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Metal Music Monday review

Immortal “All Shall Fall”

2009 album from the Norwegian Black Metal heads
Let me start by saying that I’ve been listening to this CD since October 6th.

Abbath on guitars/vocals, Horgh on drums, Apollyon on bass and Demonaz Lyrics, made out with another kick ass Album.

Their Albums seem to have followed a pattern of upwards climb since “At the Heart of Winter”.

The 2nd track The Rise of darkness is a much more melodic song but gains it’s heavy heart racing depth about midway through. This has my favorite guitar riff.

Track 3 Hordes To War-This song comes out screaming. It's fast, extremely brutal, very chaotic and just overall very intense. With fierce drums and classic Immortal vocals.

I prefer Immortal over most Black Metal bands out there!
If you are new to Immortal you may also want to check out “Sons of Northern Darkness.

I give this 5 out of 5 guitar picks.

Horns up \m/ ,


  1. aww, thank you so much :)
    you got pretty interesting blog here!

  2. Dina- Thank You so much, I try. Of coarse the music reviews are all from my Sweet Husband.

  3. Seriously, I was just glad Immortal was back. This has been firmly entrenched on my iPod, it is the awesome.

  4. Lamby- I agree totaly! I'm loving the lineup and we are fast wearing this CD out. I think I'm going to get my Hubby the vinyl for giftmas!

  5. Hi Evil Angel!
    Ask Chris if he knows Moonspell and if so, i would like to know what he thinks about the first and the last albums.

  6. Trinca- Yes we have heard of Moonspell. Here is was Chris said.
    "I have made a point of listening to Moonspell online several times but they just don't strike anything in me. I don't dislike them but I can't say I'm a fan either. For me they are decent but a little too commercial in their sound. I thrive on the deep underground sounds and mad guitar. I will continue to try them now and again, maybe at some point they'll strike a wicked nerve in me."

  7. Thank you Evil Angel!
    Ok, Chris doesn't have to suffer, if he doesn't like it, don't have to listen to them! :D
    I asked about this band because they are from my country and is one of the rare metal bands that have success internationally.
    Although, the true fans only stick with the first two albums (Wolfheart and Irreligious) and their demos (anno satanae and under the moonspell).
    Just was curious :)
    Looking forward for the next review!


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