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Crazy busy day = an unfinished manicure and a delay

Well at least I have polish on my nails but I had no time to Konad so I'm sulking.
I did China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him out that my Dear friend sent me because she is Awesome like that!

Now that is a baby blue I can love!
So I'm going to Konad my pretties tonight and will post it tomorrow.

I am a day behind, so I will start posting my Blog Sale tomorrow....lot's of nail polish and makeup goodies!

More doctors appointments tomorrow, blah!!!!
My poor Husband is up to 50 units of 70/30 insulin in the morning, 45 units in the evening and not they have added a sliding scale of regular Insulin up to 3 times daily, plus 1000mg of Metformin morning and night.
The poor guy walks 5 miles a day, lifts weights twice a day and plays Soccer for 45 minutes with the kids everyday and his A1C's are still over 8.3 and he hits regular highs over 250. I feel so bad for him and I hate that it affects his PTSD and Bipolar so there are rarely any "Good" days for him anymore. Hopefully this will help and we can find a Therapist that doesn't just sit and stare at him for 45 minutes twice a week.

I'm off to Konad while Hubby cheers on The Saints! :)


  1. I've never seen a prettier blue than this! My gosh its perfect on you, so much shiny!

  2. I hope your hubby finds someone that will soon enough. PTSD is a hell of a disease to fight as is being bipolar and everyone deserves peace in their life and good days. My thoughts are with your family as always!

  3. Aw your poor hubby :( I don't know much about diabetes, but PTSD & Bipolar I do know. My doctor said that being bipolar makes your chance of getting PTSD like 80% totally sucks. Does he take medicine for those? I know that my medicine affects my blood sugar and cholesterol (which I cannot spell). I hope he starts to feel better soon, at least he has you and the kids!!

    Plus, OH EM GEE that is some prrrreeetttyyy blue! Thats going right on my wish list!!!

  4. Jess- I can't thank you enough, I love this color and now I want the rest of the Kaleidoscopes!
    We will find someone to work with him on this, but they have to understand the torment he deals with and not get all pissy when he can't leave the house that day for an appointment.

    Lisa Kate- He has the worst set of Mental and physical health issues that could be combined into an outwardly healthy appearing man. If I could take it all away for him I would.
    You definatly need Kaleidoscope him out!!!

  5. Oh hun that's so awful. I know how hard that stuff is, especially when you *look* okay from the outside but just can't fucking bear (bare?) to leave the house. Well give him some mashed potatoes from me. The kind that you add water to. Those make me smile.

  6. I am sorry about your hubby, I hope that life gets better for him soon! BTW, that blue is drool-worthy!

  7. Kaleidoscope Him Out is absolutely stunning.

    I am so sorry to hear about your Hubby's troubles. You are a wonderful and supportive wife and I'm sure that you will find him the help he needs. I will be thinking of you and your family. x

    Your nail polish community are here for you whenever you need us!


  8. Oh hun!
    I am so sorry you guys are having so many problems! I say you guys cause i know he's the one with the issues, but I know you are having to deal with them two! HUGE massive hugs for both of you and your family! I'll be praying it gets better for you guys!


  9. Sending love and good wishes to you, friend. May your family be well.

  10. Has anyone thought of an insulin pump for this poor guy? I would think that would be much easier to use. What an awful time he must be having. I know diet is very important. Does he eat too many carbs? He certainly gets enough exercise! He should be getting low sugars with all of that work! I'm so sorry for him. Diabetes is a horrible disease. I'm sure that affects his PTSD & Bipolar. Probably his medication for these might raise his blood sugar. It's such a pain that so many things affect your medication, physical and mental health. I hope and pray he gets some good help and peace in his days. He deserves it. God Bless you too sweetie. You have so much do to keep everyone all together. How could a doctor not understand when you can't leave the house? What a total idiot. I pray things get better for the both of you. I'm here to talk to if you need me. Love you sweetie! (((hugs)))

  11. Crap! I forgot to say how fantastic those nails of yours look. I love those holo shades especially on extra long nails. Mine are just babies compared to your. I'm hoping to grow into your length.

  12. Gotta love anything holographic! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. My boyfriend is also diabetic, and he has had nothing but trouble lately getting his blood sugar. It was 400 a couple of nights ago. I don't know how he's not been seriously ill.

  13. Oh my! I have that polish, but it will never look as sexy on me as it does on you. :O

    Best Wishes to you and your hubby.
    I'm a also a sufferer of a variety of mental health problems so I can really understand how it's taking it's toll on everything.
    Hope things will gradually get better ford you an your family. *hugs* x

  14. Thank You all! Your thoughts and well wishes mean more than you know!

  15. Holy cow, that is a nice color. :D

    P.S Burger King as fine food? Oh my.

  16. This nail polish looks so great on your nails. I think that holos look way better on long nails and you confirmed my theory.
    I hope your husband gets better soon. Maybe there's something else he can do for himself like positive thinking and I'm sure all the good vibrations from us (your readers) will help too. All the best to everyone in your family! (((hugs)))

  17. OMG! I can't even believe i just wrote that. Forget that crap about him helping himself with positive thinking. That's the kind of talk that always pissed me off as a depressed person. Medicine, talking and a lot of love! I wish all the best for you! :*


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