All the Beautiful people

Sorry no pretties to post tonight but....

I have been working on new colors for Evil Shades and
I just finished with getting them put up on my website. So I thought I would share the new colors and see what you all think. There are 7 new Eye shadows in My New Wonderland collection.

The swatches are done with no primer so these are very color acurate but not as vivid as they would be with a primer or applied with a mixing medium.

I also ventured into Blush only 4 shades for now

I am going to retake the blush pictures and blush swatches tomorrow.
Burlesque is a Light peach but my skin tone is too dark on my arm to show it properly.

Well Lovies your opinions are welcome and appreciated!


  1. Great shades! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Johnny post honey. I have to agree about the rolling your own cigarette thing. Have a great night! Kori xoxo

  2. I LOVE the new colors!
    I love Alice in Wonderland and especially the Cheshire Cat, so it's awesome to see a collection ;)

    The blushes look like fun, too.

  3. Kori- You are welcome! I adore Johnny!

    Phyrra- I'm glad you like them. I have a dark twisted love for Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Ohhh I can't wait to get these. Between Lisa Kate and Phyrra I'll learn to do eyeshadow yet!

  5. Haha Jessica, you can come over any time you feel like flying to Cleveland, k? XD

    OH MY GOD, I am mad for these shades!!! I wanna wear Sweet Alice with Whooo are u?, how freaking awesome would that be?? I hope samples will be up soon XD

    I also want to try the Burlesque that yellow on skin or more like the swatch? Me wants!

  6. Jess- You just keep watching those to and you'll be a makeup guru soon enough.

    Lisa Kate- The samples are up on my site.
    Burlesque looks like the swatch. I have to redo the pictures tomorrow with better light. But mind you my skin is a few shades darker than our porcelin skin so it would look much better on you.

  7. All of these look very tempting! I'll definitely have to place an order soon.:)

  8. Great colors. I have to take a look at what else you have.

  9. So, mumsy....I suppose I'm getting some more make-up as a wedding present (and the concert was awesome, I have bruises on my arm from some asshat with "SATAN" shaved into the back of his hair.)

  10. Oh boy, that no buy I was on didn't last that long! I got the sampler set and Burlesque! I can't wait to try em (hint hint, ship very fast! lol!) I wanna wear it noooooow *whine*

    Haha I'm worse than your kids, right?

  11. I love Heartless Queen & Cheshire. And China Doll blush. :) Well, I like them all, I just wanted you to know which one I want. :))) LOL I'm kidding. PLEASE don't take that serious!! They are gorgeous. I like the fact that you did a collection. It's like Wizard of Oz by ChG. Except it's Wonderland by Evil Angel. :) I adore it! :*

  12. Some pretty shades. How do you make mineral makeup? Must be fun doing this and coming up with all the colors.

  13. Madeleine- Thank You!

    Deb- Evil Shades is still a pretty young company so I don't have as much as the bigger MMUC's but I'm trying to expand.

    Kyrstin- I was thinking of sending Fuzzy some lip gloss for a wedding gift and maybe sending you a girly magazine! :)

    Lisa Kate- I have you spoiled just like my kids! muah!

    Nihrida- Maybe if you were a very naughty girl the Santa ghoul will bring you some for giftmas! XD

    Lucy- Making MMU is a bit of research on minerals and their benifits and then trial and error mixing of "raw" pigments, mica, oxides,and since mine are not strictly MMU some have small amouts of lakes and dyes.
    Yes it is fun except when you have a color in your head that will not come out in the mix, then it's frustrating. Red has been my nemmisis until now.

  14. Gorgeous!

    I love Alice in Wonderland. I think I'd wear Sweet Alice with Cheshire and Madd Hat.

  15. that orange eyeshadow is insanely cool!!!

  16. Saila- Thank you!

    Diane- I think you'd rock Mad people!


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