish I had those China Glaze Ink decals.  I want to do a "tribute" mani as well.  I am probably just going to paint my nails in OPI My Private Jet (the holo version), because it's like a "Rainbow in the Dark".  I told Chuck about my idea last night and he wholeheartedly approved.

  5. Sacred Heart was the idea for the decals.
    I think MPJ Holo is perfect!

  6. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

  7. I don't think you're crazy at all!
    I touched on this very same thing in my Giveaway drawing post. I think these strange multiple "happenings" are way too specific to be coincidence.

  8. thats awesome...

  9. If you *want* to find signs, you'll find them. Still, I also believe in this kind of things. =)

  10. These are all wonderful tributes to him. Yesterday even my bro called me to say something terrible happened... we do not speak very often, and he is not really into that kind of music, but he was too crushed by the news of Ronnie... This is a black year in metal history...
    But still, I am happy that he is suffering no more.

  11. SilhouetteScreamsMay 18, 2010 at 6:41 AM

    Awwwh! The universe must have felt his absence that day :( this is such a perfect mani tribute

  12. The absolute beauty of every native poem and blessing you share with us just blows me away.  Everytime you share and I read I am brought to tears!  what a beautiful people and culture! 
    This tribute mani is absolutly awesome!  So fitting, LOVE IT!

    {{{HUGE HUGS}}}

  13. whoa @ all those coincidences........ These nails are FABULOUS!!!!!

  14. What a great tribute.
    I've seen a lot of nailblogs pay tribute to Dio, but not many "other" blogs. Seems metalheads and nails go hand in hand.

  15. your nails look awesome! ~Patricia

  16. That's all insane!!  I love it when people who've gone to the other side let us know that they're still with us.  Oh, and your nails look great, too!

  17. <p><span>Gorgeous nails and you aren't crazy.  Things like that happen for a reason, they might not have any explanation but they don’t' need one either it gets the message across in its special/magical/mystic way. </span>
    </p><p><span><span> </span></span></p>

  18. All I can say is "WOW!

  19. I'm still crazy just not for that reason. lol

  20. Thank you! I've always paid attention just incase.

  21. I have to agree with you Lisa. I've met a lot of fellow metalheads and a few fellow Punks among nail bloggers. It's interesting.

  22. I guess Ronnie wanted to say Hi! lol

  23. Thank you Stiletto!
    I think the Blackfoot way of thinking has greatly lended to my creativity.

  24. Isn't that awesome!

  25. It has been a very hard year for the Metal world. I do hope we have some equally talented new blood coming into it.

  26. I always watch for signs, it's how I was raised. Listening to the whispers of the butterfly.

  27. I agree. the world around us is always talking to us, we just have to stop and listen!

  28. Beautiful tribute to an amazing musician.  I believe people send us messages when they pass on.  They come in so many different ways.  They are all blessings to us.  The poem is beautiful and so touching.  I really love that you share these with us.  Many hugs and kisses to you my friend.

  29. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I love this. It is stunning and so perfect.You are awesome.
    The screen shots just killed me. Despite being a skeptic, it was a happy coincidence that touched me. I could not think of a better person to share it with than you. Love you lots, girl!

  30. Totally freaking awesome! I believe our passed loved ones do send us messages. Awesome tribute, he'd be proud.

  31. Thank you! I've always paid attention just incase.

  32. What a great tribute.
    I've seen a lot of nailblogs pay tribute to Dio, but not many "other" blogs. Seems metalheads and nails go hand in hand.

  33. That's all insane!!  I love it when people who've gone to the other side let us know that they're still with us.  Oh, and your nails look great, too!


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