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I'm getting Cocky! A review

OK so I'm always cocky but this is a review...
Of  B Cocky's Cocktail feather extensions.
These were sent to me as a gift from my friend Nymphette and I'm reviewing them because they are awesome! (Disclosure that) *See I'm a lil' cocky*
Nymphette is an awesome blogger here and Youtube Guru here
I've known here for about 2 years-ish (from MUA) and she is a lovely lady. She's talented and beautiful inside and out and a very dear friend long before either of us were anybody....we are somebody now aren't we? lol

Anyway...These are beautiful colored feather extentions.
They do not require glue, sewing or clumsy clips...not even a trip to the salon.
You can put them in yourself though I reccomend having a friend help you because it's easier to get them exactly where you want with help. They use a little crimp ring that does not damage your hair and holds very well. (I've had mine in for over a week now)
They are natural feathers so the length varies a tiny bit.
You can wash them like you normally would your hair and style them.
Blow dry, curl and flat iron. I've done all 3 and they work great.
I found that when I let my hair dry in it's natural curly state they kind of mimic it...weird but cool.
I'm totally rockin' the cock! *giggle*
These are fun and very versatile and I need to order some of her feather earrings, maybe pink and purple!
What do you think? You know you wanna get cocky too!


  1. Those look awesome in your hair. What a cool concept and the fact that you're rockin' the cock is super sweet.

  2. I think I need some B cocky earrings to go with...don't you?!

  3. I'm really liking these, especially with your hair color. I wonder if they would look any good in my blonde hair.

  4. I love your hair!!! :D These are really cool! I want to get B Cocky. (hehe) :)

  5. It looks so cool on you!

  6. <span>It looks really cool on you! First time seeing this :)


  7. looks soo cool i 'd like some of them :)

  8. I am betting you'll be seeing a lot more of them!

  9. Everyone should B Cocky! :-D

  10. She makes them in lots of colors so honestly I think anyone can wear them and look awesome!

  11. I think they're so cute!

  12. I want some of these...they're so pretty!

  13. I agree, they are wicked cute!

  14. I might get you some when my no buy is over. Still a few weeks of no goodies buying

  15. Those look awesome in your hair. What a cool concept and the fact that you're rockin' the cock is super sweet.


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