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Sweet Alice meets The Heartless Queen

This is my look from yesterday.
I apologize for the Garage backdrop, funny thing is it's the most natural lighting in the house.

No foundation (I don't wear it, none matches my skin tone)
Palladio Translucent loose rice powder (I love this stuff)

Cheeks: Evil Shades Burlesque

Home made primer (there is a tutorial coming on this)
Evil Shades Heartless Queen on inner 2/3 of lid and upto just above crease and a touch under lower lash.
Evil Shades Sweet Alice on outer 1/3 and blended up to brow bone and down to tear duct.
Palladio liquid liner black
Maybelline Full n soft mascara in black

a touch of liquid cover
Evil Shades Diana's Bow gloss

These were taken after 9 hours of wear and is more vibrant in person.

I love how Sweet Alice blended into Heartless Queen fades into a hot pink.

This looks like the true colors....Amazing I managed to get one good shot!

Do Not look at my Eyebrows...I have no control.

I just did a very thin line of eyeliner on the upper lash line
I don't feel like this look needed a bold liner.

And here is my hair growing out...out of control. I decided to not straighten it and see how much of my natural curl is left. Looks like some of it is still there.


  1. I like your makeup up look. I've never worn those colors on my eyes. I do have those eye shadow colors. May I suggest that you get your hair cut on the bottom. It will make it look thicker and less strangly. It's really much better looking to even things out. Let your natural curls come out. Use some product for curls.
    I'm so upset and sick right now. My girlfriend just accidently deleted every picture on the camera. I guess we had 2-3 years worth of pictures. I don't know whether to cry or scream.

  2. Lucy- Thanks for the suggestion. My hair is very hevily razored and thinned enough to make a small dog. So as it grows I'll have it shaped. I don't like my natural curl or the mega bulk of my hair so I'm not sure if the curl will be worn again or not.
    OH no, did you have any of your pictures backed up? or on a memory card? I would cry and scream. ((hugs))

  3. the colors look so great together!

    for unruly curls may i suggest Frizz-Ease Dream Curls. that's what i use and it makes all my curls come out spirally and nice. you could give it a try on the days you don't feel like straightening, or to give your hair a break from the heat. growing out can be so frustrating, i know!

  4. Oooo beautiful & rich! I think the lip colour really compliments the look, love it. x

  5. Gorgeous! Now I have a look I can try to copy! I go back and forth all the time with growing out my hair, but I look weird with long hair and short hair fits my personality much better. It'll get there and then you'll decide I hate this and chop it all back off again huh?

  6. Phyrra- Thank You sweety!

    Diane- Thank You! I really have strange curls, I'll try this and keep my fingers crossed.

    VampiressDoll- Thank You!

    Jess- I'm pretty good about growing my hair long. I wore it to my waist for about 6 years before cutting it off 2 years ago. I just have to pick a style....that is hard for me!

    So if anyone has any growing out hair style suggestions for me I am most thankful!

  7. You are so beautiful!! Burlesque looks amazing on you, by the way!

    Your hair doesn't look awful! I actually really like it! As to styles, I would say twisting and pinning your bangs back would look gorgeous!

  8. The shadows are gorgeous! I love how the colors and the names combine. The lip gloss is a sweet complement to the bold eye look.

    Try dying your hair with a cotton tee shirt (or fabric) and not a towel. It sounds odd but it's brilliant. It leaves more moisture and allows curls to flourish.

  9. Lisa Kate- are too kind! I'll try that with my wild fringe.

    gildedangel- Thank You lovie!

    Diana- Thank You and I am going to go steal one of Chris' T shirt's right now. :)

  10. I envy you, I can't get away without wearing foundation!!! Have you tried mineral foundation? I had difficulties finding good match on "normal" foundations, I find mineral foundations easier to match as I can mix my own colour if necessary...

  11. Linda tried to get the photos back. She kept trying over and over again. The computer just kept saying there was nothing on the card. We have another camera with photos from 2006 to present. So she immediately downloaded the photos. I learned an awful lesson to download the pictures right away. Thanks for asking and the hugs. (((many hugs)))


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