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I Love You Cherry Much - Nicole by OPI Target exclusive

It's red, It's glass flecked, and it's gorgeous!
This is 2 coats of opaque red, glass flecked love
Formula is wonderful but I still prefer the pro wide brush for precision
I love that it has a slight hot pink flash in some lighting
Hmmmm...the claws are getting a bit long, might be filing time unless I come up with an amazing Halloween manicure that requires them. O.o
Who needs glitter when you have glass flecked sparkling hotness!

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  1. I saw this one the other day and *almost* purchased it!  I thought it looked similar to OPI's Love is a Racket which I just bought.

  2. I have to go traveling to get to a Target living in the stix - none in my area. I love reds.

  3. I have seen this that a friend had one one day and I had Love is a Racket - similar if you are not a huge red fan - but different. Racket has more glass fleck in it I think and less pink/red. The formula is also different. Racket is a bit gel like with the fleck - have not tried this and can only speak to how my friend described putting it on.

  4. Yeap...time for filing - or a good old trip. But then I am a HUGE fan of shorter nails. Admitting my bias there.

  5. This is really pretty.  I adore glass flecked polishes.  I own one Nicole polishes.  Might need this baby.  Your nails always look beautiful wether short or long.  Wish mine grew as fast!

  6. OMG this is soooooooo gorgeous!!!  Lemming officially made!  :D

  7. its hot and happening. check out red hot nail art on

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