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Punk Princess distressed mani

Here is my insipiration for this manicure.

I used Finger Paints Strawberry Shake for my base
Wet n wild black creme for the stamp and the striping, Konad plate m57 and some tiny silver stick on nail decals for my studs.

I am all about studs! (the studded part was inspired by my favorite black leather studded bracelete that is too funky to post pics of)

My favorite lippie UD Voodoo!

This time I wanted the distressed look however the full nail images are very dificult to do on my nails for a couple of reasons, 1- my nails are too long 2-my nailbeds are too narrow
This is the natural curve of my nails
see way too much curve in da claws. I wish there were a way to decrease the curve but this is what I have and I'll work with them.

Now the very best part of my day was that about an hour after I took these my thumb nail snapped half way back in my nail bed and also across the right tip and I was at my Son's ENT so no choice but to cut it. :(
So you'll be getting thumbless pictures for a while. It's getting cold and dry here which makes my nails very brittle any suggestions would get you a great big hug!


  1. I love punk princess! Im no help on the nails though, just chopped mine off myself.

  2. Ouch on your thumbnail! I love your look...your interpretation was excellent!

  3. omg i'm in pain just hearing about you breaking your nail! ugh!!!!! heebie jeebies!!

    your nails look FanTasTic! this is my 2nd fave, the red/black the other day is still #1! but i love this so much!

  4. Ouch! I feel your pain about the thumbnail break :( But this mani is effing gorgeous!

  5. Amazing job! I love how you got the distressed look.
    Sorry to hear about your nail. My reaction was, "Ow, ow,ow!"
    Hope it grows fast!

  6. I'm sorry about your nail break, ouch! Your mani is kick @ss though! I love it!

  7. Wow, that is so cool looking! Sorry to hear about your thumb though. :( Hope it grows back quickly!

  8. Jess- I'm not chopping the rest...I'd be an invalid without them. lol

    Phyrra- Thank you!

    Mary- Thanks bunches!

    Diane- Yeah I still love that one too but the removal was hell!

    Pinkginger- Thank You! I never have a simple break it's always a freak painful one.

    Lamby- They grow crazy fast so other than the ouch factor it's no big deal.

    gildedangel- Thank you lovie! :)

    SnC- Thanks, yeah they grow like evil weads in your favorite rose bush.

  9. Oooh I want Konad's plate so bad! Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far. :)

  10. CLB- Thanks for checking my crazyness out! Welcome, hope to get to know you!
    When you decide to order some konad plates I have a 30% off discount code for in my sidebar. Nothing better than discounts on goodies!

  11. I love this. Naughty, yet nice ;) xx

  12. This mani is fabulous. I love it.

    I hear your pain on the thumb nail incident!

    I love the curve of your nails. Mine go out straight and when they get long they look like paddles!!


  13. Oh my, oh my! I adore this manicure! Would it be OK if I steal it from you? Love the colors, the composition...everything! <3

  14. My nails get really dry too, but I found that slathering on Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula works well. I smush it around my cuticles, so it gets caught between the nail & the skin. I also put a bunch under my nails (which is easy to do, since my nails are very short), like I was caulking a crack in a wall... a good layer the stuff under the nails. The I leave it all for a while, occasionally rubbing my nails a bit, and sometimes I'll wear cotton gloves. I try to do this every day once the colder months start and it really works.

  15. Danielle- Thank you!

    Lisa- From you that is a huge compliment cuz' you are the coolest!

    Jodes- Thank You, I hate the curve it drives me insane. lol

    Sasha- Steal away, I'd love to see your version!

    arorogyps- Thank you, I'll try that!

  16. this is hard-core AWESOMENESS!!!!

    I just love it!!!

  17. This is a fantastic manicure. I love that your spot on with it. Love that even the net part has some removed to look like rips. Very clever and amazing. Sorry about your break. Lucky you that your nails grow fast! (((big hugs)))

  18. Christy- Thank you and I feel I have finally glorified ripped fishnets everywhere. lol

    Lucy- Thank You lovie! It was a fun one to do. I rarely have time to really play with nail art so I enjoyed this.

  19. So sorry to hear about your nail! They look amazing tho!!!

  20. Holy Poo! What a beautiful & sexy nail design! I actually like the curve, it gives a wild hot look.
    Sorry to here about your nail it'd be back before you know it. x

  21. My nails don't grow past a stubs lol so I am jealous, brittle or not. This is so HOT HOT HOT!!!! I am so jealous.... sigh.

  22. Sweetie, get some brush on nail glue and apply a press on nail to your thumb. I did this in the Spring. The key to making them look natural is to file the nail at the cuticle area to match your nail bed. Broadway makes good ones. Those were the ones I used until my nail grew out. The nails from Kiss would resemble the shape of your nails better. I haven't tried that brand though. I never used a press on nail before and I was comfortable with it.

    I love this manicure! It's adorable and edgy at the same time. <3

  23. OW on the bendy thumbnail, but the fishnet pics are lovely! All I can suggest for winter nailcare is a decent hand cream that has something in for the nails - preferably one that comes in a wee tube to be carried around - and wearing clear hardener on the tips even when you don't have other polish on. But then my nails are way shorter and I only know about this stuff because I'm trying to grow them a bit...


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