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Franken Toesies

I made a couple of frankens the other day and I did my Toes with one
It's a sweet baby blue with a great pink shift that obviously does not show on camera
I didn't take any macro shot because ummmm....they are feet and do you really want to see my toes THAT close? Yeah I didn't think so.
I made this with the TKB glamour base and pigment and honestly I love the color but the bases kind of suck as far as formula. They are thick and goopy and thinner does little to help so I think I'll stick to using a cheap clear and just shake the crap out of it. lol 


  1. This is a good reminder I need to re-do my toes soon! I love having my toes painted as they last forever, far longer than fingernails, but they also seem to be more time consuming for me. Love the baby blue shade you came up with, it's a shame we can't see the pink shift :-(

  2. Great color!
    Too bad for the formula )=

  3. Pretty shade! I don't know anything about color bases.  Can you talk about them? Thanks.  Your tootsies look cute.

  4. I LOVE seeing pedis and few bloggers who their toes!!! Thanks - great shade - and fits with the ovarian cancer teal color for this month as well too!!!


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