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LCN Magnetic Polish fun

I was given the opportunity to try LCN Magnetic polishes and they are so fun!
This is the kit I was sent...
The magnets are great! One is the star and the other stripes
I used Fuschia Attraction and Green Temptation and both magnets
I alternated the magnets because well I like it that way
These polishes are straight one coat colors, no layering needed. I love that!
This was my first try using these so I'm sure I'll get better with them as I play
I have other magnetic polish but these work so much better
The polish is $9.50 a bottle (a bit high but the results are worth it imo)
And the colors are so good and unique. I will be playing a lot more with these!
You can get them Here The entire set is $115 and you get both magnets and all 8 colors so not a bad deal.
What do you think of the magnetic polish?


  1. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! *gobsmacked*

  2. You lucky dog! We don't have these yet in the states.

  3. Oh and yes,  $115 for both magnets that I hear go for $22 each in US $$'s and then 8 magnetic polishes that 'I think go for $16-$18 each in the US $$$'s - $115 is a good deal. Still a lot for this fun thing. But I would rather spend the $ for these than to go for the CDN type gels and a lamp - as those are a big commitment that I won't be using my other 25+ yrs of collected great polishes anymore. I just cannot go gel now. It's far too expensive - even for the brands the discount nail supply stores sell.

  4. That's pretty cool! I'm wondering if any magnet would work so you could get different effects--my kids had a mangnadoodle w/ shaped "stamps" like stars, etc.

    A little pricey tho--but they look awesome on you!!

  5. woah. fancy magic polish!

  6. i must have the teal one! and the design the magnet creates is so awesome.

  7. Not all magnets work with the magnetic polish, I've tried a bunch. I've only found 3 patterns the star, stripes and a strange line. 

  8. This is a US site, but I agree for what is available here it is a good price.

  9. It is the Geek magic of science in nail need some!

  10. this is gorgeous! i love the flower kinda shape you got!

    shel xx

  11. This polish is amazing and magical.  I don't think I will be buying them all.  Maybe try one of them.  I love all the patterns you made with the magnet. Very nice!

  12. Amber from Rainbows&SparklesAugust 28, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Has anyone tested these magnets with the Essence magnetic polish? I bet they'd work too. I have like 5 bottles of Essence Magnetic, but their magnet sucks!

  13. Oh wow I love these so much! I need some magnetic joy!

  14. They are so amazing!!!
    I love magnetic polishes!

  15. Ridfingernailfungus1August 30, 2011 at 12:02 PM

    Oh wow I love these so much! I need some magnetic joy!
    Thanks for post.

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  16. This seems pretty nice one should get it, but i would like to know if you need a cosmetology license for you to be able to offer this kind of service?

  17. How in the heck did I miss this? These are GORGEOUS Andrea! Love what you did with them too!

  18. OMG this is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  19. Hy!
    I love the manicure!
    Super pretty!
    Amazing blog, i'm following!
    Check mine, ok?


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