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Honk if you love OPI - DS Original

Honk if you love OPI is from the Touring America collection
A gorgeous blackened berry
I free handed some sadly misshapen v french tips and my ring finger with DS Origional
I love blackened shades like this where you can easily in any light tell the color but it's so very deep and vampy still
I used 2 coats of Honk if you <3 OPI and one of DS Original
Vampy and holo is a favorite combo for it they just compliment the best parts of each other
I feel silly saying every single time that the formula is great so with OPI I will just let you know if I ever get one that sucks. (^o^)
This is a busy season for me so I'll do my best to post and update as much as possible.
Just remember that I adore you all and miss you much and you can always DM me on Twitter or FaceBook.


  1. Such a great combo!!
    I really love it!

  2. LOVE the combo!!

    I have to say, I'm disappointed with my bottle of OPI Grape Set Match. It's a mess. I've tried to contact OPI twice, no luck :(

  3. Love this shade.  Beautiful manicure.  That holo is so cool.  Hugs to you sweetie.

  4. OK WOW, I can finally comment!  Your nails are SO LONG now!  I still envy them.  only rivals my envy of your polish and makeup collection by a narrow margin.

  5. Lelie BSeptember 14, 2011 at 5:12 AM

    Love that manicure, both base colours and accent nail, and I like your free-hand V French!!! I "think" I added you on FB but for the moment it doesn't show...

  6. i love this new take on the french manicure - great color to use as well!

  7. Love what you did with this mani. This is one shade of the OPI fall collection I did not purchase. Looked too black for me - I like purple black and blue blacks but I have others. There was nothing new in this shade for me...and trying to save for a surgery I have to have for bone and tissue grafting, I need to save my pennies. I am being really careful about what I buy.

  8. I can't possibly honk any louder, this looks so rad!

  9. I think it looks great :D

  10. Thanks for the review and the design! I just discovered your site and just followed ;)

  11. That shiny purplish black nail color is amazing! :)



    Cat Hag

  12. Hey! I just wanted you to know that I love your blog and I referenced on my own blog, Anarchist Girl Scout! I am also giving away some nail polish, so I thought you might be interested (though, clearly, obtaining polish is not a problem for you)!

  13. I love this !

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