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Comment Spamming & other such rudeness

I have said most of this before and or on Twitter but just to make sure
that EVERYONE understands my she goes again!

I do not condone, appreciate or tolerate blatant advertising, comment spamming, link dropping or any other rudeness on my blog! No exceptions, excuses or special regards! Not before, now or ever! Clear enough?

If you do not know what I'm talking about I will briefly explain:

Comment Spamming is when a business, website or blogger leaves a vague comment followed but come see my site. Example: "Nice Post! You should come check out my blog/website/whatever."

Link Dropping is nearly the same as above only a link to said offender is included.
Example: "Great color! Your followers would love my blog/site come see it here "

Advertising, umm I'm sure you recognize it when you see it but for the smart kids..
Example: "Great color. I love brand X it's the best crap on the planet. You can get it at this link xxxx. They have the best prices, shipping, customer service and are so cheap and shady that I go around spamming blogs instead of paying for advertising like a legitimate company."

I was once a new remember right...I had 1 follower and no comments.
I also NEVER spammed, link dropped or other such rudeness to let people know about my blog.
I worked my arse off on my blog, improving content, pictures, layout etc. I spent a shit ton of my money buying polish and sharing those swatches with well, nobody for a long while, but I blogged and enjoyed it even if I was the only one reading it. I followed a lot of other blogs (still do) and commented as much as I could (Still do but I have much less time now), I got to know other bloggers and word just kind of got around that I was here. People started coming and reading, some followed some didn't but my blog grew. A few of those lovely blog pals added me to their blog roll, I did ask politely via email a couple of them if they would add me. Most added me of their own choosing and I adore them for that.
My blog is mine from begging to end, built on my hard work and love and I am proud to say that I made this blog without ever stepping on the backs of my fellow bloggers!

I get emails, DM's on Twitter, messages on FB etc. from lots of
new or new to me blogs asking very respectfully if I would go look at their blog or add them to my blogroll & I will always do so for those who ask in the correct manner. I get emails asking for advice, help etc and I am honored to be asked and do my best to help. I love finding new blogs and making new friends. I can say that there are a few blogs out there today that I helped get off the dust pile and shined a giant spotlight on. I can also tell you that those bloggers came to me in a very respectful manner and that is why I bent over backward to help them. I love helping people, it is one of the main reasons I blog.

I know that some bloggers don't mind link dropping or comment spamming.
The majority do mind it, very much so! Personally I feel that it shows poor character, laziness, disrespect and very bad manners. *A little tip: Beauty/Nail bloggers have a fairly tight community & respect is a big must so showing yourself to be disrespectful early on will backfire badly. I can think of a couple of blogs that are gone due to the blogger being disrespectful, rude or otherwise shady within the community.*                     My blog is not your step stool, if you want to see where your blog can go then do like the rest of us and work your arse off and you'll get there when your time comes. If you want to advertise on my blog then email me and we can discus it. If you have a giveaway, sale or other special something going on that you think my readers would like to know me.
Do Not try to step on my back to get ahead...I will drop you flat on your face!

If I come off as harsh it is because this is a big issue and I feel very strongly about it. So much so that I have blocked people, in the past, from my blog for doing these things. Just remember to be respectful and think before you act or react!

OK I'm done....until the next round


  1. I have a question, do you think it's rude to comment on a manicure saying "I recreated your look on my blog, this is the link to it"? In that case to me it's not really spamming, it's letting the creator know you have honored their content in your own blog. I did that once and I didn't feel like it was rude, but maybe it is, I don't know.

  2. I personally don't but I can see how some people might see it as self promotion so I would err on the side of good manners and email them instead. That way they can choose if they want to post a link to your recreation if they like. Just my opinion.


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